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We help you to select best quality hearing aids from world's top hearing brands.

Price of hearing aids depends on their style/types design, technology, and features. Their price is not measured by the outer plastic core. It includes five components microphone, amplifier, microchip, receiver, and battery. By putting all components together, we gets hearing devices for the use of people who are suffering from hearing loss. Today, everyone wants to know the best hearing aids prices in India.

We at HearingSol help you select best quality hearing aids from world’s top hearing brands. You can dial our toll-free number 1800-121-4408 to get a free consultation with our experts.

Hearing Aids in India

Hearing aids that are available in India are mainly categorized into three groups:

Basic Hearing aids

These type of hearing aids costs start from 27,490 rs to Rs 36,990 rs. It is best for those individuals who spend a lot of time at home because it only provides basic relief from hearing loss. Its key features are:

  • Modern digital technology
  • Hardly any feedback
  • Multiple customizable hearing programs

Mid-range Hearing aids

Mid-range hearing aids cost start from 52,990 rs to 1,29,990 rs. In this type of hearing aid, annoying background noise is eliminated and speech is automatically recognized and increased. They include technological features to get more hearing comfort like they can play back TV or telephone sound directly. Its key features are:

  • Wireless connectivity with external audio sources
  • Speech recognition and enhancement
  • Effortless directional hearing

Premium Hearing aids

Premium hearing aids cost starts from 1,54,990 rs to 2,74,990 rs. It can provide you a crystal clear sound even in the worst hearing situation.

For instance, you can talk to your friends and can listen to them clearly even when people around you are having lots of conversation. It reduces background noise and also focuses on the talker.

It is true that premium hearing aids costs are high but so is the value. These can provide you the best sound experience and best convenience. Its features are:

  • Enhanced 360° spatial orientation
  • Automatic adjustment in different listening environments
  • A wide range of  styles and colors
  • Multimedia application (TV or Cellphone)
  • Wireless streaming

The Best Hearing Aid in India

To get best hearing aids among all these varieties, you should know what kind of machine you need. The one that fits you, provide you comfort and fulfill your need of hearing. Without proper knowledge, you can’t select the best one that is useful to you.

Here is a specific list of hearing machine and their functioning that is available in the market:

  • Behind-the-ear (BTE) – This type of hearing aid has a clear thin tube and a device which fits perfectly behind the ears. It is the world’s most common and old hearing aid style.
  • In-the-Canal (ITC) – This type of hearing aid fits perfectly in the ear because they have no tubes. The reason behind they can perfectly fit into your ear is that they are custom made as per the shape of your ear.
  • Invisible hearing aids (CIC & IIC) – This type of hearing aids fit completely into your ear canal and sometimes even hard to be seen in the ear. These are also custom made according to your ear size. They are also available through 3D print.
  • Receiver in canal (RIC) – It is one of the latest version of hearing aids because instead of sound tubes, these types of hearing aid has an electrical wire that makes the acoustic response smoother.
  • CROS Hearing aids – Here CROS stands for Contralateral Routing Of Signals. It is a perfect solution for those who have one perfect ear and hearing loss in the other ear. It takes sound from the defected ear and transmits it to the ear which has better hearing.
  • Bluetooth Hearing aids – This type of hearing aids allow its user to connect wirelessly to your smart phone so that you can stream music or make calls.

List of the Best Brands, Manufacturer & Supplier of Hearing Aids

Best Hearing Aid Prices in India

1. Widex

Widex is the privately owned hearing aid company, owned by two families of the founders based in Denmark. Their focus on the development of hearing aid technology. If we give a glance to history, Widex hearing aids are highly in demand. They are also listed as the world’s 6th largest hearing aid manufacturer.

ModelTypeFeaturesPrice In Rs.
Bravo B2BTE2 channels, 2bands13000.00
Bravissimo BV-8BTEAdvance entry level Digital Hearing Aids20000.00
Real RE-9BTELatest technological development with Integrated signal processing30000.00
Bravo B32High power BTEBravo B2 Series Features20000.00
Flash FL-CICCICprogrammed up to 10 KHZ in RIC40000.00

2. Phonak

Phonak hearing aids aim people to recognize how hearing is important for enjoying their life; therefore, the company creates easy-to-use as well as technologically advanced hearing aids. It is owned by Swiss-based Sonova Group. Its product can be found in more than 100 countries.

ModelTypeFeaturesPrice  In Rs.
Virto Q90 nanoITCSpeech in wind, 20 channels, Auto StereoZoom, Soundrecover2,54,000
Bolero Q90 M(IP 67)BTESpeech in wind, Auto StereoZoom, Duo phone2,38,000
Bolero Q90 SPBTEAuto StereoZoom, Nano coated, dust and water resistance, Replaceable battery2,38,000
Bolero Q90 PBTE20 channels, 5 hearing aid programs, 13 battery size, dust and water resistance2,38,000
Naida Q90 UPBTESpeech in noise, Auto StereoZoom, Comfort in noise, Music2,03,000

3. Starkey

Starkey is an American manufacturer of hearing aids. It is based in Eden Prairie, Minnesota. As far as history is considered it has named itself a variety of innovation, by bringing firsts in-canal hearing aid as well as fully programmable invisible hearing aid.

ModelTypeFeaturesPrice In Rs.
Wi Series i110CIC, ITC, ITESpectral iQ, Self learning, Automatic telephone solutions2,17,000
Wi Series i110CIC, ITC, ITE, Exp NewMusic and television processing, Intuitive features2,32,000
Wi Series i110 RIC 312RICPureWave feedback eliminator, Voice  iQ, Invision directionality2,13,000
Wi Series i110RIC APHydra shield, SurfLink media, Sound imaging2,18,000

4. Siemens

It was founded in Berlin in 1847 but started focusing on hearing instruments in 1877. It trusts between the company and customers over the years is still maintained.

ModelTypeFeaturesPrice In Rs.
VITA 118Pocket Hearing MachineTrouble free performance, Skin friendly, Compact design2290
Pockettio MPPocket Hearing Machine3 Programs, Digital hearing system3790
BTE TouchingBTERocker switch, Earhook,

Optimum amplification

LOTUS 12 P BTEBTEGood audio quality filter, Ease of use7390
ITC LOTUS 23BTE2 Channels, Digital signal processing, Feedback management, Microphone noise abatement12990

5. Elkon

It is India’s only hearing aid manufacturing company that was established in 1967 by Mr. L.K. Ojha. It is also a winner of FASII award for its excellence in the hearing aid industry.

ModelTypeFeaturesPrice in Rs.
Elkon 110BTE4 Channels, Digital signal processing, Noise reduction15,800
Elkon 220BTETrimmer-based, Analogue volume control, Program changing switch17,500
Elkon 330BTEExpansion, Basic-noise-T coil programs25,980
Elkon 330 XPBTEFeedback management, DAI Program, Delayed activation notification25.980

6. ReSound

It is established in 1943 in Denmark by Dr. Rodney Perkins. It is a part of GN Group which is a global leader in intelligent audio solutions.

ModelTypeFeaturesPrice in Rs.
ReSound LiNX Quattro 9RICiPhone connectivity, 14 Channels, 4 programs, Advanced binaural processing1,44,964
ReSound LiNX 3D 9IIC, CIC, ITC, ITE, MIH, RIC, BTE17 Channels, 4 Programs, Noise tracker, Wind guard, Binaural processing with spatial sense1,56,695
ReSound ENZO 3DBTE17 Channels, 4 Programs, Environmental optimizer, Adjustable directional mix, Low frequency boost1,36,888
ReSound Enya 3CIC, ITC, ITE, RIC, BTE8 Channels, 4 Programs, Soft switching, Adaptive directionality72,280

7. Oticon

Oticon was established in 1904 by Hans Demant whose wife was a hearing impaired. Oticon company has more than 3000 employees worldwide.

ModelTypeFeaturesPrice in Rs.
Oticon Opn 1 Mini RITEITE, BTEOpen sound navigator, Binaural noise management, Feedback shield LX2,13,511
Oticon Alta2CIC, ITC, ITE, RIC, BTEArtificial intelligence, 16 Channels, 4 Programs, TriState noise management1,20,718
Oticon Nera2 ProIIC, CIC, ITC, ITE, RIC, BTE16 Channels, 4 Programs, 8 Gain handles, Soft speech booster1,04,568
Oticon Dynamo SP6BTE16 Channels, 4 programs, 6 Gain handles, Speech rescue, Binaural phone operation and coordination88,419

8. Unitron

Unitron is a part of Sonova company that was officially established in 2007. It is specializes in all type of hearing care solutions.

ModelTypeFeaturesPrice in Rs.
Unitron Insera 800ITE, ITC, CIC, IIC20 Channels, SoundNav, SpeechPro, Sound conductor, Spatial awareness2,20,580
Unitron Stride Pro MBTE20 Channels, iPhone-android connectivity, 2 Speech zone, Binaural spatial processing2,84,620
Unitron Moxi North 800RIC20 Channels, 7 SoundNav, Auto music, Noise reduction, Remote functioning1,98,878
Unitron Moxi Tempus Fit R-800RIC20 Channels, Rechargeable battery, Speech focus, Speech locator, Noise program2,24,138

9. Bernafon

The bernafon company was established in 1946 by Hans Gfeller in Bern, Switzerland. Bernafon employs  around 500 peoples worldwide , operating in over 70 countries.

ModelTypeFeaturesPrice in Rs.
Bernafon Zerena 9RICDynamic high performance, Wireless, True directionality, Speech in noise2,45,622
Bernafon Juna 9RIC16 Programs, Adaptive high frequency, Noise reduction ultra comfort, 4 program memories2,77,660
Bernafon Carista 5RIC12 Programs, 4 Program memory, Auto phone, Remote function1,92,226
Bernafon Zerena 7RICSpeech & comfort in noise, Dynamic high performance, True directionality2,06,465

10. Rexton

Rexton is a part of Sivantos company which was established in 1878 and maintains a global headquarters in Singapore.

ModelsTypeFeaturesPrice in Rs.
Rexton Emerald  S 8CRICiPhone/Android connectivity, calls and music, Smart transmitter, Digital sound85,078
Rexton Mosaic M 8CBTE30% extra battery life, Binaural signal processing, My voice85,078
Rexton Stellar Li 6c TrucoreRICSmart connect bluetooth remote, 48 Channels, 6 memory programs77,958
Rexton Mosaic HP 6CBTEWireless remote audio streaming, Voice ranger, Reverb reducer85,078

11. Hansaton

Audio service was established in 1957 in Germany and provides a wide variety of hearing aids provided in more than 70 countries.

ModelTypeFeaturesPrice in Rs.
Jam HD 9BTE, IIC, CICSpeech beam, 360° speech clarity, Plasma coated, Integrated telecoils2,56,302
Sound SHD 5BTESpeech locator, Speech clarity, 12 Channels, 7 Programs1,74,427
Jam HD 5BTEAutosurrond HD, Optimal clarity, Speech beam, Frequency compression1,74,427
Sound SHD 9BTEAutomatic hearing system, Advanced signal processing, Speech beam, Speech clarity, 20 Channels, 7<e,ory programs, Speech detection3,06,138

12. Miracle Ear

Miracle ear was established in 1948 by Arnold Dahlberg in the United States of America. Miracle ear outlets offer a free consultation, hearing test and a free trial period of hearing aids for 30 days.

ModelTypeFeaturesPrice in Rs.
Genius 3.0 RICRICDirect canal placement, Natural sound experience, Small and lightweightStarts from 32,037
Genius 3.0 BTEBTEMaximum amplification, Easy to cleanStarts from 71,195
ReadyFitCICSecure fit, small & almost invisibleStarts from 10,679

13. Axon

ModelTypePrice in Rs.
Digital RechargeableITE2,672
Invisible digital mini right sound amplifier AR10ITE4,683
Rechargeable BTE hearing Aid AX5ITE4,027
Ultra superior quality mini sound amplifier AX2ITE3,018

If you want to have India’s best quality hearing aids brands at a surprisingly low price, Buy now at HearingSol. Currently we are giving an attractive discount on all top models. Our audiologist will also give you free consultation, advice and help to choose the best model/type for you.

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