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Cleaning, care, and maintenance of a hearing aid are very important factors. Because if they are not properly maintained, they can cause bad affect your hearing conditions. Also, in order to make the good use of this huge investment and give them a long time lasting life, ensure that you are keeping and using them correctly.

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The hearing aid is a much expensive device. Hence many people depend on their audiologists for cleaning and maintenance of it. Although, poor maintenance and cleaning of your hearing machine can reduce its life span significantly. But, there are many ways to clean a hearing aid at home safely and effectively at no cost. The main reason behind this machine gets dirty is they cover your ear canal. Which is covered with lots of earwax and moisture, that gets inside your device

Why Daily Care & Hearing Aids Cleaning is Necessary?

Hearing aids are a very small, sophisticated and an electronic device. Which has to reside in a very warm and damp area i.e our ear. Most of these devices are not familiar with moisture and thus the chance of getting this device damage is increased. As the hearing aids are costly, every user wants it to last long which is hard to achieve without every other day cleaning and care of it.

With a clean hearing aid, you have the following benefits such as :

  • You ought to have a clear and better listening condition.
  • You do not need to invest money for its time to time repairing.
  • Cleaning is an easy task with the help of cleaning kits available online.
  • The chances of having an ear infection, itchy ears, and other issues decrease.
  • You can clean your hearing aids on your own rather than rushing to an audiologist.

While ear wax is healthy for your ear, but it can create a large number of problems for the hearing aid. Therefore keeping your listening device in good condition is very important. Here you will get to learn some small things you can do on a daily basis to maintain and clean your hearing aid regularly.

Hearing Aids Cleaning Tips

There are various hearing aid cleaning tools available in the market or online store. That you can use to complete cleaning and maintain your equipment. You can get a small cleaning kit from the market which includes wax pick, wax removal brush, battery door opener, tube pick, vent pick, and a battery replacement magnet too. These tools are easy and very handy for cleaning and battery replacement. You can also bring or purchase these tools from your audiologist or hearing care expert.

Following are the best hearing aid cleaning tools you can use for your hearing machine:

  • NanoClean Hearing Aid Cleaners
  • 5-in-1 Hearing Aid Cleaner Kit
  • Wax pick and wire loop
  • Hearing Aid Cleaning Brushes
  • Audiowipes Disinfectant Towelettes
  • Hearing Aid Disinfecting Spray
  • Jodi-Vac Hearing Aid Vacuum Cleaner

Follow these Tips for Proper Care & Maintenance :

Cleaning your hearing aid machine is not a very hard task. You can do it without any hassle at your home. Therefore you just need a few necessary instructions and a proper cleaning tool to do this at home. Also, you can follow the instruction and useful tips given below to get it done :

1. Clean your hearing aids on a daily basis

Prevent your device from clogging by the ear wax. You should gently clean it with a soft, dry towel each day. Using alcohol or liquid cleaner for cleaning your ear machine products can cause these to damage. Cleaning your hearing aids at bedtime provides them several hours to keep the moisture out from them. Before you will put them again into the ear in the morning. Avoid wipes with chemicals or alcohol when cleaning hearing aids as they could damage the devices.

Watch this video to learn the cleaning procedures of a Phonak hearing aid.

2. Use the left and right mark

Putting hearing aid in the wrong ear can cause damages to your ear or device itself. If you are using the hearing machine in both the ears then keep it in mind that both are specifically customized for your ear with different specifications. So you must not swap it into the wrong ear. Therefore put some mark or indication or use different storage areas, to remember which one is for which ear.

3. Protect from moisture or water

Remove your listening machine from your ear before taking a shower is very important. Because of a bath or swimming in the pool, you may damage your equipment totally. Due to high moisture levels, you should not leave it in the bathroom too. Store it in their storage case or dehumidifier and keep them somewhere in a cool and dry place to avoid condensation, overheating and moisture.

4. Open battery door at night

Open your hearing aid’s battery door at night to allow air to flow through the device. So that all moisture gets dry and it also adds the benefit of preserving battery life for long term use. Before opening the door of battery, follow all instructions of the hearing device care and maintenance. As some aids may require reactivation or replacement parts after a certain amount of usage.

5. Keep away from kids and pets

These machines are very expensive and small in size and kids are very fond of putting everything in their mouths. Hence it is better to keep it away from the reach of kids as well as from your pets too. Because it is not a playing thing or toy but it is an advanced piece of technology.

6. Use proper tools for cleaning hearing aids

Troubleshooting a Hearing Aid can be done using a wax pick and brush as they are the most indispensable cleaning tool available for you. If earwax is left for a long time in the opening at the end of a hearing aid, it may damage the receiver permanently. Use the pick and brush to gently clear wax away.

hearing aid cleaning tools

The following tools are useful in given ways :

  • Soft, dry cloth – removes moisture and debris
  • Pick and brush – removes wax
  • Bulb blower – removes moisture from tubing
  • Dehumidifier or drying jar – removes moisture overnight

7. Avoid extreme heat or cold

During the winter season, you should take your hearing aids out of your ears to shovel the driveway, leave them inside the house instead of leaving in your coat pocket. During the summertime, when you are going to swim, take out of your hearing aids and place them inside your house instead of leaving it on the poolside. Caring your listening device in all the weather is good for the long term effective usability of this tech piece.

8. Do listening Checks

The listening tube You may use to listen to your hearing aids daily in order to make sure that the sounds are clear. If you want to make sure that there are no breaks in the sounds. It is necessary you should listen for feedback, or a whistling sound, inside the aids. If either of these are coming from your ear machine then you should properly check your device by yourself or by your audiologist.

9. Check the batteries

Batteries should last 1 to 2 weeks. Check the batteries using a battery tester. You will hear the best when the batteries are at full strength. Always keep spare batteries with you. Store them in a cool, dry place. Batteries are toxic, so handle them carefully. Be sure to get rid of them properly. Must have some spare batteries at your home for the sudden need of it anytime.

Specific Hearing Aids Cleaning

Now we will guide you with some ways to clean some specific type of hearing aids such as :

How to clean Behind The Ear Hearing Aid (BTE)

to clean Behind The Ear Hearing Aid (BTE) Follow these steps :

  • Cleaning the mold and tubing: Remove them in one piece, then clean in lukewarm, soapy water. Dry your hearing aid so there is no drop of water left in the tube, then reattach to your machine.
  • Not allowing the tubing to become twisted
  • Clean the main body of the hearing aid by wiping with a soft cloth
  • Do not use solvents or cleaning fluids
  • Store your hearing aid overnight in its dehumidifier.

How to clean RIC/OTE hearing aid

to clean RIC/OTE Hearing Aid Follow these steps :

  • Removing wax or other debris regularly.
  • The Hearing Aid Dispenser will show you the correct way to do this with the tools provided
  • Locate the microphone and speaker ports of your hearing aids.
  • Changing the wax filter (if fitted) if it becomes clogged,
  • and the earbud if it becomes hard or damaged.
  • Our Hearing Aid Dispenser will show you the correct way to do this
  • Not allowing the tubing to become twisted
  • Clean the main body of the hearing aid by wiping with a soft cloth
  • Never immerse the hearing aid in water

How to clean CIC/ITC/ITE  hearing aid

to clean CIC/ITC/ITE Hearing Aid Follow these steps :

  • Removing wax or other debris regularly.
  • Changing the wax filter if it becomes clogged.
  • Our Hearing Aid Dispenser will show you the correct way to do this
  • Cleaning the main body of your hearing aids with a soft cloth
  • Do not use solvents, cleaning fluids, washing-up liquid or oil
  • Never immerse your hearing aids in water

More things to consider for cleaning hearing aids

  • Wipe your hearing machines with a soft cloth, tissue, and customized wipes.
  • Take care of the microphone and the speaker port.
  • Use a soft or specific brush to clean the microphone or speaker to remove any wax or dirt.
  • Next, use a wax pick or hook to clear anything out of the holes that didn’t come out with the brush.
  • Open the battery door that allows air to go from one side of the hearing aid to the other. Use a vent cleaner to clear out the vent of the machine.
  • Use a hearing aid vacuum cleaner to clean additional dirt.
  • You can also use a spray to clean your hearing aid and earmold.

What to do When Hearing Aids Dropped Accidentally in Water?

Suppose your hearing aids accidentally dropped in water. What will you do? Should you replace it or you can still use it aftercare and maintenance? Well, there is no need to worry as you can still care and maintain your hearing aids if it is dropped in water.

The following steps will help you to guide :

hearing aid care

Hearing Aids Cleaning Kit

Hearing aid care is not difficult and neither time consuming but needs consistency. You invest a lot of money for the better hearing experience, hence it is always advisable to lose your pocket a bit for the cleaning kit. It is cheaper to buy a hearing aid cleaning kit than spending on its repair or paying the audiologist charge.

Hearing aids require special care for their proper functionality so, the special cleaning items were brought together to provide you with the easy cleaning experience. You can buy any of the following hearing aid care and cleaning tools as they are very effective in terms of use and cleaning.

Some of the hearing aids cleaning kit brand and their items are:

1. Acu-Life 5-In-1 Hearing Aid Cleaning Kit — Rs 520

5 in 1 cleaning kit for hearing aids by acu life

In this 5 in 1 cleaning kit you will be provided with:

  • EarWax Removal Brush
  • Pick to remove Wax
  • Battery Door Opener
  • Hearing aid Tube & Vent Cleaner
  • Battery Replacement Magnet

2. Cleaning Brushes (6 pack) –Rs 388

pack containing 6 brushes to clean hearing aids

Hearing aids cleaning brushes with magnet and earwax loop.

3. Hearing Aids cleaning brush thread — Rs 553

cleaning with threads

  • Fast and effective cleaning without damaging the aids
  • Soft nylon cleaning brush
  • Reaches inside the small tube to clear wax build-up
  • 20 strands in one box

4. Hearing Aid Cleaning Wire for Sound Tubes — Rs 693

threads to clean hearing aids tube

Used to Clean hearing aid tubes to remove moisture and debris 2 packs with 5 wires each.

5. Hearing Aid Cleaning Wipes — Rs 641

Hearing aids cleaning wipes for quality cleaning of aids.

tissue to clean hearing aids

These are some online buy-able hearing aid cleaning kit which will increase the life of your hearing machine. Now, follow the given tips and it will make your hearing aids work their best for this year and many more to come. You always need to be sure about some of the specific points after having the hearing aids like:

  • Do listening checks daily through the listening tubes.
  • Check the batteries and regular cleaning habits of your aids.
  • And always keep your hearing aids dry.

Some Simple Tips to Maximize the Life of Hearing Aid

  • To clean your hearing aid, gently wipe down with a soft and dry cloth or a mild soap solution.
  • Make sure to clean them regularly to avoid ear infection and get quality sound.
  • Take out your hearing aid while bathing, swimming or in a steam bath.
  • Remove your hearing aid before using personal care items.
  • Do not use hair spray, perfumes, shaving lotion and hairdresser on your device.
  • The hearing aid should always be as dry as possible.
  • Put it in a dehumidifier or plastic case (free from moisture) every night as you sleep.
  • Keeps your hearing machine away from moisture. Store in a cool and dry place.
  • Check battery or listening performance regularly of your hearing device by using a testing instrument.
  • If the Hearing Aid battery doesn’t work then remove it immediately and insert a new one properly.

Always remember to turn off your hearing aid and open the battery compartment. When you’re finished with them for the day. Never try to lubricate any part of the hearing aids.

When should you consult an audiologist?

A little bit of hearing aid care makes your device durable & working for a long period of time. We suggest you concern your audiologist for proper care and guidance if you are a beginner or unable to do it yourself. Or if you have any problem arising in your hearing aid then you must reach your gearing care expert for the proper solution for it. otherwise, you may harm your equipment and the cost of a new device burden your pocket.

If you have read our whole article and find yourself comfortable to clean it yourself, it’s great. But at any stage, if you are feeling any sort of confusion and need the advice to contact a hearing professional dial our toll-free number (1800-121-4408). That’s all in this article. If you wish to purchase the hearing aids at best price, browse our price list and contact us for more.

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