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ITC (In The Canal) Hearing Aids is visibly larger in size than IIC and CIC and even have longer battery life. They are contained in tiny cases that fit partly or completely into the ear canal. The advantage is that only a small portion of the hearing machine shows in the outer ear. They are extremely comfortable and easy to use. As their size is bigger, they have an upper hand over other hearings aids with features like directional microphones.

They tend to work better in noisy places and have proper volume controls attached to it. Any individual wearing these is guaranteed to develop better listening skills. What is noteworthy is that they are immensely easy to insert and remove. They are appropriate for mild to moderate type of hearing loss and are popularly denoted as Mini ITC hearing aids. They give better accessibility to old people as they can control their features on their own.

It is always best to talk about your own individual requirements with an audiologist or hearing care professional (+91-9327901950) to make sure you are using the right hearing aid.

ITC (In the canal) Hearing Aids Features

ITC Hearing aids

In-the-canal (ITC) hearing machines are larger than mini-canal (MC) hearing aids. They are designed and sculptured to fit in the lower third of your external ear (cavum concha). Extraction cords can be fitted to ITCs to help insert and remove them from the ear.

ITC hearing aids house a size 312 (Brown) battery. The typical lifespan of a size 312 battery is between 5-7 days, but this can vary depending upon the number of hours per day they are worn, the severity of hearing loss, and the technology level of hearing aid. Features of ITC include:

  • ITC-style hearing aids are custom-made, based on an impression taken of your ear canal and the surrounding area
  • Variety of color options available
  • It is the most popular form factor within custom hearing aids.
  • ITC hearing aids are smaller than ITE aids but larger than CIC aids. They tend to fill roughly half of your ear.
  • ITC models are usually visible to other people; although they do come in a range of skin-matching colors that make them difficult to spot unless someone is looking directly into your ear.
  • They generally tend to have a bigger battery, which means longer battery life.
  • Lightweight in nature, medium size, the unique design offered by these hearing aids makes them an ideal choice for customers.

ITC (In The Canal) Hearing Aids Benefits

ITC hearing aid is more powerful than its size. Therefore, it suggests and typically suitable for mild to severe/profound hearing losses.

The hearing aid is ideal for somebody who has limited dexterity as well as reduced vision.

In the canal hearing aids are equipped with the dual-microphones which help to improve speech understanding in noise.

The hearing aid is available in both wirelesses as well as in telecoil options. ITC hearing aid has wireless functionality, which can connect with smartphones and stream phone calls and music directly to the hearing aids.

They have increased surface area which means they are likely to:

  • Feedback (e.g. whistling in hearing aid) due to an acoustic leakage
  • Work loose whilst talking and chewing, especially if you have a straight and inclined ear canal shape.

ITC (In The Canal) Hearing Aids Prices

ITC Hearing aid

The price of ITC may vary as per different models and companies. It ranges from approx. Rs.10,500 per unit up to Rs. 2,50,000 per unit.

The following models are available of (In the canal hearing aids) ITC hearing aids :

  • D03-XP – Rs 16,000/-
  • D05-XP – Rs 20,000/-
  • U1-XP – Rs 65,000/-
  • U2-XP – Rs 1,15,000/-
  • U3-XP – Rs 1,80,000/-
  • U4-XP – Rs 2,70,000/-

Though ITC hearing aids are very useful it has limitations too. You have to consider these limitations before buying them.

ITC Hearing Aid Limitations

ITC hearing aid is not as discreet as invisible in the canal (IIC) and completely in the canal (CIC) hearing aids.

Slight loss of natural acoustics provided by the external ear (pinna) that help with localizing the direction of sound from in front and behind you.

The telephone receiver needs to be held in a slightly unnatural position over the front microphone.

As with all custom hearing aids, ITC hearing aids may need to be ‘re-shelled’ from time to time since the ear canal cartilage can change shape and size. This is not covered under the warranty and will require new ear impressions.

If you are thinking to buy a pair of ITC (In the canal) hearing aids, they may produce feedback in these situations.

As the electronic components of ITC (In the canal) hearing aids, they are susceptible to damage from ear wax and moisture. You should receive a set of brushes and other tools to help you in your ITC hearing aid cleaning and keeping it in good working order.

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