Wireless hearing aids

Wireless hearing aids

In digital world, most of modern hearing aid have wireless capabilities.Today world is more connected than before. In the same hearing device is not only a device that improve the sound quality, even wireless hearing aids will allow people to connect their hearing aids with a wide range of mobile phone, TV or music player, and offer remote control functionality so you can choose what to listen to.

Our technology is changing a lot so hearing aids are no more exception.We assume that your hearing aids should work with all the technology you need in life. That’s why connectivity is a top priority for us.With digital hearing instruments, digital wireless transmission enables more possibilities for signal processing than analog.

Our Hearing Solutions team are always working hard to design new hearing aids and assistive listening devices that will meet the demands of tomorrow’s technology. When connected with the person via phone calls, video chats, listening to music or watching TV. Hearing aids create it easier to stay in touch with loved ones from a distance and enjoy more kinds of entertainment.We now have special telephones for hearing impaired people which can connect directly to your hearing aids. With new technology mobile phone become easy for hearing impaired people, it allowing you to listen to music or talk on the phone without even taking it out of your pocket.

Advantage of having Wireless hearing aids

Wireless hearing devices offer a number of advantages over non-wireless hearing aids. Following are some features that why wireless hearing aids are the more preferred choice for hearing professionals who fit the:

  • Wireless hearing aids allow two hearing aids to operate together as one complete system and work together to optimize speech understanding and sound quality, reduce background noise, and make every listening situation enjoyable.
  • Hearing aids lets talk on your mobile phone hands-free, effectively turning your hearing aids into a wireless headset. Phone call heard in both ear simultaneously improve your speech understanding.
  • Localization is the ability to tell the direction of a sound source. It is one of the reasons your hearing care professional will recommend two hearing aids to compensate for hearing loss that affects both ears. The application of digital signal and wireless transmission technique in hearing aid preserved the cues for localization.
  • In a favorite restaurant or the gym, cinemas, theaters, and public buildings have teleloop systems installed. These systems transfer wireless sound to be received by your hearing aid.
  • The use of a remote microphone in hearing aid can increase the level of speech understanding for hearing loss people above background noise for better hearing in noisy environments.
  • Remote control place all your wireless hearing aid option at your fingertips. Its large screen, convenient button, and simple controls make it fast to manage sound from your surroundings and access the features of your hearing aids easier than ever before.
  • New wireless hearing aid accessories and apps let you raise and lower the volume of your hearing depending on your surrounding. You can even adjust the tone.
  • Bluetooth hearing aids present hearing aid wearers with the latest technology to use devices such as MP3 players, mobile phones and more thanks to Bluetooth compatibility. Digital Bluetooth hearing aids used its possible to wirelessly stream and connect to other electronic devices.

Myth about digital Wireless hearing aids

It is a myth that wireless hearing aid is Bluetooth. The term wireless means the transmission of information without the use of wires or cables. Furthermore, wireless transmission can be either analog or digital. Latest digital hearing instruments have become available that use digital wireless transmission, either exchange or receive the information from another source like TV or phone.With digital hearing instruments, digital wireless transmission enables more possibilities for signal processing than analog.

The digital wireless technologies currently used in hearing instruments are NFMI (Near-field magnetic induction c)and RF(Radio Frequency). Bluetooth specifically is an RF technology. Digital wireless hearing aids can communicate with Bluetooth-enabled devices via an adaptor that converts the Bluetooth signal to the technology used by the hearing instrument.

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