Wireless hearing aids

Hearing Aids with Wireless Connectivity Feature can make your life full of comfort and joy without any worry of clumsy wires. You can Stream, Listen, Talk or enjoy your favorite music hassle-free.

Hearing aid technology

In this present digital world, most modern hearing aids have wireless capabilities. Thus today the world is more connected than ever before. Because wireless hearing aids are the upgraded version of technology provided into the history of the listening device. Also, this is able to connect it to our other wireless-enabled devices. Hence daily use of external devices has increased its advantages.

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What is Wireless Connectivity?

Today the same type of hearing devices, which we were using a few years back. Now it is not only a device that improves sound quality. But even wireless hearing machines also allow people now to connect their hearing aids with a wide range of mobile phones, smart TV or Music Players. Also, they offer remote control functionality so you can choose, what to listen to?

Digital hearing aids have improved the quality of listening and provide synchronized, localized and convenience hearing experience to its users. Nowadays hearing aid technology is changing on a large scale. Therefore hearing aids are no more an exception now. Hearing aid manufacturers now assume that your hearing aids should work with all the technology you need in life.

That is why connectivity has become a top priority for most of the hearing aid provider companies. With digital hearing instruments, digital wireless transmission enables more possibilities for signal processing than the old analog machines.

Wireless Streaming Feature

With the latest Wifi technology, hearing aid manufacturers help to bring their users a complete working system, instead of messing their heads with two independent devices at the same time. Firstly, both the hearing devices sound information is shared in one place. Then on the basis of the combined information, a decision is made related to digital sound processing.

For instance, in case if one hearing device is activated for a directional response, then as a result both the connected hearing devices will start switching their data into the directional mode at the same point.

In this newest wireless technology, the data transfer rates are usually measured in nanoseconds. Therefore in between the two hearing machines, the sound processing is completely synchronized. Which, in turn, enhances the sound quality of the hearing machine.

Wireless Connectivity Turnd Hearing Aids into Multi-use Devices

As we all are living in a digital world. Hence every day you can get benefited yourself to use the latest technology in each and every field. We are getting to know and utilize all new technology so that our lives become easy, clean and developed and better than before. This Digital technology has also modified the wireless hearing machines for better sound processing. Because the wireless connectivity feature will help hearing aids to stay connected to the audible world around them with every passing minute.

The latest hearing aids of the current generation have the capacity to connect to external devices wirelessly. Also, there are a number of technologies available in the world for hearing impaired people. These pieces include smart options such as frequency modulation (FM), Bluetooth connectivity, electromagnetic fields, and many more others too.

Electromagnetic field

The electromagnetic fields or waves are picked up by the hearing aid antenna known as a telecoil. This telecoil picks up the phone’s signal which is close to the hearing machine, then later starts streaming the signal to the other hearing devices. Therefore, it helps in fulfilling both the purposes first a caller can answer the call on time and second it excludes all the unwanted noise in the room.
Elecromagnteic signal

These electromagnetic fields can easily be created in any room. If you want you can create one by installing a loop known as the induction loop around the perimeter of the room. As a result, any hearing-impaired person can easily switch to telecoil functionality and can make their listening easier. There are many places that are publicly available to every one of us, and these places use wireless technology. Also, headphones are always available at these places for those who don’t carry their hearing aids with them.

FM System

All the FM systems are wireless assistive hearing devices that increase the usage of hearing devices. It includes cochlear implants and also this helps people who have hearing difficulty. But Due to some reasons, they do not wear hearing machines like others.

FM Systems are wireless assistive hearing devices. This equipment enhances the use of hearing aids, cochlear implants, and also it assists people who are hard of hearing but do not wear hearing aids in particular over distance and in noisy environments.

Many of the wireless hearing devices have an inbuilt FM receiver. Which makes the life of hearing aid users very convenient. The transmitter then becomes an extension of your hearing device microphone, which highly improves your hearing ability in noisy backgrounds.

Bluetooth Capable Devices

The Bluetooth had impacted the hearing machines to a great extent. Many of the wireless hearing machines are able to pair with the immediate Bluetooth hearing aid devices available close to them. The newest Bluetooth hearing aids can easily connect to Apple’s latest iPhone devices. Some of the benefits of steaming with Bluetooth are listed below –

  • Personalized listening experience
  • Remote control of your hearing aids
  • Multiple connections

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Connection To Wireless Accessories

Connecting to an audio source like television, Mp3 player and mobile phones is possible using a wireless audio streaming accessory, and you can control it wirelessly by the mean of the remote control. Here is the list of top electronic devices which we can connect to our hearing device are:

1. Television (TV)

Connect your hearing aid with a TV adapter directly that transmit the sound clearly to your listening device. Enjoy watching TV at your favored volume, while the rest of the family can keep the volume at a level that suits them with better sound quality.

There is a tile loop system for music and television. This system helps hearing-impaired users in listening to sound coming from the television directly into their hearing machine in the absence of any kind of background noises. You can also use a loop with a cushioned loop. A cushion loop is usually suggested for apartment blocks to get rid of disturbances from other teleloop systems.

It is recommended to use a loop with alert transmitters Detect Door. Loop system also help in turning off the television sound in case of emergencies such as –

  • When a baby starts crying,
  • Smoke alarm,
  • The phone starts ringing.

But the question is how the loop works?

Loop can easily be used with your hearing machine having a telecoil (T or M/T setting).

  • The loop amplifier is located close to the television(1)
  • An unnoticeable loop cable is then neatly organized in the listening area(2),
  • A hearing device with a telecoil set in an M/T or T position (3) helps you to enjoy a clear and audible sound in a teleloop area when other listeners are enjoying their own suitable volume.

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2. iPod or Mp3 player

Sometimes you need to concentrate on your favorite tune with great higher sound but you about someone getting disturbed. Then you don’t need to worry, pair your listening aid to the Mp3 tune player(iPod), In order to the sound is transmitted directly to your hearing aids and you will listen to adorable songs with full of pleasure.

3. Computer and tablets

Directly transmit the sound from a wide range of operating systems and tablets via Bluetooth and mini-jack cable connecting your hearing aid. You will be entertained and working with multiprocessing on your computer and tablet.

4. Smartphone

We are living in the new digital era so you can connect your hearing aid to a smartphone by Bluetooth, directly transmit the sound to your listening device. You can take the call, Clear and hand free from your mobile phone. And you hear the best quality of sound.

So above all, wireless connectivity in hearing aids will give a chance to people. They can connect their hearing aids with multi-function devices and enjoy their daily life. Now hearing loss is no more problem or compromising on anything.

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Do Wireless Hearing Aids Present a Health Risk?

According to WHO (World health organization), the “Radiation” which is in the form of electromagnetic radiation. This can result in negative health effects on humans beings. The most dangerous form of radiation is called ionizing radiation. Which carries ultra-high frequency photon particles capable of terminating the electrons from exposed atoms. This hazardous process can lead to long-term, damaging effects inside the body tissues. These include many such as genetic material (ie, DNA) damage and cellular mutations for example cancer.

Electromagnetic Spectrum

Most of the health professionals have a high concern over the safety of users who deal with hearing impairment. But hearing aid machine designs to radiate very less amount of energy. Therefore, the radiation emitted by the wireless hearing aids is also found to be below the maximum level of radiation which is permitted by the government authorities.

Advantages of Wireless Hearing Aids

Wireless hearing devices offer a number of advantages over non-wireless hearing aids. Following are some features that why wireless hearing aids are the more preferred choice for hearing professionals who fit the:

1. operate together

The wireless hearing machine allows two hearing aids to operate together as one complete system and work together to optimize speech understanding and sound quality, reduce background noise, and make every listening situation enjoyable.

2. Hands-free calling

Hearing aids lets talk on your mobile phone hands-free, effectively turning your hearing aids into a wireless headset. Phone call heard in both ear simultaneously improve your speech understanding.

3. Localization of sound

Localization is the ability to tell the direction of a sound source. It is one of the reasons your hearing care professional will recommend two hearing aids to compensate for hearing loss that affects both ears. The application of digital signal and wireless transmission technique in hearing aid preserved the cues for localization.

5. Enable Teleloop Systems

In a favorite restaurant or the gym, cinemas, theaters, and public buildings have teleloop systems installed. These systems transfer wireless sound to be received by your hearing aid.

6. Speech Understanding

The use of a remote microphone in hearing aid can increase the level of speech understanding for hearing loss people above background noise for better hearing in noisy environments.

7. Ease of Service

Remote control places all your wireless hearing device options at your fingertips. Its large screen, convenient button, and simple controls make it fast to manage sound from your surroundings and access the features of your hearing aids easier than ever before.

8. Automatic volume control

New wireless hearing aid accessories and apps let you raise and lower the volume of your hearing depending on your surroundings. You can even adjust the tone.

9. Wireless streaming

Bluetooth hearing aids present hearing aid wearers with the latest technology to use devices such as MP3 players, mobile phones and more thanks to Bluetooth compatibility. Digital Bluetooth hearing aids used its possible to wirelessly stream and connect to other electronic devices.

How to connect your wireless hearing aids with external devices?

The change in technology has resulted in the boon for society.  And these digital wireless devices have worked out for us in many aspects. If you want to have the wireless connecting feature in your hearing aids then ask about it during the initial consultation process with your healthcare provider. Your healthcare provider will recommend the pair of wireless hearing aids and a suitable streamer.Wireless hearing aids with external devices

You can pair your hearing aids directly to the external devices. Or you can connect it through the streamer and then from streamer to external devices.  The streamer will pick up the Bluetooth signal either electromagnetic field or FM signal from the wireless device and you can hear the sound through your hearing aids which you can modulate as per your need.

Wireless hearing aids prices range from $3000 to $4000 and it comes with a set of hearing aids, one remote control, and a wireless audio streaming accessory. The connection and disconnection of hearing aids with the external devices are very simple and do not harm any of the features of the aids so this technology will provide more ease and comfort to the person suffering from hearing impairment.

Myths about digital Wireless hearing aids

People have many misconceptions related to wireless hearing aids. Because of the complete understanding of these latest devices is still needed to spread among the people. Thus some of these are listed below –

1. The wireless hearing aid is Bluetooth

It is a myth that wireless hearing aid is Bluetooth. The term wireless means the transmission of information without the use of wires or cables. Furthermore, wireless transmission can be either analog or digital. The latest digital hearing instruments have become available that use digital wireless transmission, either exchange or receive the information from another source like TV or phone. With digital hearing instruments, digital wireless transmission enables more possibilities for signal processing than analog.

2. Wireless hearing aids require the user to wear a medallion around their neck

The digital wireless technologies currently used in hearing instruments are NFMI (Near-field magnetic induction) and RF(Radio Frequency). Bluetooth specifically is RF technology. Digital wireless hearing aids can communicate with Bluetooth-enabled devices via an adaptor that converts the Bluetooth signal to the technology used by the hearing instrument.

Most of the time it depends on the specific wireless function and the digital wireless technology used by the hearing device, therefore users may sometimes require to wear a medallion around the neck. A medallion is a relay device attached to an induction neck loop.

3. All wireless hearing aids have the same working principle

The working principle of all the digital hearing aids is different from each other, although they have similar goals when it comes to the benefits of the hearing impaired users.

4. Wireless hearing devices transmitting at 2.4 GHz will generate problems with interference

All digital wireless hearing machines depend on RF transmission. All hearing aids systems implement successful robust transmission.

5. Any hearing machine that makes a connection of the user with the television or phone will do the same job

There are different wireless technology which we use for different hearing aids and they result in lots of different differences such as –

  • Flexibility, convenience, and size of the wireless accessories,
  • A difference in the quality of sound of steamed sound,
  • Difficulties occur while using the system when traveling on international flights.

If you suspect any type of hearing loss, the very first step is to consult hearing care professional right away, give us a call on our toll-free 1800-121-4408. Today’s hearing aids are packed with smart technology that will keep you connected to others.

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