Hearing aid accessories

Hearing aid accessories

Hearing loss is third most common rapidly growing health problem in the world. With today’s technology, hearing aids made life simple and enjoyable. This is why Hearing Solutions develop a wide range of hearing aid accessories to boost your hearing experience even better and enhance your daily life activities. Better hearing start with choosing the best hearing device that is adapted to you and gives your sense of sound. So choose the accessories that fit your lifestyle.

As you know your hearing machine is a small device which needs to care and maintain. Any electronic machine needs the power to work. Same as in hearing aids use some type of rechargeable technology. As you know your hearing machine is a small device which needs to care and maintain. Any electronic machine needs the power to work. Same as in hearing aids use some type of technology and features.

Hearing Aid Products

Hearing Aids cleaning tools

Keeping hearing aids clean is essential for keeping them working reliably and will extend their useful life. Wearing hearing machine over time dirt, ear wax, oil can affect its functionality as well as sound quality. So make a habit to clean and maintain your hearing machine on a daily basis.


Any electronic machine needs the power to work. Same as in hearing machine use some type of rechargeable technology. Zinc-air button disposable battery is the most common hearing aid battery that available in the market. These are available in four different sizes with a different color that is 10, 312, 13, and 675. Your hearing aids will run on one of these specific types of batteries. Batteries come in standard color with code to help ensure you get the right type.

Battery code Color Size Lifespan
Size 10 yellow 5.8 mm wide by 3.6 mm high 3 to 7 days
Size 312 brown 7.9 mm wide by 3.6 mm high 3 to 10 days
Size 13 orange 7.9 mm wide by 5.4 mm high 6 to 14 days
Size 675 blue 11.6 mm wide by 5.4 mm high 9 to 20 days

Optional Hearing aid Accessories

Hearing aid dryer or dehumidifier

A hearing aid is important and you can reduce the number of repairs by taking care it properly. Storing your hearing device in a safe, dry place overnight to safe from moisture and debris. That is why many hearing professionals recommend storing your hearing aids in a Dry & Store container.This dehumidifying storage box provides a safe, inexpensive nighttime storage option for your hearing aids while not in use. This basically designed to safe from moisture.

There are two main types of hearing aid dryers:

  • Electronic dryers utilize a power source, often a universal AC adapter. The drying source can vary from heat, fan, or desiccant.
  • Non-electronic utilize a desiccant or gel to absorb moisture.

Bluetooth Streaming Devices

Digital hearing aid comes with advanced features of Bluetooth compatibility that user can connect wirelessly another device like phone, TV, mp3 and more to the machine. This is optional hearing aid accessories so can buy according to your needs. This streaming device designed to work with your specific hearing aids.

Hearing Aid Clips

Hearing machine are very expensive device and losing this can be stressful. So there are many hearing aid clips and accessories you can find on the market.

  • Anchor Ear Bands(clip for babies)
  • Kids Clips(clip for toddlers)
  • Ear Gear(Clip for school age children)
  • SafeNSound Strapz(Clip for adults)
  • Otoclips(Clip for seniors)
  • SafeNSound Duo(Clip for glasses)

Assistive Listening Devices

Assistive listening devices are designed for listening to conversations on the phone, watching television, watching performances or speakers in public places and listening to an alarm clock or hearing the doorbell. It brings clarity.

  • A microphone captures the surrounding sound or of an individual sound source, such as a telephone or a lecturer
  • The sound is processed so that speech is enhanced and reduce noisy sound.
  • The sound is then transmitted to a receiver, and from there to the user’s hearing aid

There is the various type of hearing aid accessories that suit your lifestyle.If you have hearing loss, the first step is to concerns with your hearing care professional and find the right treatment for you. Before purchasing any device accessory, consult with them to be sure it will work with your hearing aids.

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