Why do Zinc Air hearing aid batteries have a tab?

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Zinc-Air Batteries

Zinc-air batteries are non-rechargeable batteries. Another name of zinc-air batteries is metal-air batteries. They are fueled with oxidizing zinc with oxygen from the air. These batteries have high energy densities.  And generally from the cost point of view, they are cheap to produce.

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There are the different size of batteries. The small size battery use in hearing aids. The big size batteries used in film cameras that recently use mercury batteries. Huge batteries use in an electric vehicle.

Why do Zinc batteries have a tab?

The Zinc Air hearing aid batteries have a tab because it uses air as an energy source. Generally, the tab blocks the air holes on the battery. When we remove tab of a battery it takes around two minutes before the hearing aid battery activates/charge. By then, the battery compartment can be shut.

If the hearing aid battery is not activated properly then the battery could be damaged. It will not come back to the normal voltage level needed to start. However,  make sure that you protect the hearing aids battery air holes from moisture and wetness. If the battery gets wet due to some reasons dry it.

Various size of batteries

There are the different size of hearing aid batteries. The standard size of the batteries is 10,13,312 and 675. They are coded with the color so that you can easily identify the battery.

  •  10 size is for yellow.
  •  13 size is for orange.
  •  312 size is for brown.
  •  675 size is for blue.

Zinc Air hearing aid batteries


Zinc Air battery’s shelf life

Batteries have the “shelf‐life” for two years. However, it is not guaranteed that a battery a  run for 2 years. It depends on how you store and properly care your battery. There is a numerous number of reasons for the short life of a battery.

Some facts about Zinc-Air Batteries

  • Zinc-air batteries replace the standard batteries.
  • Manufacturers apply tabs over the air holes to protect from the air.
  • A tab on zinc-air batteries can be affected by heat. To protect from the heat you need to keep it away from heat.
  • Moisture also affects the zinc-air hearing aid batteries. It happens when you place the battery in a cold place such as a fridge. It can also happen if you keep them in an atmosphere where there is a lot of moisture is present.
  • The manufacturer strongly recommends do not remove tab before the hearing aid battery is a need to use.
  • The zinc is first metal implemented in metal-air batteries.
  • Zinc-air batteries can be recycled.
  • The optimum temperature for storing zinc hearing aid batteries is between 10 and 25-degree Celsius. Do not store them in the fridge.
  • When zinc-air batteries come in contact with metal objects such as keys or coins. It may result in a short circuit.

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