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Hearing Aids Batteries play a very important role in maintaining the hearing aid life expectancy. The life expectancy of a hearing aid battery mainly depends on its-

  • Capacity
  • How much the machine drains the battery?
  • For how long the hearing aid is worn?
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For increasing the lifespan of hearing aids, you need to understand your hearing machine parts and components. Among all the components or accessories that keep your ear machine in the best condition, hearing device batteries are the essential purchase for hearing aid users.

To find the right compatible batteries for your hearing aid, you need to know the hearing aid battery types, size, battery life, brands, and the list goes on.

Which Batteries Are Compatible With My Hearing Aid?

It is not compulsory that every hearing battery type meets the criteria for your given hearing machine. Hearing aid manufacturers have produced various types of hearing aid batteries depending on the need of their weavers.

Types of Hearing Aid Battery

For most of the hearing aid users, everyday choice for hearing aid batteries are the button cell batteries, which is a type of micro-batteries. Micro batteries are the small, flat, round shape which is like a customary button. The most common type is a zinc-air button disposable battery. These are air-activated.

Among all the rechargeable batteries, Zinc batteries are the most common type of battery. Zinc-air batteries usually have a tab for the energy source. Previously hearing batteries were made using mercury, to provide help in the conductivity and also stabilize the hearing device’s internal parts, but today mercury is not used in hearing aid batteries.

Zinc air batteries
Zinc-air batteries

Made from Varta, power one hearing aid Zinc-air hearing aid batteries are manufactured in the world’s largest and most advanced hearing aid battery plant located in Ellwangen, Germany. Well known for its quality and reliability, they are extremely long-lasting and comfortable.

Zinc-air batteries are ideal for today’s digital hearing aids due to its high energy density as well as an almost flat drain curve. This means that the hearing machines can perform at a consistent level throughout the lifetime of the battery. With a protective tab to keep the batteries in an “inactive state”, you can be sure that the batteries you get are in the best possible condition.

As zinc-air batteries are air-activated, a factory-sealed sticker allows them to remain inactive until it is removed. Once peeled from the back of the battery, oxygen will interact with the zinc in the battery and “turn it on.” To get the best performance from a zinc-air battery, wait about one minute after removing the sticker to fully activate before placing it in the hearing device. Replacing the sticker will not deactivate the battery, so once the sticker is removed, the battery will remain in an active state until the power is drained.

Zinc-air batteries remain stable for up to three years when stored at room temperature and in the dry environment. Storing zinc-air batteries in the refrigerator has no benefits and could cause condensation to form under the sticker, which could reduce battery life prematurely.

Hearing Aid Battery Comparison Chart

Battery Size        5           10         13        312      675   675HP
Image hearing-aid-batteries-5-b hearing-aid-batteries-10-b hearing-aid-batteries-13-b hearing-aid-batteries-312-b hearing-aid-batteries-675-b hearing-aid-batteries-675hp-b
Color Code Red Yellow Orange Brown Blue Varies
Dimensions (W*H) 5.6 mm * 3.6 mm 7.9 mm * 5.4 mm 7.9 mm * 3.6 mm 11.6 mm * 5.4 mm
Typical uses Mini RITE and CIC hearing aids BTE and ITE hearing aids Mini BTE, RITE, and ITC hearing aids
Average lifespan 3-7 days 6- 14 days 3- 10 days 9-20 days
IEC Number B010 B013 B312 B675
Beltone B7PA B20PA B26PA B347PA B900PA
AARP B010 B013 B312 B675
Duracell EasyTab DA10H
Duracell Activair 10HP 13HP 312HP 675HP
Energizer Amplifier AC10 AC13 AC312 AC675
iCellTech 10DS 13DS 312DS 675DS 675CI
HearClear 10 13 312 675 675
Implant Plus
Miracle Ear ME5Z ME10Z ME8Z ME7Z ME9Z
NEXcell ZA10 ZA13 ZA312 ZA675 ZA675P
Power One
(VARTA Microbattery)
P10 P13 P312 P675 675
Implant Plus
Rayovac Loud’n  Clear L10ZA L13ZA L312ZA L675ZA 675CP
Rayovac Extra 5AE 10 AE 13 AE 312AE 675AE
Renata ZA5 ZA10 ZA13 ZA312 ZA675
Rayovac ProLine 5A 10A 13 A 312A 675A
SONY 10 13 312 675
Siemens 5SA 10SA 13SA 312SA 675SA
Walgreens W10ZA W13ZA W312ZA W675ZA
Starkey S5A S10A S13A S312A S675A
Zenipower A10 A13 A312 A675

Sizes of Batteries

There are basically five sizes of hearing aid batteries made for the specific size of hearing devices with different power needs.

Largest batteries:

  • Last the longest,
  • Supply the most power.
  • It only fits the larger devices.

Smallest batteries:

  • Only fit the smallest devices.
  • Have a shorter lifespan.

The sizes from smallest to largest are 5, 10, 312, 13, and 675. Size 5 hearing aid batteries are rarely used. The four most common hearing aid battery sizes are all smaller than the diameter :

  • Size 10 – 5.8 mm wide by 3.6 mm high
  • Size 312 – 7.9 mm wide by 3.6 mm high
  • Size 13 – 7.9 mm wide by 5.4 mm high
  • Size 675 – 11.6 mm wide by 5.4 mm high

Size 10

The Size 10 batteries are mostly suitable for ITC (In the Canal) and CIC (Completely-In-Canal) types of hearing aids. The color yellow represents them. They are the smallest and the least powerful of the hearing aid batteries. The most significant size of the hearing aid battery with a regular battery life of 80 hours.

size 10 hearing aid batteriesSize 10 hearing device battery take the position or replace the below-listed models

10DS, 10HP, 10HPX,10A, 10AE, 230, A10, AC10, AC10E, 10UP, 10SA, B20PA, DA10, AC10EZ, B0104, ME10Z, MS10A, DA10N, L10ZA,  PR536, PR70, R10ZA,  PR536, PR70, R10ZA, V10, V10HP,PR70, R10ZA, PR70, R10ZA,

All the world’s leading zinc-air battery manufacturers offer size 10 battery –

Brand Average price
Power one battery ( pack of 60 batteries) Rs. 1280
Duracell battery ( pack of 60 batteries) Rs. 2,928.00
Siemens hearing aid battery ( 36 pieces) Rs. 790
Widex battery (pack of 54 batteries) Rs. 1188.26
Signia Zink Air ( pack of 60 cells) Rs. 1220
Energizer EZ Turn & Lock Size 10 ( pack of 16 batteries) Rs. 2001.00
iCellTech batteries ( pack of 60 batteries) Rs. 2,899.00

These brands also offer mercury-free hearing aid battery formulations.

Size 13

Size 13 is the third largest. They come with an impressive battery life of 240 hours. Denoted by the color orange, they are the best fit for ITE (In the Ear) and BTE (Behind The Ear) forms of hearing aids.Size 13 hearing aid batteries

Size 13 hearing aid batteries take the position or replace the below-listed models

13A, 13AE, 13HPX, 13SA, 13DS, 13HP, AC13, AC13E, 13UP A13,  B0134 DA13H, AC13EZ B26PA, ME8Z PR13, DA13N L13ZA, PR48 R13ZA, V13HP W13ZA ZA13, RS13 S13A V13.

All the world’s leading zinc-air battery manufacturers offer size 13 battery

Brand  Average price
Power one battery ( pack of 60 batteries) Rs. 1,280
Duracell battery ( pack of 60 batteries) Rs. 3,518.00
Siemens hearing aid battery ( 36 pieces) Rs. 839
Widex battery (pack of 54 batteries) Rs.1188
Signia Zink Air ( pack of 60 cells) Rs.1220
Energizer EZ Turn & Lock Size 13 ( pack of 24 batteries) Rs. 2,737.00
iCellTech batteries ( pack of 60 batteries) Rs. 1988

Size 312

Size 312 hearing aid batteries are the second-largest and also the second most powerful of all. represented by the color brown. They give a battery life of about 175 hours. It has to be noted that their size is smaller than size 10 and size 13 batteries and are mainly used for In-The-Canal (ITC) and In-The-Ear (ITE) hearing aids.

Size 312 hearing aid batteriesSize 312 hearing device battery for most of the brands and card labels cross-referencing models are:

B347PA, DA312H, PR41, B3124, DA312N, 312HP,AC312EZ, AC312, 312HPX,  ME7Z, PR312H, 312UP, 312DS,312AE, 312A, P312, L312ZA, PR312, V312,  R312ZA, ZA312, W312ZA, A312, V312, V312HP.

All the world’s leading zinc-air battery manufacturers offer size 312 battery –

Brand Average price
Power one battery ( 10 packs of 6 each) Rs.1,250.00
Duracell battery ( pack of 60 batteries)  Rs. 1,400
Siemens hearing aid battery ( 36 pieces)  Rs. 923
Widex battery (pack of 54 batteries)  Rs. 1,188.26
Signia Zink Air ( pack of 60 cells)  Rs.1,274.00
Energizer EZ Turn & Lock Size 312 ( pack of 24 batteries)  Rs. 1,240.95
iCellTech batteries ( pack of 60 batteries)  Rs. 2165

Size 675

The largest Size 675 is made for powerful hearing devices. Size 675 zinc-air battery is used in extremely powerful devices that are made to provide the topmost amplification possible. Denoted by the color blue, they are visibly larger in size and thus have larger battery life. They last approximately for around 2 weeks when it is worn throughout the day. Size 675 batteries are recommended for bone-anchored hearing aids and extremely powerful Behind-the-Ear (BTE) hearing aids and in cochlear implants.

size 675Size 675 hearing aid batteries take the position or replace the below-listed models-

675A, 675AE,675HPX, 675SA,675DS, 675HP, AC675, AC675E,675UP A675, B900PA DA675H,AC675EZ B6754, PR675 R675ZA S675A V675, V675HP W675ZA ZA675,DA675N L675ZA ME9Z PR44.

All the world’s leading zinc-air battery manufacturers offer size 675 battery-

Brand Average price
Power one battery ( pack of 60 batteries) Rs. 1,230.00
Duracell battery ( pack of 60 batteries)  Rs. 3,352.00
Siemens hearing aid battery ( 36 pieces)  Rs. 1000
Widex battery (pack of 54 batteries)  Rs. 1,188.26
Signia Zink Air ( pack of 60 cells)  Rs. 1,215
Energizer EZ Turn & Lock Size 675 ( pack of 24 batteries)  Rs. 2,001
iCellTech batteries ( pack of 60 batteries)  Rs. 2,365

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Battery Life

Hearing aid last depending on their capacity. The more the capacity, the more the hearing device battery lasts. According to the survey of around 500 hearing aid users, you can have a better idea about the battery life. In this survey, hearing device users were asked about their hearing aid style, the type of brand they use, and in case they use streaming technology.

Your hearing device battery life is affected by some of the variables such as

  • Size and type of battery
  • Size and type of hearing aid
  • The technology level of the machine
  • Time duration or number of hours, you are using the battery
  • Gain control
  • Sound input
  • Signal intensity
  • Discharge voltage level
  • Dry-aid kit usage
  • Temperature and humidity
  • Environmental factors

To know how long your battery lasts, you need to first calculate the battery life formula. The simple equation for estimating battery life –

Battery life (hours) = battery mAh rating/battery current.

Hearing Aid Battery Drain

All the manufacturers have given all the required information about their hearing device battery usage. In the survey mentioned above, as an example, it is shown that Resound datasheet for the Resound LiNX2 LS61 provided information about the hearing device which uses 312 battery drains 1.3 milli-Amps (mA) from the hearing device battery, which when tested in “test mode” through the ANSI S3.22 standard.

Using the battery life formula, estimated the battery life of size 312 hearing aid which has a capacity of 145 milli-Amp-hours (mAh) which is 111 hours.


In the survey, the average receiver-in-canal (RIC) hearing machine user reports total use- time per battery of 82 hours. An expected 6.3 days of battery life is calculated by considering the hearing aid user report time of 13 hours per day and which when compared with Resound’s datasheet. It is found that the datasheet suggests 8.5 days per battery usage by the user.

So, there is a difference between the survey estimates by the hearing device and the hearing aid manufacturer datasheet.

The problem with calculating these estimates

There is a difference because it is difficult to find the estimates using the battery current drain. Usually, hearing machines are kept in test mode while calculating the current drain which results in disabling the advanced processing technologies such as digital noise reduction, wireless connectivity, and feedback cancellation.

Quick Steps To Change Your Hearing Aid Battery

The hearing aid is the most important thing in your life, it helps to stay connected, so it is important to keep them at your best size.

1. Step 1: Know when to change the battery. Have you heard that your hearing machine is continuously beeping? In actually it is warning you that the battery needs to be replaced. The warning usually takes from a few minutes to half an hour before starting the battery fully, so replace them quickly.

2. Step 2: Use the right batteries for your hearing equipment. Batteries come in various sizes, types, and performance levels, so it is important to use suitable batteries for your listening devices. Contact your audiologist, which can help ensure that your hearing aids are matched with the appropriate battery products.

3. Step 3: Remove old batteries After detecting the battery door on your listening device, drag or press it to open it using the attached nail grip, stepping, or lever. Remove the old battery, and be sure to check with your city, county, or local domestic hazardous waste management facility for the proper recycling or disposal options.

4. Step 4: Prepare new batteries With the removal of the old battery, remove the colorful tab of the new battery. Allow the new battery to sit three to five minutes before the installation so that it can be activated. Also, make sure you are going to use a new battery, which can not be deactivated after the tab is removed.

5. Step 5: Install new batteries. It is simple to insert a new battery: Just align the bus with the same mark on the battery door on the flat side of the battery, set the battery in place slowly, and close the battery door.

Hearing Aid Battery Manufacturers

Once you enter the world of hearing aids, you will be habitual of shopping for the batteries to power them. There is good news for you that you have a lot of options to choose from a large selection of reputable brands of battery.

It includes:

  • Duracell
  • Energizer
  • Rayovac
  • Siemens

Hearing aid battery manufacturers develop a wide variety of batteries that fulfill our needs. The size of the battery you require will be dictated by the type of hearing aid you have. If you need size 13 Batteries, you will only buy those with an orange tab. The size of the battery you require firmly established. Then you can move to select the hearing aid, battery manufacturer.

Leading hearing aid battery manufacturers:
Duracell: It is a leading hearing aid battery manufacturer that has long-lasting, powerful batteries with Duralock technology.
Panasonic: They mainly made Zinc Air batteries for digital hearing aids. Panasonic makes Teflon layered batteries to optimize airflow.
Powerone: Powerone hearing aid batteries are Manufactured in Germany.
Rayovac: Rayovac is a Most popular hearing aid battery provider. They mainly focus on reliability and design.
Zenipower: They offer simple and effective source power at the best price.

What are the estimates provided by hearing aid manufacturers?

You should keep caution while reading the manufacturer’s estimates because the manufacturers often overestimate the battery life and as there are other factors involved which are mentioned above such as hearing device configuration or lifestyle of the user. It is very difficult to calculate the exact battery life until you are using the hearing device.

Also, some of the hearing aid manufacturer’s estimates are not standardized. As, some of the manufacturers usually use a higher capacity (mAh) battery, which increases the number in the estimated figure when compared to the other manufacturers, who use a standard capacity battery of a similar size.

Hearing Aid Battery Power

The survey estimated the hearing aid battery power based on the hearing device user experiences.

hearing aid battery power

How Long Do Hearing Aid Batteries Last, On Average?

As mentioned above hearing aid lasts depending on their capacity. A small hearing device of size 10 battery has 93  mAh capacity whereas the powerful size 675 shows 627 mAh capacity.

The table shows the Average hours of hearing device use by battery size.

Size Average hours of use
Size 10 66.3
Size 13 76.4
Size 312 109.1
Size 675 172.4

How Long Do Hearing Aid Batteries Last With Audio Streaming?

Audio streaming consumes a lot of hearing aid battery. Although according to the survey the difference was not that huge. Might be some of the respondents included telecoil audio streaming or some kind of reduced battery life audio steaming.

The table shows Average hours of use without and with audio steaming depending on battery size.

Size No steaming With audio streaming
Size 10 71 54
Size 13 78 75
Size 312 115 101
Size 675 173 171

How to extend the life of a hearing aid battery?

There is no step by step way in order to extend battery life. Although, there are tips that will ensure that your hearing device will last longer.

Accidentally swallowed a battery? Call the National Battery Ingestion Hotline: 202-625-3333

Some of the care and maintenance practices are given below to extend your hearing battery life. Follow these best practices to keep your batteries well-maintained and make them last longer:

  • For keeping your hearing aid last longer, keep your batteries sealed until the time you really need to put them to use.
  • Try to make use of the oldest package of hearing batteries first.
  • Be cautious that after removal of the label, they tend to lose power and get exhausted easily in 4 to 4.5 weeks, it’s better to put them to use right after the removal of the label.
  • Batteries when placed in a cool climate last for a longer period of time. But please make sure you don’t store them in very cool or hot places, any of that leads to the draining of the battery’s life.
  • At the time of removing the hearing aid battery, remove the tab first and leave it for a few seconds before inserting it in your hearing device.
  • Ensure that the changing of your hearing aid batteries is done in an uncluttered place having a soft surface like a table with a tablecloth is perfect.
  • Before replacing the battery, wash your hands first.
  • In case you are not going to use your batteries for a longer period of time, then remove your batteries from your hearing aid entirely. As keeping them inside your hearing device, can lead to corrosion and damage from trapped moisture.
  • Try to use a hearing aid dehumidifier. As you know, these dehumidifiers and dry storage kits help in protecting your battery and hearing aid both.

Signs to know the battery is in the hearing aid correctly

  • The positive sign(+) is generally flat in all the hearing aids.
  • The negative sign(-) or the bottom side usually have rounded edges in all the aids.

The negative sign(-) or the bottom side of the hearing device drawer is also found in a rounded shape. Therefore, the battery can easily fit inside if you insert it in the right direction. In some of the hearing device, the battery door didn’t get close unless the battery is placed correctly. Therefore, it is very important to place the battery in the right way.

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Hearing Aid Battery Tester

Hearing aid tester helps you in detecting whether their any life left in your hearing device or not.

There are several types of the pocket-sized tester are available in the market. There are basic 2 types of hearing aid battery tester –

  • Battery Tester

hearing aid battery tester

  • Digital hearing aid tester


digital hearing aid testerHow to use a hearing device tester?

  • First, peel off the sticker and then wait for a few seconds for getting an accurate reading.
  • On the tester there is plus(+) sign facing up, then drop the battery in and push your battery with your finger right up to the top. Your battery should go the top and stay there but if ur battery goes partially up or comes down then this means that your battery is done, this is the time to throw it away.

In case you don’t have a hearing aid battery tester with you and you want to check your battery then put your battery in your other hearing device. And if your battery is working in the other hearing aid then, this means that your battery is in working condition but your hearing aid is not. If the battery is not working in either of the two hearing aids, this means you need to change your battery.

Where To Purchase Hearing Aid Batteries?

You can purchase your hearing aids battery from electronic stores, groceries, retail stores, or online. It is very important to evaluate the hearing aid problem quickly and restore its functioning. You can purchase your battery from a hearing care provider also.

We at HearingSol are proud to offer hearing aid batteries online at a low cost that are simple to replace and provide long-term, dependable functioning of hearing aids. Call us +91-9327901950 today, book an appointment for a FREE consultation for hearing aids at the HearingSol clinic.

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