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Bluetooth is a wireless technology to exchange data between two or more devices. It can transfer data in the short area range up to 100 m. This technology was first invented by telecom vendor Ericsson in 1994. It is designed to recognize the radio signals that are sent from another electronic device like your smartphone, TV, and other devices wirelessly. The hearing aid can receive those signals and communicates with them. Therefore your Bluetooth hearing aid lets you listen to the sounds of music or call coming from your TV, smartphone, radio, etc.

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A few years back we only hoped in dreams that if the hearing aid can connect with phone or TV so there can be a hassle-free environment for hearing impaired people and they can also live a normal life. But now this dream is becoming a reality. Because today with the digital Bluetooth hearing aids machines it is possible to connect with other electronic Bluetooth devices. Here we will reveal how new technology has changed even the face of hearing aid.

What Are Bluetooth Hearing Aids?

Bluetooth technology is perfectly integrated with hearing aid technology or equipment nowadays. The merger of these two technologies can deliver better and improved sound quality. Which comes from electronic devices like your mobile phone, TV as well as the mp3 player. Most Bluetooth enabled ear machines to come with a controller unit. That controller part of the equipment transmits and receives wireless signals, sent from other connected devices.

Bluetooth Hearing Aid

Wireless machines can be used in conjunction with any Assistive listening device to stream sound to you. It provides a communication link between wireless technology in hearing aids and any Bluetooth enabled device. With the help of this technique, you can enjoy listening to the sound too through no wires. It gives you an experience of freedom in a way because your life is not stuck anymore in the wires.

With the help of this technology now you can connect any Bluetooth directly to a hearing machine. Also, they can connect via streamers of this listening device that can be carrying the signal. Although, lots of manufacturers are offering different kinds of wireless solutions in their listening equipment. That can improve the sound quality coming from the phone. There are many other accessories too in the market that are compatible with hearing aid. It includes a remote control, TV Unit, cellphone, microphone and much more.

How Does Bluetooth Hearing Aids work?

Hearing aid equipment comes in a vast variety of models. Now after introducing the wireless technology in it, the range has become much larger. Hence, before buying the hearing machines you should consulate with an expert about your need for wireless connectivity. If you want to connect your aid with phone, TV, mp3 or other Bluetooth enabled device. So according to your needs, they will discuss and suggest many wireless hearing aids.

The wireless hearing devices can either be paired with an Apple device or be paired with the streamer. Headphones to be paired with external devices like mobile phones and TV. When the set up of connection is complete between those two devices. The streamer will seek the Bluetooth signal and connect your hearing machines to the required device via an FM signal or electromagnetic field. This process is done, depending on the manufacturer’s design. Usually, the streamer device is seen around the neck or placed in a pocket for hands-free operation.

Your Bluetooth enabled phone communicates wirelessly with the streamer which handles the hearing aid signal.

Hence there is two option given :

1. Hearing aids with an assistive listening device

As we have described above a steamer which is a small device. That makes communication with the signal between the Bluetooth device and the hearing machine. These devices or streamers are generally called the assistive listening device. Hearing aid which is enabled with it can connect and communicates with other devices easily. No matter you are connecting a smartphone, Smart TV, or an MP3 music player.

2. Made for iPhone hearing aids

Many hearing device models are designated as “Made for iPhone”. This means that the iPhone device will work as the stream itself, connecting directly with them. Because of that, there is no need for an extra streamer to be a mediator between the hearing aid and iPhone anymore.

Benefits of Bluetooth Hearing Aids?

As we have discussed the features of Bluetooth hearing aid above. It is necessary to introduce the key benefits of these advanced types of equipment. Hence you will able to know what you are getting in terms of spending money for them? So let us now take a look at the best parts of these technological listening aids.

1. A unique listening experience

The biggest benefit of having Bluetooth in your hearing machine is that it makes this possible for audio to connect with on a phone, Smart TV, or MP3 player. Therefore it is possible that those audio signals can be sent directly into the user’s ear. Which is coming from those connected devices? By doing this, your hearing machines become a pair of top-quality earbuds for streaming music or taking calls.

2. Multiple Channels

The Bluetooth device uses multiple channels to convey the sound. And therefore, it is less likely to lose that transferring signal, due to interference with one of the channels. Because other channels are still functioning to transfer that signal to the destination. One streamer provides the facility to connect multiple devices. Because all those other devices are connected in one place, so you can easily switch between these different devices.

3. Remote Control

Bluetooth enabled devices also have the unique capability to adjust the volume of your hearing aid remotely. You have no need to touch the physical volume button on your hearing machine. This process can be controlled from the device itself or through the use of an assistive listening device (steamer). This is a pretty cool benefit for you if your device is too small to contain the external application.

4. Clear TV Sound

If you are already a hearing aid user then you may know that feedback and other problems may be associated with a hearing aid. But these problems are dismissed now with the use of Bluetooth technology. therefore now streaming the audio from your Bluetooth enabled device like TV, Mobile, MP3 and more will give a better sound quality as a result. It elevates the speech comprehension from movies and TV shows as well.

5. Offer a Hands-Free solution

these listening devices have a switch of a button in it. This feature will give you hands-free operation during the call. Therefore, you can talk freely without the need to hold the phone near to your ear all the time. This will provide you great benefits during the long conversation on a phone call with your family and friends.

6. Binaural Hearing

Bluetooth technology allows hearing aids to speak with each other. Also, maintaining the quality of speech and optimizing localization to your position is done accordingly. The good thing in this equipment is this, It allows the user to hear the sound in both ears at the same time.


If you are interested in Bluetooth-enabled hearing devices. You should concern it with your hearing care specialist about all of your options. Bluetooth technology-enabled streamers are called Assistive listening devices. These devices bring sound directly into the ear and improve the speech to noise ratio very well. Bluetooth technology in hearing aid eventually proved freedom for people with hearing loss or hearing impaired. They enhance the sound quality when you paired with the mobile app.

A hearing care expert will decide which option will fulfill your need. For proper consulting and help, book an appointment or contact us at 1800-121-4408.

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