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According to the American Family Physician, there is at least 25 percent of people over 50 who become the victims of hearing loss. Hearing loss often comes with age but it can affect anyone. Now you might be thinking about how to reach the best audiologists in Delhi? Because audiometry is the best way to test for hearing loss.

There is no need to worry or stress. You know why? Because with technological improvement, there are not only innovative hearing aids and types of equipment available to cure hearing problems. But also so many audiometry clinics and hospitals to give you effective and convenient treatments for deafness.

Hearing Sol is one of the best and trustworthy hearing loss clinic whose main mission is to bring world-class hearing aids to its clients. The team of Hearing Sol helps you to live a peaceful and better life.

Our Mission

The mission of Hearing Sol is to provide comprehensive, ethical, and audiological services to our clients. The team of Hearing Sol makes sure to give the highest quality hearing care services and valuable solutions to help you achieve better hearing for your life.

Our Audiologists act according to the highest standards of ethics and honesty.

We believe in giving the following rights to our clients:

  • Accurate and reliable diagnostic care
  • Advanced hearing technology
  • Getting treatments with a holistic approach
  • Treatment under the highly trained professional staff
  • The latest rehabilitation knowledge
  • Affordable services

Hearing Sol Audiologists

Our audiologists identify, evaluate, and provide the best treatment for hearing, and related disorders. They also recommend and evaluate hearing aids and assistive hearing devices. They have experience with sign language and lip reading too. They provide ongoing therapy or aural rehabilitation with efficiency.

Nature of Work:

  • Use different and branded instruments to diagnose hearing loss.
  • Determines the best course of treatment for you.
  • May make earmolds for hearing aids, fit hearing aids with effectiveness and efficiency.

Why do you need audiologists?

Audiology deals in detecting and diagnosing hearing disorders in adults, children, or infants. Hearing Sol offers diagnostic evaluations for speech, hearing, language, and communication difficulties(social communication disorder) in people.

Best audiological treatment tries to come up with concrete solutions for hearing disorders making the correct use of technology. People practicing audiology are called audiologists.

Our team has experienced and well-qualified audiologists. It conducts almost all kinds of hearing tests such as Newborn screening, PTA, and many more. They have experience with all types of hearing aids from the basic to the most advanced ones.

Essential services provided by our team

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