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AM Hearing Aids

A&M Hearing aid offers hearing solutions that help people in their daily listening situations so that they can keep their lifestyle normal and active. They focus on providing well-proven digital hearing aids that everybody can use easily.

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AM hearing machine product line:

  • XTM
  • STF

Features or Benefits of AM –

  • BTE is mostly used in AM
  • Lowest Prices available
  • Helpful for Senior Citizen
  • XTB useful for 100 dB hearing loss
  • Easily and securely worn in the ear
  • Best noise management technology
  • XTM CIC and XTM ITC almost Invisible hearing aid.

The wireless relay establishes the connection between the hearing machine and the external world. You can Connect TV and other devices with your ear machine via Smart Connect with Remote Microphone. The Device provides you with remote control and it’s easy to connect with all devices. Small remote control using an acoustic transmission protocol. It is designed to fit on a key ring for careful usage.

You may refer to the following AM ear machine price list at your convenience.

AM Hearing Aid Price List

ModelFeaturesBattery SizeGain/OutputChannelRangeMRP(INR)
Pocket Hearing Aids
AM- 66 AOChannel 1, Trimmer NH, Omi Directional.Mic, VCAA63/12910-80Rs. 4990/-
AM- 66 AOPPAA79/138110-100Rs. 5990/-


Semi Digital Hearing Aids with Trimmers
ModelFeaturesBattery SizeGain/OutputChannelRangeMRP(INR)
AM 111Trimmer NH, M/T, Omni Direc., Mic NR, Feed Back Cancellation, Push Button1364/132110-90Rs. 6990/-
Digitrim 12 PNH/MPO, Mic/Telecoil, Omni Directional, Mic Noise Reduction, Feed Back Cancellation, VC, Push Button1370 / 132110-110Rs. 7390/-
Digitrim 12 S1360/123110-100Rs. 7590/-
Digitrim 12 XP67578/138130-115Rs. 8990/-
Digitrim 12 ITC31260/12315-85Rs. 11990/-
Digitrim 12 CIC1040/11310-70Rs. 11990/-
Digitrim 23 PNH/MPO/G, M/T/MT, Omni Directional, Mic Noise Reduction, Feed Back Cancellation, VC(P & XP=Push Button, S=Wheel)1360/123210-110Rs. 11990/-
Digitrim 23 S1370/132210-100Rs. 10,990/-
Digitrim 23 XP67580/138220-115Rs. 11,990/-
Digitrim 23 ITC31250 / 11825-85Rs. 13,990/-
Digitrim 23 CIC1040 / 11320-70Rs. 13,990/-


Fully Digital & Programmable Hearing Aids
ModelFeaturesBattery SizeGain/OutputChannelRangeMRP(INR)
Aurora 2 P3 Programs, Mic NR, Feed Back Cancellation, Open Fit(S), Telecoil, Push Button, VC(P & XP=Push Button, S=Wheel)1370 / 132215-110Rs. 12,990/-
Aurora 2 S1360 / 123210-100Rs. 13,990/-
Aurora 2 XP67578 / 138220-115Rs. 15,990/-
Aurora 2 ITC31250 / 11825-85Rs. 15,990/-
Aurora 2 CIC1047 / 11325-80Rs. 15,990/-
Aurora 2 Pro ITC3 Programs, Direct.Mic., Adaptive NR, Mic NR, Feed Back Cancellation, Telecoil, Autophone, Power on Delay, Nano Coating.31250 / 11825-85Rs. 18990/-
Aurora 2 Pro CIC1047/11325-80Rs. 18990/-
Aurora 4 Pro P3 Programs, Direct.Mic., Adaptive NR, Mic NR, Feed Back Cancellation, Telecoil, Autophone(Custom only), Power on Delay, Nano Coating.1369/130410-100Rs. 21,990/-
Aurora 4 Pro XP1380/138430-115Rs. 24,990/-
Aurora 4 Pro (Open Fit)1355/12440-80Rs. 21990/-
Aurora 4 Pro ITC31250 / 11840-85Rs. 25,990/-
Aurora 4 Pro CIC1047 / 11340-80Rs. 25,990/-
Aurora 8 Pro P4 Programs, omnidirectional.Mic., Adaptive NR, Mic NR, Feed Back Cancellation, Sound Smoothing, Telecoil, Autophone(Custom only), Power on Delay, Data Logging, Nano Coating.1370 / 133810-110Rs. 39990/-
PAurora 8 8 Pro X1355/12480-80Rs. 39990/-
Aurora 8 Pro ITC31250/11885-85Rs. 41990/-
Aurora 8 Pro CIC1047 / 11385-80Rs. 41990/-


AM hearing machine has good features or benefits for overcome hearing loss and durability is also very high at the cheapest price. Many years of intensive research to unlock nature’s many secrets with regard to hearing. With the aim of estimating the natural hearing process as closely as possible with technical means.

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