Latest Siemens Hearing Aids Price List In Delhi NCR

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Siemens Hearing Aids

Siemens is a German multinational company in Europe and producers of medical diagnostic equipment. You can purchase the Siemens hearing aid as well as accessories from a few thousand to lakhs. Assurity comes with the name Siemens that each device is going to serve its purpose quite efficiently.

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Siemens Hearing Instruments private limited merged with the Sivantos Group. Now the company is known as Sivantos India Pvt. Ltd. The Sivantos Group is one of the top manufacturers of hearing aids in the world.

Siemens Hearing Aids

Sivantos group providing its service of hearing aids with brand name Signia, Siemens, Audio Service, Rexton, and A&M.

People using hearing aid are much conscious about the protection of the hearing aid. For them, we have the waterproof options as well which keeps away your hearing aid from sweat, moisture, and dirt. You might be curious to know about the ranges of hearing aids as well as accessories.

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Signia’s hearing aids are extremely powerful, they have been tried and tested to diminish listening effort, and provide a better-than-normal hearing in demanding surroundings. All models are supplied with “tinnitus therapy” features to reduce the discomfort of “ringing in the ears.”

Types of Siemens Hearing Aids Available

  • BTE – Abbreviated as Behind-The-Ear. Recommended for moderate to severe hearing loss.
  • RIC – Abbreviated as Receiver-In-Canal. RICs can be quickly and easily adjusted and provide a high degree of wearing comfort, discretion, and appropriate amplification.
  • CIC – Abbreviated as Completely-In-Canal.  They are designed and sculptured to fit almost entirely inside your ear.
  • IIC – Abbreviated as Invisible-In-The-Canal. Invisible in the canal hearing aids (IIC) is the tiniest form that fit very deeply in the ear canal.
  • ITC – Abbreviated as In-The-Canal fit in with a smaller portion of hearing aid. They are extremely comfortable and easy to use.
  • ITE – Abbreviated as In-The-Ear fit within the outer portion of the ear. Full Shell In The Ear (ITE) hearing aids comfortably fit in the external ear.

Siemens Hearing Aids Price List

Pocket ModelsMRP (INR)
POCKETTIO Product Family
Pockettio MPRs 3,790
Pockettio HPRs 4,790
Pockettio Digital DMP (Mid Power)Rs 5,490
Pockettio Digital DHP (High Power)Rs 6,390
VITA and AMIGA Product family
VITA 118Rs 2,290
AMIGA 172 NRs 3,690
AMIGA 176 AORs 4,790
AMIGA 178 PP – AORs 5,990


Basic Digital Trimmer Technology ModelsMRP (INR)
BTE TouchingRs 6,990
Lotus 12 Product Family ( 1 Channel)
LOTUS 12 P BTERs 7,390
LOTUS 12 SP BTERs 8,990
ITE LOTUS 12Rs 10,990
ITC LOTUS 12Rs 11,490
CIC LOTUS 12Rs 11,990
Lotus 23 Product Family ( 2 Channels)
BTE LOTUS 23 MRs 8,590
BTE LOTUS 23 PRs 9,190
BTE LOTUS 23 SPRs 10,990
ITE LOTUS 23Rs 12,490
ITC LOTUS 23Rs 12,990
CIC LOTUS 23Rs 13,990
LOTUS Pro Product Family(2 channels)
BTE LOTUS Pro M (Twin Mic)Rs 10,990
BTE LOTUS Pro PRs 11,990
BTE LOTUS Pro SPRs 12,990
ITE LOTUS ProRs 15,990
ITC LOTUS ProRs 16,990
CIC LOTUS ProRs 17,990
LOTUS Pro 2 Product Family(2 channels)
BTE LOTUS Pro 2 M (Twin Mic)Rs 13,990
BTE LOTUS Pro 2 SP (Twin Mic)Rs 14,990
INTUIS Pro Product Family
BTE Intuis Pro S Dir (Twin Mic)Rs 19,990
BTE Intuis Pro Dir (Twin Mic)Rs 19,990
BTE Intuis Pro SP Dir (Twin Mic)Rs 19,990
INTUIS Product Family
BTE Intuis LifeRs 15,490
BTE Intuis S Dir (Twin Mic)Rs 15,990
BTE Intuis Dir (Twin Mic)Rs 16,990
BTE Intuis SP Dir (Twin Mic)Rs 17,990
ITE Intuis (Twin Mic)Rs 18,990
ITC Intuis (Twin Mic)Rs 19,490
CIC IntuisRs 19,990


MOTION micon BestSound Technology ModelsMRP (INR)
Motion micon BTE Product Family (32 Channels)
BTE Motion PX 3mi (Twin Mic)Rs 99,990
BTE Motion SX 3mi (Twin Mic)Rs 99,990
BTE Motion M 3mi (Twin Mic)Rs 99,990
Motion 5mi BTE Product Family (32 Channels)
BTE Motion PX 5mi (Twin Mic)Rs 1,49,990
BTE Motion SX 5mi (Twin Mic)Rs 1,49,990
BTE Motion M 5mi (Twin Mic)Rs 1,49,990
Motion 7mi BTE Product Family (48 Channels)
BTE Motion PX 7mi (Twin Mic)Rs 2,29,990
BTE Motion SX 7mi (Twin Mic)Rs 2,29,990
BTE Motion M 7mi (Twin Mic)Rs 2,29,990
MOTION 101 XCL Product Family ( 6 Channels )
BTE MOTION 101 XCL SX+ ( Twin Mic )Rs 24,990
BTE MOTION 101 XCL P+ ( Twin Mic )Rs 24,990
ITE MOTION 101 XCL ( Twin Mic )Rs 24,990
ITC MOTION 101 XCL ( Twin Mic )Rs 24,990
CIC MOTION 101XCLRs 24,990
BTE MOTION 101 P ( Twin Mic )Rs 24,990
Motion 301 XCL Product Family (8 Channels)
BTE Motion 301 XCL SX (Twin Mic)Rs 49,990
BTE Motion 301 XCL P (Twin Mic)Rs 49,990
ITE Motion 301 XCL (Twin Mic)Rs 49,990
ITC Motion 301 XCL (Twin Mic)Rs 49,990
CIC Motion 301 XCLRs 49,990


Best Sound Technology ModelsMRP (INR)
Pure Micon Receiver-In-Canal(RIC) Products
RIC BTE Pure 3mi (Twin Mic)Rs 99,990
RIC BTE Pure 5mi (Twin Mic)Rs 1,49,990
RIC BTE Pure 7mi (Twin Mic)Rs 2,29,990


Pure XCEL BestSound Technology ModelsMRP (INR)
Pure Receiver-In-Canal Products
RIC BTE 101 XCL+ (Twin Mic)Rs 29,990
RIC BTE 301 XCL (Twin Mic)Rs 49,990


ACE micon Best Sound Technology ModelsMRP (INR)
ACE Receiver-In-Canal (RIC) BTE Product
RIC BTE Ace Pure 5mi (Twin Mic)Rs 1,49,990
RIC BTE Ace 7mi (Twin Mic)Rs 2,29,990
Aquaris – Waterproof Products
Aquaris 3mi BTE (Twin Mic)Rs 99,990
Aquaris 5mi BTE (Twin mic)Rs 1,49,990
Aquaris 7mi BTE (Twin Mic)Rs 2,29,990


INSIO micon BestSound Technology ModelsMRP (INR)
Insio 3mi Custom Product Family (24 Channels)
ITE Insio 3mi (Twin Mic)Rs 99,990
ITC Insio 3mi (Twin Mic)Rs 99,990
CIC Insio 3miRs 99,990
Insio 5mi Custom Product Family (32 Channels)
ITE Insio 5mi (Twin Mic)Rs 1,49,990
ITC Insio 5mi (Twin Mic)Rs 1,49,990
CIC Insio 5miRs 1,49,990
Insio 7mi Custom Product Family (48 Channels)
ITE Insio 7mi (Twin Mic)Rs 2,29,990
ITC Insio 7mi (Twin Mic)Rs 2,29,990
CIC Insio 7miRs 2,29,990


ECLIPSE XCEL DeepFit Custom-Made ModelsMRP (INR)
Eclipse DeepFit CIC Products
CIC Eclipse 301 XCL- 8 channelsRs 79,990
CIC Eclipse 701 XCL – 16 channelsRs 1,84,990
Nitro 301 SP BTE (Twin Mic)Rs 42,990
ITE Nitro 301Rs 42,990
ITC NITRO 301( 118/55 OR 128/70 )Rs 42,990
CIC NITRO 301 ( 118/ 55 OR 128/70 )Rs 42,990
Nitro 701 SP BTE (Twin Mic)Rs 74,990
ITE NITRO 701 ( 118/55 OR 128/70 )Rs 74,990
ITC NITRO 701 ( 118/55 OR 128/70 )Rs 74,990
CIC NITRO 701 ( 118/55 OR 128/70 )Rs 74,990


Essential BestSound Technology ModelsMRP (INR)
ORION Product family
BTE Orion S (Twin Mic)Rs 59,990
BTE Orion M (Twin Mic)Rs 59,990
BTE Orion P (Twin Mic)Rs 59,990
BTE Orion SP (Twin Mic)Rs 59,990
RIC BTE Orion (Twin Mic)Rs 59,990
ITE Orion (Twin Mic)Rs 59,990
ITC Orion (Twin Mic)Rs 59,990
CIC Orion (Twin Mic)v 59,990
SIRION Product family
BTE Sirion S (Twin Mic)Rs 34,990
BTE Sirion M (Twin Mic)Rs 34,990
BTE Sirion P(Twin Mic)Rs 34,990
ITE Sirion (Twin Mic)Rs 34,990
ITC Sirion (Twin Mic)Rs 34,990
CIC Sirion (Twin Mic)Rs 34,990

Siemens Accessories Price List

Behind-The-Ear Instrument AccessoriesMRP (INR)
BTE Eartip Assembly(Eartip+Elbow+Tube)Rs 100
BTE Eartip Joint Elbow(L-Bend)Rs 35
BTE Eartip (Any Size)Rs 50


Pocket Instrument Add-onsMRP (INR)
TV Listening CordRs 200
Pocket Eartip AssemblyRs 85
Pocket Eartip AdaptorRs 35
Pocket Eartip Any sizeRs 50
2 Pin Bone Conductor HeadbandRs 3,900
3 Pin Bone Conductor HeadbandRs 4,490


Accessories for TV ListeningMRP (INR)
Set 842-TV RF Wireless HeadphoneRs 19,990
Spare Battery for Set 842-TV HeadphoneRs 1,100


Accessories for AMIGA Pocket InstrumentMRP (INR)
2 Pin Single-Cord BlackRs 150
2 Pin V-Cord Black(Pseudo-binaural Fitting)Rs 250
3 Pin Single-Cord BlackRs 250
2 Pin Receiver SM-855 BlackRs 800
3 Pin V-Cord Black(Pseudo-binaural Fitting)Rs 350
3 Pin Receiver ME-38 BlackRs 950


Accessories for VITA Pocket InstrumentMRP (INR)
2 Pin Single-Cord BeigeRs 125
2 Pin V-Cord BeigeRs 250
3 Pin Single-Cord BeigeRs 200
3 Pin V-Cord BeigeRs 350
2 Pin Standard ReceiverRs 500
2 Pin Wide Band ReceiverRs 700
3 Pin Standard ReceiverRs 1,200
3 Pin Wide Band CN 100 ReceiverRs 1,200


Pockettio AccessoriesMRP (INR)
Single-CordRs 250
V-CordRs 300
Receiver AM (use with Pockettio MP)Rs 500
Receiver DH(use with Pockettio DHP)Rs 500
Binaural Fit DMP(Y cord, XX receiver, ear tips)Rs 800
Binaural Fit DHP(Y cord, XX receiver, ear tips)Rs 900
ClipRs 150
Eartip (I Blister Packet – 6 tips)Rs 350
LanyardRs 50
Audio Input CableRs 50


Siemens Zinc-Air BatteriesMRP (INR)
Siemens # 675 AE BatteryRs 28
Siemens # 13 AE BatteryRs 28
Siemens # 312 AE BatteryRs 28
Siemens # 10 AE BatteryRs 40


Eclipse DeepFit CIC AccessoriesMRP (INR)
Soft Domes 6 pcs(8.5mm,9.7mm,11.7mm)Rs 1,290
Removal Tool for the soft domeRs 150


Open Fitting AccessoriesMRP (INR)
Life BTE EarhookRs 200
Life Tube RefillRs 125
Life Tip RefillRs 125
Slim Fit S-Lite TubeRs 175


Battery TesterMRP (INR)
Digital Battery CheckerRs 300


Miscellaneous ItemsMRP (INR)
UV Hard Pocket/BTE EarmoldRs 350
Silicon Soft Pocket/BTE EarmoldRs 450
Custom Swim PlugRs 450
Sports Clip for Aquaris BTERs 900
Autophone MagnetRs 350
eArena DVD for auditory trainingRs 500


Accessories for Drying and CleaningMRP (INR)
Air SyringeRs 300
Stay Dry Dehumidifier JarRs 300


Accessories for Pediatric FittingMRP (INR)
BTE Hucki Holder(One Pair)Rs 125
Child EarhookRs 200
Child Harness for pocket ModelsRs 175
Sticker Book for Pocket ModelsRs 550
Audio Input ShoeRs 1,100


In-The-Ear Instrument AccessoriesMRP (INR)
Siemens Waxguard Kit(10Caps+Tool)Rs 400
C-Guard Waxguard KitRs 1,350
C-Grid Waxguard KitRs 1,350
HF4 Waxguard SetRs 400
Battery Door for ITE / ITCRs 400
Battery Door for ITE / ITCRs 85
Battery Door for CICRs 105


Accessories for Colour HousingsMRP (INR)
Colour Exchange KitRs 1,290


Receiver-In-Canal Fitting AccessoriesMRP (INR)
Receiver Unit(Type 1 – M,P)Rs 3,590
Grid Dome PackRs 790
Click miniReceiver (Type 2-S,M,P,HP)Rs 4,990
Click miniReceiver 2.0 (S,M,P,HP)Rs 4,990
Click Dome Closed(6mm / 8mm / 10mm)Rs 790
Click Dome Double (8/10mm, 10/12mm)Rs 790
Click Dome(Semi-Open)Rs 790
Receiver Mold(P miniReceiver)Rs 990


Rechargeability AccessoriesMRP (INR)
eCharger 13/312 sizeRs 10,990
Rechargeable Cell 13/312 sizeRs 990


Remote Controls and Optional AccessoriesMRP (INR)
easyPocket Remote ControlRs 10,990
ePocket Remote ControlRs 10,990
ProPocket Remote ControlRs 10,990
ePen Remote ControlRs 10,990
Mini TekRs 24,990
TEK Connect PackRs 24,990
Battery for TEK ConnectRs 1,100
Battery for epocket / Pro PocketRs 225
Car Adaptor for TekRs 550
Belt Clip for TEK ConnectRs 450
2nd Transmitter for miniTekRs 3,990
VoiceLink for miniTekRs 9,990
Siemens Hearing Aids prices are decided to keep in mind the large consumer base. It is ensured that each device serves its purpose efficiently. They provide complimentary accessories, fitting software, smartphone apps, and diagnostic workflow solutions. Siemens serving customers across 95 countries all over the world. Jim Rohn said –
 “Take care of your body. It is the only place you have to live in”
Care your ears problem with Siemens hearing aids. Quality is served by the Siemens to the customer. We provide the best prices as compared to your local ones.
We hope this information about Siemens is helpful for you. If you are searching the right hearing solution, we are providing affordable price and heavy discount on your hearing machine. Just dial up our toll-free number +91-9899437202 and make an appointment today.
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