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Interton Hearing Aids

The new Interton hearing aids let you speak and listen effortlessly-even in a noisy environment. It focuses on sound processing, noise reduction, speech understanding, feedback cancellation, and protection. It is so small and comfortable that you probably forget you are wearing them.

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With the new Interton sound app, you can easily change settings and adjust your sound anywhere, anytime. You can even stream sound from your TV directly to your hearing machine with our wireless TV-streamer. To grab these all qualities you need the best deal with the Interton Hearing Aids price list.

Interton Hearing Aids
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So, if you are looking for an easy-to-use, it is a quality ear machine solution with great sound, the new Interton device is ready for you.

How To Buy Interton Hearing Aids Machine?

If you are thinking to find the hearing device that fits according to your needs, contact your audiologist for a full hearing evaluation and personal fitting. Then you’ll be able to decide which hearing aid fits you well. You can start the procedure by taking our online test and follow these easy steps to get them:

1. Take a hearing test

2. Find a professional for a hearing device

3. Choose the best hearing machine for yourself

You can buy latest hearing aids at a fair price through Hearing Sol, just give us a call at +91-9899437202.

Interton Hearing Aids Price List

                                                             TRIMMER Digital Hearing Aids
1BTE 273TRIMMER4/413/29020-907,900/-
2Power BTE 283TRIMMER4/413/29020-1009,500/-
6BTE 373TRIMMER4/413/29020-9011,500/-
7Power BTE 383TRIMMER4/413/29020-10014,000/-
8SP BTE 393TRIMMER4/4675/30060-12015,000/-
                                                     PROGRAMMABLE DIGITAL HEARING AID
9Start ITC VC HPGAPPRAISE 1.53/3312/17020-9014,000/-
10Start D ITC HPGAPPRAISE 1.53/3312/17020-9014,000/-
11Start CIC HPGAPPRAISE 1.53/310/10020-9014,000/-
12BTEAPPRAISE 2.24/413/22020-9013,900/-
13P-BTEAPPRAISE 2.24/413/20730-11016,500/-
14P ITC with VCAPPRAISE 2.24/4312/11420-9016,000/-
15P-ITCAPPRAISE 2.24/4312/11420-9016,000/-
16CICAPPRAISE 2.24/410/7020-8016,000/-
17P-CICAPPRAISE 2.24/410/7020-9018,000/-


Model NameChannels/
Battery TypeBattery LifeFitting SoftwareFitting RangeProgramming CableMRP(INR)
P-BTE4/413207 N/A30-110N/A25,000/-
P-ITC-VC 4/431211420-9025,000/-
P-ITC 4/431211420-9025,000/-
CIC 4/4107020-8025,000/-
P-CIC 4/4107020-9025,000/-


Model NameChannels/BandsBattery TypeBattery LifeFitting SoftwareFitting RangeProgramming CableMRP(INR)
BTE 3709/913330APPRAISE20-90CS44 with SHOE31,500/-
ITE 3409/931216020-9531,500/-
ITC 3309/931217020-85CS6331,500/-
CIC 3109/91010020-8031,500/-
BTE 57012/1213330APPRAISE20-90CS44 with SHOE90,000/-
RIE 56012/121010020-100CS4485,000/-
ITE 54012/1231216020-9585,000/-
ITC 53012/1231217020-85CS6385,000/-
CIC 51012/121010020-8090,000/-
RIE CRISP 38/831212020-20036,000/-
PHONE CLIP20,000/-

For a hearing device, it takes a little while to get used to wearing. Same as for hearing also. Wear it for most of the day, even around the home.

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