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ALPS Hearing Aid

ALPS contributes almost about thirty percent of the Indian market share. Well, it will amaze you to know that ALPs in terms of selling is the oldest Indian brands. The ALPS hearing aid prices are decided for each section of the society.

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They offer a wide variety of technology and styles for any type of hearing loss. Products are developed emphasizing reliable evidence to influence design. They continue to make a dedicated effort in empowering people with hearing impairment.

So that people of every segment can afford it. If we talk about the rate list it gives a sense of satisfaction as the normal household can also afford one if they are in need.

For eg, some of the pocket models are ALPS Comphy, ALPS Futura, and behind the ear models like ALPS Nova BTE, etc.

Here you are provided with the complete ALPS hearing aid price list.

ALPS Hearing Aid Price List

Model MRP(INR)
ALPS ERIKA i Rs 7,700
ALPS ERIKA Power Rs 9,200
ALPS ERIKA Plus (4 Memories) Rs 11,200
Tiny-In the Ear
Erika CIC Power (Digital) Rs 10,900
Erika ITC Power (Digital) Rs 9,900
Turbo E ITC Rs 12,000


Digital / Digitally Programmable
ALPS DIN Rs 9,500
ALPS DIN CIC Rs 12,500
ALPS DIN-Power BTE Rs 13,500
ALPS DH+BTE Rs 19,800
DH Power Rs 15,900
DigiHear Xtra BTE Rs 28,500
DIgiHear Xtra (ITC/CIC) Rs 29,500
DHX Power BTE Rs 31,500


Special Aids/ALD’s/FM
ALPS TELEPHONE Hearing Aids Rs 1,200
ALPS Communicator Rs 7,000
HA Stethoscope Rs 28,000
FM System Lexis (Rec. + TM) Rs 120,000
FM System Amigo (Rec. + TM) Rs 140,000
HEAR IT – Geriatric System Rs 7,500
Amplified Telephone System Rs 4,500


Super Power- Digital Programmable
Grand Master(GM) Rs 32,900/-
Grand Master Pro(GM Pro) Rs 38,900/-


Spectacle Aids(W’o frame)
Mini Compact AC Rs 32,000
Energy Digital BC Spectacle (Digital) Rs 48,000
Mini Compact CROS Rs 46,000
BC Spectacle B-12/ B-16(3T) Rs 35,000
AMICO @ Digit(Digital) Rs 48,000
” Compact ” BTE
ALPS High Gain N,H,HH Rs 5,200
ALPS Nova Rs 5,995
ALPS PP BTE Digital Power Rs 12,500
CB 90 Rs 17,500


Hi-Res Hearing Aids(Digital)
Dyana CIC/ITC/Mini Canal Rs 1,40,000
Dyana Slender Fit Rs 1,20,000
Dyana RIC Rs 1,40,000
Karizma ITC/CIC/Mini Canal Rs 89,500
Karizma BTE Directional Rs 88,500
Karizma BTE Slender Fit Rs 89,500
6th Sense BTE, CIC Rs 52,000
6 Spro BTE Power Rs 41,000
6 Spro BTE Rs 38,500
6 Spro Slender Fit Rs 37,000
6 Spro RIC Rs 39,500
6 Spro CIC/ITC Rs 39,500


“Rugged ” Body Worn
ALPS Comfy Rs 1,950
ALPS Futura – OTM Rs 1,995
ALPS Stylo PLUS(N,H,HH) Rs 2,250
Advance Plus Rs 2,400
ALPS Super Master Rs 2,800
ALPS Super Master AVC Rs 2,900
ALPS Power Master PP Rs 3,650
ALPS PM Plus Rs 4,300
ALPS PM Deluxe Plus Rs 4,700
BCHeadband in Lieu of Rec. Rs 3,600
Bc With Headband Rs 3,900


Space RIE(RITC) Rs 27,000
Space RIE MM(4 Memories) Rs 31,000
Space Slender Fit(single memories) Rs 17,900
Space Slender Fit MM(4memories) Rs 18,900
Space CIC/ITC Rs 28,000
Space BTE Power Rs 17,900
Space BTE(4M+T+VC) Rs 21,900
Dyana Slender Fit Rs 1,20,000
Dyana RIC Rs 1,40,000

ALPS focus on speech understanding, comfort, ease of use. Thus created to give you the listening experiences you desire. They also help to understand in even toughest listening situations. ALPS was developed to suit your individual lifestyle and hearing needs.

Just imagine a completely new listening experience while wearing a lighter and smaller device. The ALPS ear machine rate list gives a sense of satisfaction as they provide cheaper models serving their true purpose that even the average household can buy one for themselves. Purchasing a hearing machine online has become much more convenient.

At HearingSol you can grab the discounted offers while buying online. Our hearing professionals have made a complete and best hearing aid price list. So that you don’t need to go anywhere else. Inquire today on +91-9327901950.

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