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Siemens is one of the highly trusted brands known for providing hearing aid products of exceptional performance, design, and quality. It was founded way back in Berlin in 1847 but began focusing on hearing instruments in 1877. Although it was recently acquired by Sivantos, Inc., and it is known as Siemens or Signia Hearing Aid in the market.

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It has built a major trust of customers and earned loyal customers through the years. The Signia brands have been producing hearing aids that deliver almost 25% clearer and higher speech understanding than individuals having normal hearing.

Signia Hearing Aids

The Signia brand is so well known that its name is enough for anyone to buy its products. Some of these products include:

Ace Hearing Aids

Ace has always set a benchmark in minimizing size and maximizing discretion. Its ultra-small housing makes it our tiniest RIC solution while binax, the next generation of BestSound Technology, further enhances the new Ace binax’s level of discretion.

Signia & Siemens Hearing Aids

Remotely controllable via the new touchControl App, users can operate their hearing aid programs, volume, bass, and treble with a few quick taps on their iOS or Android* smartphones. This makes Ace binax an optimum solution for first-time wearers or people that demand discretion and convenience. With Ace binax, your customers do not have to choose between discretion and functionality – now they can have both.

Discreet design:

  1. Housing in an ultra-discreet, ergonomic design
  2. Color Conversion Kit
  3. Size 10 A battery
  4. Programmable push button or flat cover
  5. The battery door on/off switch
  6. Ingress Protection Rating IP 67
  7. IPX7 water resistance for immersion in up to 1 m of water for 30 min
  8. IP6X full dust protection for uncompromising quality and safety

Premium performance:

  1. Powered by binax, the next generation of BestSound Technology
  2. Remotely controllable via the touchControl App for an unprecedented level of discretion
  3. Available in performance levels 7bx and 5bx
  4. Enhanced tinnitus noise option

Aquaris Waterproof Hearing Aids

Aquaris Hearing Aid is very useful for those people who spend most of the time outside. In the last 10 years, the demand for Aquaris Waterproof Hearing Aids very high because this waterproof hearing aid is very convenient for use in each weather. We can use it anywhere like in the gym, bathroom, swimming time with comfort.


  1. It provides a waterproof facility in which the battery is sealed.
  2. It provides IP68 certified in which there are not creating a problem about seepage and damage while immersion.
  3. It can be a soft ear mold during swimming.
  4. Don’t put your hearing aid near dust, perspiration, and dirty places.
  5. Don’t put your hearing aid near corrosion.
  6. Always put your hearing aid in the cover box.


Hearing Aids Batteries are the most sensitive and very small part of hearing aids that we need to take care of. There are many batteries available with different sizes such as 5, 10, 13, 312, and 675 and there are many brands available for a battery like Rayovac, Powerone, and Duracell. Battery life totally depends on the size of the battery. Normally battery life is approximately 10 to 12 days. Before buying a new battery you should concern with hearing health care provider, they will give you a battery according to your hearing aid.

Malfunction of Hearing Aids:-

Normally, there are two types of malfunction of Hearing aids which are given below:

Moisture:- The first problem is generating about our hearing aids is moisture. For eliminating that problem we should have to put our hearing aid at a dry place.

Wax Build-up:- The second one problem is generating about our hearing aids is Wax-Build up. For eliminating that problem we should have to use the service of hearing aids within three months.

Eclipse Hearing Aids

Eclipse Hearing Aid also called as small CIC(Completely In Canal ) is used by people who have mild to moderate hearing loss. The eclipse hearing aid is based on 2 technology levels 701 or 301 which works on discrete or digital signals. It has two color code, the red color is for the right ear, and blue is for the left ear. This hearing aid is placed directly in front of the eardrum of the ear canals and it always provides the best quality of sound.


  1. Good Ear Impression:- It has a good impression because it is small in size and put into the ear canal. It is invisible. Anyone will not see easily this hearing aid when others wear it.
  2. Easy to use:- The eclipse hearing aid is easy to use a hearing device. It can be placed easily and quickly. There is no risk of aid damage. You can easily change the hearing aid battery. It is placed into the ear canal with the help of the machine. It is available in different sizes.
  3. Stopping Feedback:- When any worst feedback occurs then it is eliminated by this hearing aid. The bad signal is not present in this. It stops frequently error feedback or signals. Due to this, It gives good accuracy.
  4. Manage to noise and speech:- Eclipse hearing aid manages the noise and speech both. It has the ability to differentiate between noise and speech. This device eliminates background noise and gives a clear voice or speech.
  5. Better sound quality:- It gives a better sound quality at a different level of frequencies and eliminates unexpected noise or error. It helps to improve a human’s hearing sensitivity or ability.
  6. Wind Blocking:- This hearing device blocks out wind noise and provides clear or better sound.
  7. Use 16 Channel:- The channels are used for different types of hearing loss. It is programmed for hearing loss. and based on the 16 channel program.
  8. Record data:- The data is recorded by eclipse hearing aids. So that audiologists can easily analyze people’s hearing condition with the help of these devices and give the best treatment.

Insio Hearing Aids

Insio Hearing Aid is available in ITE( in the ear), ITC (in the canal), IIC(Invisible in the canal) or small CIC( Complete in the canal) style and it is tiny in size which easily fit into the ear canal. These hearing aids are used by people who are suffering from tinnitus symptoms and it is based on advanced wireless technology and a discrete or digital signal which provides excellent sound quality and speech understanding.

The Insio Hearing device has the ability to change settings or programs easily with the help of optional remote control and free touch control smartphone app. The touch Control App controls the smallest Insio IIC( Invisible In the Canal). This device works on binax technology which has a virtual microphone and an audio signal is exchanged between left and right hearing devices. The Insio hearing aid is placed directly in front of the eardrum of the ear canals.


  1. Easy to use:- The eclipse hearing aid is easy to use a hearing device. It can be placed and removed easily and quickly. It has no risk of aid damage. It is easy to replace the hearing aid battery. It is placed into the ear canal with the help of a machine. It is available in different sizes.
  2. Program Changing:- Program is changed and selects a specific hearing program with the help of the program change button.
  3. Volume control:- This device can control the volume level from low to high or high to low. The volume is set up at the desirable level.
  4. Noise Management:- The Insio hearing device manages noise and speech. It eliminates background noise or error and produces clear sound quality. It helps to improve a human’s hearing sensitivity or ability.
  5. Stop to Feedback:- When any worst feedback occurs then it is eliminated by this hearing aid. The bad signal is not present in this. It stops frequently error feedback or signals. Due to this, It gives good accuracy.
  6. Directional Microphone:-It has a directional microphone. You can concentrate on the sound of your conversation partner with the help of a directional microphone. Siemens Insio Hearing device features are controlled with the help of the touchControl smartphone app by your iPhone or Android phone. This is a unique quality in this device.

Intuis Hearing Aids

Intuis Hearing Aid is the type of BTE Hearing Aid. It improves the sound quality that you hear and helps you to enjoy the most precious moments. This type of hearing aid offers a reliable hearing experience in any listening situation. They remove repetitive sounds like the hum of a refrigerator. It makes the speech clearer that is easily understandable which allows you to focus on the conversations effortlessly and enjoy the little sound that makes the day perfect.

Discover Intuis Life:

  1. Omnidirectional microphone: It is not visible and picks up sound from all directions.
  2. LifeTube: It is simple to clean, inexpensive to replace, the ultra-slender LifeTube practically disappears when it’s in place.
  3. Nano coating: Unique protection for BTE models from water and junk.
  4. LifeTip: Fits easily in the ear canal. It is easy to clean and exchange.
  5. The battery door on/off: Press the battery compartment to the rear down to the first stop to turn the instrument OFF. Fully close the battery compartment to turn the instrument ON.
  6. Battery compartment lock: When the battery compartment lock is enabled, the compartment is naturally locked when closed. This prevents the unintentional removal of batteries.


  1. Hassle-free handling
  2. Easy to wear
  3. Reliable


  1. Directional microphones
  2. Ergonomic design for a comfortable fit
  3. Intuis’ feedback cancellation ensures whistle-free wear
  4. Individually adjust your hearing instrument settings according to the listening situation
  5. Available with LifeTubes or ear hooks

Life Hearing Aids

Siemens Life Hearing Aid combines outstanding sound quality and refined comfort with the simple operation – the perfect complement for demanding lifestyles, especially for tinnitus. It fits comfortably in the ear and, with no hard or sensitive parts, is suitable for all wearers. Its tiny form sits almost unnoticeably behind the ear. Incredibly small, big on style, Siemens Life is designed to fit you and your life with complete ease.


  1. Incredibly small and ergonomic design.
  2. Flexible and transparent LifeTubes and LifeTips fit comfortably in the ear.
  3. Wireless connectivity for discreet control and connection to audio devices.
  4. The open fitting concept eliminates the occlusion effect – the unpleasant sensation you feel with blocked ears.
  5. 12 exchangeable colors made to blend in.
  6. Features the newest version of BestSound Technology.

Motion Hearing Aid

Motion Hearing Aids are useful for new and old hearing aid wearers which are additionally loaded with amps – designed to power up for those with moderate to severe hearing disorder. It focuses precisely on a speech from where it is coming. Then motion hearing aid adjusts the sound automatically so that you can talk easily and continue your conversation without any problem.

The motion will provide Tinnitus Therapy Signal which will reduce the effect of tinnitus problem or ear ringing in a single ear. The motion has good clarity and this will help you to focus on what is important. This hearing aid has advanced technology that will automatically learn and adjust itself according to your need. It is easy to use and control. It fits comfortably and discreetly behind your ear.

Motion Hearing Aids Models:

1. Siemens Motion Hearing Aids PAIR! 3 Micon BTE, with accessories. SLIGHTLY USED!.
2. AS-IS SET/PAIR Siemens motion 100 (ITC) digital Hearing aids w/volume cost $1900
3. SIEMENS Motion M 5Mi Wireless Digital Hearing Aids
4. Siemens EasyTek hearing aid remote for, Primax, Binax, Pure, Carat, Motion, Insio
5. 2 SIEMENS MOTION P BTE ( Behind The Ear ) Both Ears Digital Hearing Aids
6. 1 New SIEMENS Motion 3 BX Binex BTE Either Ear Digital, Waterproof Hearing Aid
7. 2xDigital Hearing Aids Siemens Motion 101 XCEL Open Fitting
8. Siemens Motion 7PX Super Power BTE Hearing Aids Aid PAIR + easyPocket
9. One New SIEMENS Motion 5BX Binex BTE (Behind-The-Ear) Either Ear Hearing Aid
10. Siemens Easy Pocket remote control for hearing aids Life, Pure, Motion
11. 2xDigital Hearing Aids Siemens Motion 500S Open Fitting+Charger+Remote
12. 2 x Siemens Motion 301P digital professional hearing aids for sale ! 8 Channel!
13. 1 SIEMENS MOTION PX 3mi BTE (Behind-The-Ear) EITHER Ear Digital Hearing Aid
14. 1 NEW Siemens Motion 5 MI BTE Either Ear Waterproof Rechargeable Hearing Aids
15. One Siemens Motion 301 XCEL is Sx Behind Ear Hearing Aid Left Side New $1,200
16. 2xDigital Hearing Aids Siemens Motion 101 Open Fitting+Free Charger
17. 2xDigital Hearing Aids Siemens Motion 700S Open Fitting+MiniTEK+eCharger
18. One New Siemens Motion 7 MI BTE (Behind-The-Ear) Either Ear Digital Hearing Aid
19. Siemens Easy Pocket remote control for hearing aids Life, Pure, Motion-JM
20. 1 New Siemens Motion 7 BX BINEX BTE Either Ear Digital, Waterproof Hearing Aid

Nitro Hearing Aid

Nitro Hearing Aid provides huge power hearing for those people who lose their listening ability totally. They use a microphone in their hearing instruments which improve speech understanding and listening ability in a typical atmosphere. These devices use superpower, convenient design, and excellent technology in their hearing instruments.

In addition, Nitro Hearing Aids gives high power to increase the speech understanding of the deaf person. Their instrument’s excellent technology gives the ability to deaf persons to speech and hears with their friends, family, and colleagues easily in a typical atmosphere. Nitro Hearing Aids also provides wireless connectivity facilities in their instruments for listening to music and TV.


  1. It provides a broadband output of approximately 141/80 DB
  2. It provides a wireless facility.
  3. It provides instruments that are connected to telephone mode.
  4. It provides instruments with 17 different colors.
  5. Its instruments are very easy in handling.
  6. With the help of audio shoe, we can input audio.
  7. It has huge power at a lower frequency.


  1. ITC (in the ear)
  2. ITC (in the canal)
  3. CIC (completely in the canal)

Orion Hearing Aid

The Orion Hearing aid is the high resolution, feedback cancellation, and directivity hearing aid. All models include smart speech understanding and comfort to listening expertise as per the wearer’s sound preferences and wishes. Plus, Orion offers wireless property options: Via the straightforward take, it will stream audio from most Bluetooth-enabled devices.

It’s remotely governable via the easy Take App and also the bit management App, therefore, providing a discreet hearing test resolution to the majority of your customers. Orion BTE hearing instruments assist you actually get pleasure from the sounds that set the scene for your reminiscences.

It is formed to suit every distinctive ear and each individual. That includes resistant housings and fashionable technology, every of the 9 BTE and custom models. Orion’s flexibility, broad fitting vary, and dependable audiological performance make sure that you’ll supply your customers improved intelligibility for fine listening expertise in any state of affairs.


  1. Multichannel compression and limitation
  2. Directional microphones
  3. Wireless connectivity
  4. Excellent feedback cancellation
  5. Tinnitus noise
  6. Optional frequency compression
  7. Wind noise suppression
  8. Built-in Telecoil in Orion RIC, M, P, and SP models
  9. An optional audio shoe for Orion M, P and SP models


BTE models available with:
  1. IP67 rating
  2. Nano-coated housing
  3. Nano-coated membranes
  4. Closed frame
  5. Rubber gasket
Custom models available with:
  1. Optional Optivent ventilation
  2. Nano-coated microphone membrane
  3. Rotary volume control


  1. The large range ensures that you can find the perfect hearing instrument to fit your needs
  2. Orion’s microphones focus on sound from in front of you while reducing background noise.
  3. Optional wireless property
  4. Enables use of remote controls for straightforward and discreet manual changes
  5. Improves spatial hearing by serving to left and right hearing aids work along
  6. Excellent feedback cancellation prevents plague whistling noises.
  7. Convenient controls create the Orion RIC simple to use
  8. Select models embody an intrinsic Telecoil
  9. Orion RIC offers exchangeable housing just in case your color preference changes

Pure Hearing Aid

This type of hearing aid machine is very tiny in size and provides a very high quality of sound and you can feel with this as natural hearing. Pure hearing aids new technology gives an outstanding sound quality that will help you enjoy the life of hearing. For instance, it made us comfortable when talking with someone by reducing background noise.

People can easily understand the sound so you don’t need more effort to enjoy the sound. It contains an automatic speech Master function that raises the speaker’s interest above other voices. They reduce all the background noise or the voice you don’t want to hear.


  1. Rechargeable to eliminate the problem with batteries
  2. Telecoil (T-coil) connects with public sound systems in theaters and phones
  3. Mini Receiver for outstanding sound quality
  4. Advanced Best sound Technology from Siemens Hearing machine.
  5. Rocker switch or programmable push-button for optional control.

Pure hearing aids packaging:

  1. The pure hearing machine has a discrete design
  2. Wireless synchronization between the instrument and your electronic device.
  3. Mini Receiver for outstanding sound quality near the natural sound quality.
  4. Rechargeable to eliminate the problem with the battery.
  5. Customize over instruments on individual preference.
  6. Enhanced tinnitus nosier that will manage your hearing and tinnitus problem at the same time.

Lotus Hearing Aid

Lotus Hearing Aid is a type of behind the ear hearing Aid which is very powerful and affordable that delivers you the best performance with reliability. It is helpful for mild to profound hearing loss.

More Information:

  1. Cheap
  2. Reliable
  3. Best Sound Quality
  4. Easy to handle or use
  1. Stable
  2. Trouble-free
  3. Comfortable
  4. Programmable or trimmer-operated
  1. Battery:- Battery consumption is very economical in the lotus family. If the battery of the hearing aid is low then the alert tune will ring. This is very beneficial and you will never be worried about the battery.
  2. T-coil Telephone function:- Some of the Lotus models are available with the telephone function. It is easier to use them. T-coil prevents undesirable whistling when wearing a hearing instrument and simultaneously talking on the phone.
  3. Audioshoe:- Audioshoe enables audio connection directly. It is compatible with most FM-system. It provides an excellent signal-to-noise ratio for learning in school or at home.
Lotus Hearing Aid Models:

1. Siemens LOTUS 12P Digital BTE Behind The Ear Hearing Aid: Severe Loss (Premium)
2. NEW SIEMENS LOTUS 12P/23P -FUN P Digital Hearing Aid 6 Channel Free Shipping
3. US SIEMENS LOTUS 12P Hearing Aids Aid Digital BTE High Power Severe Hearing Loss
4. NEW SIEMENS LOTUS 12P/23P -FUN P Digital Hearing Aid 6 Channel Free Shipping
5. Brand New Siemens LOTUS High-Power 12P Digital BTE Hearing Aid Shipping Free
6. Brand New Siemens LOTUS High-Power 12P Digital BTE Hearing Aid USA
7. NEW SIEMENS LOTUS 12SP/23SP FUN SP Digital Hearing Aid 6 Channel Shipping Free
8. Siemens Lotus 23SP Hearing Aid BTE: For Severe to Profound Loss
10. Brand New Siemens LOTUS High-Power 12P Digital BTE Hearing Aid USA Seller
11. New Siemens Digital Lotus12SP Profound Severe Loss Hearing Aid Small BTE Ear USA
12. SIEMENS High-Power LOTUS 12P BTE Hearing Aid For Severe-Profound Loss perfect! A
13. NEW SIEMENS LOTUS 12P/23P UPDATE-FUN P Digital Hearing Aid 6 Channel 2017 NEW!!!
14. SIEMENS High-Power LOTUS 12P Digital BTE Hearing Aid For Severe-Profound Loss US
15. NEW SIEMENS LOTUS 12SP/23SP UPDATE-FUN SP Digital Hearing Aid 6 Channel 2017 NEW
16. SIEMENS High-Power LOTUS 12P Digital BTE Hearing Aid For Severe-Profound Loss
17. NEW Siemens LOTUS 12P Digital BTE Hearing Aid Aids Fast Shipping From USA!
18. SIEMENS LOTUS 12P Hearing Aid 100% Digital Super High Power BTE Behind-the-Ear
19. SIEMENS Power LOTUS 12P Digital BTE Hearing Aid Severe-Profound Loss Super Good
20. Siemens High Power Severe hearing loss LOTUS 12P Digital BTE Hear Aid Moderate
21. Brand New Siemens LOTUS High-Power 12SP Digital BTE Hearing Aid USA
22. NEW Siemens High-Power LOTUS 12P Digital BTE Hearing Aid Aids Fast Ship From USA

Sirion Hearing Aid

The Sirion Hearing aid is a component of the necessities level of Siemens hearing aids designed for sturdiness and reliability. it’s scientific discipline sixty-seven rated that permits it to be submerged in water for up to half-hour and dirt doesn’t interfere with its performance.

Sirion offers reliable performance once it involves intelligibility, even in howling environments. it’s available in different types and styles of hearing machine: Behind The Ear (BTE), within the Ear (ITE), within the Canal (ITC), and utterly within the Canal (CIC).

This Sirion line of hearing aids is acceptable for severe deafness patients. Sirion microphones focus on the sound from the front of you while reducing noises from other directions which helps you to concentrate on your partner conversation. These hearing aids conjointly contain twelve channels for process and Improve sound quality, enhancing the sound of speech, and permitting you to listen to clearly in noisy environments.


BTE models available with:
  1. Nano-coated housing
  2. Nano-coated membranes
  3. Closed frame
  4. Rubber gasket
  5. Directional microphones
Custom models available with:
  1. Options ventilation
  2. Nano-coated microphone membrane
  3. Rotary volume control
  4. Omnidirectional microphone

Some latest Siemens and Signia Hearing aids available at HearingSol:


  • Silk Nx (Ready-to-wear ITE)
  • ACE (Miniature RIC)
  • Pure Nx (RIC)
  • Motion Nx (BTE)
  • Insio Nx (ITE, ITC, CIC, IIC)


  • Carat (RIC)
  • Orian 2 (RIC, BTE, ITE, ITC, CIC)
  • Sirion 2 (BTE, ITE, ITC, CIC)
  • Aquaris (BTE)
  • Nitro Micon (BTE, ITE, ITC, CIC)

Go to our Siemens Hearing Aid Price List page to find out the cost of these hearing aids.

Advantages of Signia Hearing Aids

Signia’s hearing aids are extremely powerful, they have been tried and tested to diminish listening effort, and provide a better-than-normal hearing in demanding surroundings. All models are supplied with “tinnitus” therapy features to reduce the discomfort of “ringing in the ears.”

They also offer the following advantages:-

  • High performance, low energy consumption: High performance is accompanied by complicated functions in these hearing aids, their batteries don’t easily die, all because intelligent processes that reduce power drain and prolong battery life. There is also a rechargeable feature available in these hearing aids and require battery changes on an average of once in a year.
  • Hear without strain: These hearing aids pick out a target speaker’s voice from background noise so that listening effort is notably diminished.
  • Easy listening even in rooms where sounds vibrate: Rooms with hard surfaces like uncovered walls and marble flooring reflect more sound than rooms with carpets and similar items that decrease echo. The Echo Shield function reduces interference due to reverberation, ensuring speech signals are clear and listening effort reduced.
  • Make phone calls with ease: The best feature is that it automatically detects a phone nearby and turns on. The user can hear the caller’s voice in the hearing aid next to the phone receiver, they can also be transferred to the hearing aid in the opposite ear, ensuring a high level of speech understanding, even in noisy surroundings.
  • Follow every conversation effortlessly: For some people having “hearing loss“, daily situations like conversations at a metro station or bus stand are also a challenge. But Signia hearing aids limit the speaker of interest and reduces any sound disturbance from the environment.
  • A whole new music experience: Another endearing feature of these hearing aids is that it easily connects to HD Music programs to improve the sound quality of music, whether it is playing live, through a stereo system, or during an onstage performance.

Signia Assistive Listening Devices

With a wide range of hearing aids, Siemens also offers some great assistive listening devices to provide you a perfect hearing environment. These devices include:

  • TouchControl App:- This app allows easy and discreet adjustments to hearing aids by using your smartphone and it is compatible with all Siemens models.
  • easyPocket:- It is a remote control that can pair with almost all hearing aid models to provide you a more traditional remote control facility.
  • easyTek:- It is used as a streamer to effortlessly connect Tv, Mp3 player, mobile phones, and personal computer directly to your hearing aids.
  • eCharger:- This device is used to easily charge selected Siemens hearing aids. This device automatically removes harmful moisture from your hearing aids while charging.

We hope that after reading this article, you will have enough knowledge of various techniques available in the Siemens or Signia industry. You can also buy hearing aids at a great discount from HearingSol.

If you need any advice or help related to any hearing problem, you can book an appointment or dial our toll-free number +91-9327901950. By this, you will be able to decide which style & type of hearing aid is right for you.

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