Digital Hearing Aids

Understanding Digital Hearing Aids

More than 95% of hearing aids sales is of digital hearing aids today. Unlike the widely used the analog aids, which were used for decades, these aids are more than just sound boosters. Digital hearing aids process sound waves through computer technology and produces an exact duplicate of each sound. Thereafter, the sound is instantly analyzed and optimized for your specific needs and listening situation – e.g.: eliminating the sound of wind or whistling. The result leads to an experience that is more closer to natural hearing than ever before. To be more precise, digital programmable aids actually consist of all the features of traditional analog aids, the main difference being the usage of a digitized sound processor to convert sound waves into digital signals. There’s a computer chip inserted in the aid that analyzes the signals to establish whether the sound is noise or normal speech. It thereon makes modifications to provide a clear, amplified, disturbance-free signal.

The best advantage of digital hearing aids is that they are self-adjusting. Due to its digital processing, it allows more flexibility in programming the aid. Thus, the sound it transmits matches every individual’s specific degree of hearing loss. Even though the digital technology used in these aids is expensive, it offers its shares of features. They include:

● Program improvement
● Better accuracy in fitting
● Management of unsettling loudness
● Control over acoustic feedback (i.e.whistling sounds)
● Noise moderation

What makes these hearing devices all the more preferable is that they can store several programs. The user can change the hearing aid settings as per the change in his/her listening environment. This can be done by merely pushing a button on the hearing aid or by simply using a remote control to change channels. The aid can also be reprogrammed by the audiologist in case a person’s hearing needs change. Yes, they are expensive as compared to analog aids. But usually, have a longer lifetime and provide better hearing for any individual in different listening surroundings.

Digital Hearing Brands at Hearing Solutions

Our stylish, lightweight digital hearing solutions fit comfortably in or behind your ears. Moreover, we have an exciting range of colors that can be matched to your hair color or skin tone to make it all the more easier to carry them. Most individuals who seek hearing help opt for or are advised for digital technology these days, we at Hearing Sol offer the biggest brands for you to choose from.

● Phonak Hearing Aids
● Starkey Hearing Aids
● Widex Hearing Aids
● Siemens Hearing Aids
● Resound Hearing Aids

Advantages of Digital Hearing Aids

Hearing aid features are enhanced and developed every day. Today, special features are designed for modern hearing aids to make speech easier to understand and diminish annoying feedback. These features are given different programmable modes that suit various listening situations such as concerts, noisy restaurants, and talking on the phone.

● Small size: No matter what type of hearing aid you buy, behind-the-ear or in-the-ear, digital aids are available discreet size.
●Self- adaptive nature: These digital hearing aids automatically change to optimal settings for different listening environments.
●Feedback cancellation: Digital hearing aids are equipped with the latest technology to reduce and eliminate whistling sounds.
Re-programmable: Should your hearing worsen or change, your Hearing Care Professional can easily adjust the settings of your aids.
● Compatible with technology: There are a variety of options to sync digital hearing aids with other technologies, for instance, Bluetooth, television, smart phones. You can use phone applications to stream audio right to your hearing aids or control your hearing aid settings.
Speech Enhancement: These aids are designed specifically keeping in mind theNoise Reduction and Speech Recognition. Not just that, they also help in enhancing speech understanding in a noisy or crowded environment.

Digital hearing aid technology has come a long way in the past few years. Choose Hearing Solutions for more options, more brands, and more features. You won’t be disappointed. Trust us to make your new hearing experience satisfying and painless.

Types of digital hearing aids

Our digital hearing aids are available in a variety of designs so you can choose the perfect hearing solution to suit your lifestyle.
● Invisible hearing aids – Virtually unseen and bespoke, these fit discreetly inside the ear
●BTE digital hearing aids – Slim line designs that sit discreetly behind the ear.
●In-ear hearing aids – Small and customisable to help your hearing needs.
●CROS hearing aids – Designed to help with hearing loss in one ear and normal hearing in the other.
●Bluetooth hearing aids – Ability to stream music or make calls wirelessly from your phone.

Our invisible hearing aid range incorporates the latest advances in digital technology, which allows them to be discreetly and securely fitted in your ear canal. They work with the natural acoustics of your ear to give you the clearest, most natural sound quality possible, and offer automatic volume control, speech distinction and feedback elimination.

Our behind-the-ear and in-ear hearing aids are slim, subtle, lightweight and comfortable. Using the highest quality microphones and receivers to provide crystal clear hearing, they come in a selection of styles that accommodate different performance features and can be personally tailored to your needs.

Our CROS and BiCROS hearing aids are custom made for people with hearing loss in one ear and normal hearing in the other or much greater hearing loss in one ear than the other. High performance wireless transmitters are fine tuned in accordance with your requirements, amplifying the sound picked up by your impaired ear and sending it to your better ear. The open fit design of the ear fittings also allows sound to enter your ears naturally, supported by the right amount of amplification for you.
Bluetooth connectivity makes it possible to wirelessly connect your hearing aids to your mobile phone or your audio player and directly stream sound through them. Using telephones, audio players and headphones used to mean removing your hearing aids but Bluetooth enabled hearing aids become your headphones and provide safe, interference free connectivity that can be tailored to your needs.

Benefits of digital hearing aids

At Amplifon we combine state-of-the-art technologies, with our global network of expert audiologists. With over 65 years of experience this enables us to create pioneering digital hearing solutions for our customers. Digital technology enables us to create effective solutions for a wide range of hearing difficulties and customize hearing aids to your specific requirements. Digital hearing aids provide you with a truer to life sound than ever before, allowing you to recognize and boost speech over background noise and automatically adjust their volume depending on the environment you’re in. Our sleek, lightweight digital hearing solutions can fitted comfortably in or behind your ears and can be matched to your hair color or skin tone so that you can carry on living your life to its fullest.

Digital hearing aid prices

While digital hearing aid prices are high, its cost is depend on the different level of technology, type and companies. Every brand have their own cost and quality. The basic categories of the hearing aid are based on the type according to human body, level of hearing loss etc. However, there are alot of digital hearing aids available along different features and design. Hearing aids additionally include different accessories like wireless phone and computer streamers.

Overview of price categories

Digital hearing aids price can range from hundred to thousand dollar for each. Hearing aids are organize into three main list premium, mid-range and basic. Below are the brief information about our product whether it is premium, mid-range or basic, our hearing aid are digital and provide quality sound.


Hearing aid price for basic hearing aids extend between $800 to $1,500. These devices identify speech in calmer settings and offer feedback reduction. Integrated feedback suppression allows great hearing comfort without any whistling sounds. A basic hearing aid is thus very powerful, particularly in the in case of any user spending a lot of time at home. More active individuals, on the other hand, will require a more modern gadget. The basic hearing aid offers features like; advanced innovation, low feedback and different adjustable hearing programs.


The cost of hearing aids for mid-range devices ranges between $1,500 and $2,500. These hearing aids incorporate innovative elements to build hearing comfort. The “directional hearing” component guarantees that sound sources are confined and their position is thought about in the hearing aids’ reproduction. A few devices likewise play back TV or mobile phones sound directly. Hearing aid wearers can use ; wireless network with eternal sound sources, Speech identification and improvement, effortless directional hearing.


Premium hearing aids offer the best innovation for your ears! The intense innovation in premium hearing aids grabs speech the best and replicates discussions in perfectly clear sound. Premium gadgets can manage even the most troublesome hearing circumstances. You can easily communicate with your friends at the neighborhood restaurant even with the presence of loud noise of other people’s conversations. The hearing aids cost of premium gadgets is high, but so is their value! These gadgets give you the best experience and service.