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    Best Hearing Aids In Delhi, NCR

    Cippling noise has triggered a rise in cases to deafness, stress, sleep disorders, and heart conditions. Researchers analyzed data of 200,000 people in 50 cities across the world, Delhi was reported the worst noise polluted city. Moreover, citizens of Delhi had the maximum number of hearing loss proportionate to their age.

    According to a WHO estimate, almost 6% of people in India suffer from hearing loss. Extended exposure to noise above 60 dB can lead to irreversible NIHL (Noise-Induce Hearing Loss). From irreversible hearing loss to anxiety attacks to hypertension and heart situations, noise pollution is now linked to may illnesses. Considering that every 10 dB increase makes the sound twice as loud to the people’s ear. Seeing the situation in cities, ENT specialists now say a 20 dB loss in hearing among urban cities is normal.

    Noise-exposure has been linked to high blood pressure, which can cause permanent hearing loss. It practically affects a person’s emotional state and quality of life. Thus often referred to as an invisible to as an invisible disability. Considering the fact that 50% of citizens worldwide and over have disabling hearing loss.

    Whatever we use today, its cost factor depends on availability and technology of that resource. Everything is constant in hearing aids, being technology and feature variable which decide the overall cost of these ear aid costs.

    If you are looking for a knowledgeable hearing professional or audiologist nearby you or gathering some information about hearing loss and hearing aids, give us a call at +91-9327901950.

    How HearingSol Can Make Your Hearing Better?

    Our audiologists will guide you to the best hearing aid choices for your lifestyle and needs. These professionals have the experience and technology needed to precisely diagnose and measure your degree of hearing impairment. We are happy to give you a free hearing test at our Clinic.

    Hearing Aids In Delhi

    HearingSol value each patient and their family visiting with them at our clinic. Here our experts will talk to you about your options and test out a few to find that good one for you. However, they can help you to find more information about the different type of ear machines and their price list.

    Top Hearing Aids In Delhi | Brands Price List Comparison

    People need a hearing aid with enough sound power to their hearing impairment level. Hearing professionals recommend a hearing device on the basis of your degree of hearing loss and lifestyle. The main factors that affect digital hearing aid price are the technology and features being used in it.

    Here, types of hearing aids that are available in India are mainly categorized into three groups:

    Basic Hearing aids

    These type costs from Rs.27,490 to Rs.36,990. They offer features like low feedback, advanced innovation, and different adjustable hearing programs. Mainly suitable for those people who spend a lot of time at home.

    Mid-range Hearing aids

    These costs from Rs. 52,990 to Rs.1,29,990. In this, the background is eliminated and speech is automatically recognized. Also, they incorporate innovative elements to build according to hearing comfort.

    Premium Hearing aids

    They cost Rs 1,54,990. to Rs 2,74,990. They offer the best innovation for your ears. Thus grabs speech the best and duplicates discussions in perfectly clear sound. They are quite high in range but worth a value.

    Comparison of Price Depending On The Place of Purchase

    While purchasing hearing aids from different sources, you will find a change in prices of the hearing device. This table below shows the average price comparison paid per hearing device. (Insurance is not included in the cost price).

    Place of purchase Average price
    Local Clinic Rs 1,83,877
    ENT Office Rs 1,82,528
    Name Brand Store Rs 1,81,889
    Hospital University Rs 1,72,660
    Costco Rs 86,685
    Internet Rs 74,829

    Factors On Which Hearing Aid Price In Delhi Depends

    • Hearing aid technology – The latest and recent technology will demand a high price. For Example Bluetooth hearing aid
    • Digitization like wireless connectivity and sound quality.
    • Feedback and background noise reduction. The best hearing aids will reduce the background noise up to the maximum extent. Thus the price will be high for such devices.
    • Optimal speech understanding – The hearing aids with the best quality will provide optimal speech understanding. And the best quality demands the best price.
    • Power to match the level of deafness.
    • Battery backup – It is a very important criterion for choosing hearing aids.
    • Hearing aid accessories

    Types of Hearing Machine And Their Functioning Available In The Market

    • BTE(Behind-The-Ear) – They are adjustable and suitable for all age groups, from an elderly person to a child. These types have simple buttons to control volume and change program settings.
    • In-the-Canal (ITC) – ITC hearing aids are quite larger than in size than CIC and IIC. These types have upper hand features like directional microscopes. Thus are appropriate for mild to moderate hearing loss.
    • Invisible hearing aids (CIC & IIC) –  These hearing aids are available through 3D print.

    However, people prefer the tiniest aids and it would not be wrong to call them the finest finished products of today’s age.

    • Receiver-in-canal (RIC) – The RIC is a great choice for listeners with mild to moderate hearing problems because they can be quickly adjusted.
    • CROS Hearing aids – CROS (Contralateral Routing Of Signals) system routes the sound coming from the side of the deaf ear to the usual ear and transmits it to the ear which has better hearing
    • Bluetooth Hearing aids – These type provides a communication link between the wireless in the hearing aids and any Bluetooth-enabled device. This is quite useful to the user because it connects wirelessly to any smartphone.

    List of The Best Brands, Manufacturer & Supplier of Hearing Aids


    Audifon produces and develops powerful and modern hearing devices. Their price may vary according to the variation in their models. The ranges of hearing aid fluctuate according to the company policy.

    Model Type Price (INR)
    Allegro X-BTE Rs 18,900
    Arriva CIC Rs 24,900
    Avero IS-ITC Rs 14,900
    VICO Power CIC Rs 30,900


    The sonic product makes sure that the sound is natural, speech comprehending and easy to use. They understand the value of hearing loss and tries to help people find enjoyment in it.

    Model Type Price (INR)
    Grove 24 channels Micro CIC Rs 2,50,000
    Flip 100 RIC Rs 2,49,900
    Pearl 24 channels RIC Rs 1,79,900
    ION 400 Standard Open Fit Rs 1,70,000


    AM offers hearing solutions that help people in their daily situations in hearing so that they can keep their lifestyle active and normal. These are worn easily and securely in the ear.

    Model Type Price (INR)
    Digitrim 12 ITC, CIC Rs 11,990
    Aurora 4 PRO ITC, CIC Rs 25,990
    Aurora 2 ITC, CIC Rs 15,990
    Digitrim 23 ITC, CIC Rs 13,990


    Widex hearing aids are one of the best hearing aid manufacturers. These devices are easy to handle and give clear and manual instructions for the use with outstanding battery life.

    Models Type Price (INR)
    Bravo B2 BTE 13000.00
    Bravissimo BV-8 BTE 20000.00
    Real RE-9 BTE 30000.00
    Flash FL-CIC CIC 40000.00
    Bravo B32 High Power BTE 20,000.00


    Phonak hearing aid provides a wide range of digital hearing aids. They are considered to be a global provider of hearing solutions. The innovative approach of the Phonak leads them to deliver the best quality. Thus it continuously challenges the limits of technologies.

    Model Type Price (INR)
    Virto Q 90 nano ITC 2,54,000
    Bolero Q 90 M(IP 67) BTE 2,38,000
    Bolero Q 90 SP BTE 2,38,000
    Bolero Q 90 P BTE 2,38,000
    Naida Q 90 UP BTE 2,03,000


    Starkey latest products are smartphones co-operative and have wireless capabilities for connecting to other devices. They have a strong legacy of hearing aid modifications and has many product group variety of technology levels and styles.

    Models Type Price (INR)
    Wi Series i110 CIC /  ITE /ITC Rs 217000
    Wi Series i110 CIC / ITE Exp New /ITC Rs 232000
    Wi Series i110 RIC AP Rs 218000
    Wi Series i110 RIC Rs 213000


    You can purchase these hearing aids as well as accessories from a few thousand to lakhs. They are extremely powerful, they have been tried and tested to the dimish listening effort an provide a better than normal hearing in demanding surroundings.

    Pocket Models Price (INR)
    VITA 118 2290.00
    Pockettio MP 3790.00
    BTE Touching 6990.00
    LOTUS 12 P BTE 7390.00
    ITC LOTUS 23 12990.00


    Elkon has its own range of hearing aids and comprises products for schools for handicapped, personal speech trainers and soundproof booths. They have talent in providing the latest equipment to their technical team for reliable measurement.


    With the latest innovative designs and models, GN ReSound has taken the top position in the market. Thus ReSound has a desire to develop better solutions, that helps people in rediscovering their hearings so that they can live their life with full joys.

    Models Category Price (INR)
    VEA 3 60-DI MINI BTE OPEN/CLASSIC Mild to Severe Rs 33995
    VEA 3 80-DVI POWER BTE Mild to Profound Rs 35995
    VEA 3 30-DP ITC Mild to Severe Rs 36995


    Oticon considered being a famous brand, focuses on high-end technology and innovations. They consist of a large range of families which provides you with a particular feature or designs.

    Model Type Price (INR)
    GO PRO D VC BTE Rs 16,500
    SWIFT 90 + POWER BTE Rs 14,000
    GET D P ITC Rs 18,000
    DUAL M5 D 4000 RITE Rs 25,000


    Unitron meets the uprising hearing needs of the people by lining up the latest digital hearing aids with their features to tackle the hearing problems.

    Model Type Price(INR)
    N Stride M 800new BTE Rs 1,35,000
    N Moxi Kiss 800 RIC Rs 1,25,000
    MAX 20SP BTE Rs 1,00,000
    N Moxi Dura 700 RIC Rs 75,000


    Bernafon overall performance and quality of sound is excellent. These hearing aids delivered real clarity and high-frequency sound. Thus the sound action is pretty natural.

    Model Type Price (INR)
    CHRONOS 9 Nano RITE Rs 1,90,000
    CHRONOS 5 Power CIC Rs 80,000
    VERAS 9 ITC (Dual Mic) Rs 2,00,000
    VERITE 9 RITE Rs 1,80,000


    Rexton Consumers requests the distinctive kinds of listening devices for their hearing misfortune. The requests make Rexton to convey the item precisely to improve the conference just as a way of life.

    Rexton makes an item that is proficient, simple to utilize, low upkeep with cutting edge innovation.

    Audio Service

    Many people with hearing impairment can benefit from Audio Service Hearing Systems. Digital, modern hearing systems can improve hearing considerably and thus improve your life quality.


    For more than 50 years now, the guiding principle for the Hansatan family business has been one thing to improve the quality of their customers’ lives. They are one of the leaders of modern and innovative hearing aids.


    Audibel understands the impact that losing your hearing can have on your enjoyment of daily activities as well as relationships. They treat their patients uniquely by offering personalized hearing care.


    Beltone goal is simple, to bring hearing your natural. So that listening will be a pleasure again wherever you go. Belton hearing devices are easy to adjust and to hear better in every environment.


    Liberty offers a broad range of the latest high-quality hearing aids that will help anyone once again to enjoy the hearing life better. They have advanced processing of sound to fit any environment.


    Miracle-Ear is a hearing aid company established in 1948, consisting of a network of franchised and corporately-owned retail outlets. They offer free hearing tests and consultations. They have a lifetime warranty and services.


    NeEar is a company that produces high-quality hearing devices that have a remarkable reputation within the industry. They have advanced technology that makes speech sound more natural and easier to hear in today’s listening environments.


    Model Type Price in Rs.
    Digital Rechargeable ITE 2,672
    Invisible digital mini right sound amplifier AR10 ITE 4,683
    Rechargeable BTE hearing Aid AX5 ITE 4,027
    Ultra superior quality mini sound amplifier AX2 ITE 3,018


    Amplifon is an Italian hearing aid retailer with its head office in Milan and offers the largest choices of hearing aids. They operate 20 countries throughout the world.


    ALPS hearing aid offers a wide variety of technology and styles according to the type of hearing loss. They continue on making efforts in empowering people with a hearing problem.

    Model Type Price (INR)
    ALPS TURBO E CIC Rs 11,500
    Turbo E ITC Rs 12,000
    DigiHear Xtra BTE Rs 28,500
    Dyana RIC Rs 1,40,000

    Embrace Hearing

    Embrace hearing is an online store and has the highest performance. Customers can submit their hearing test for a recommendation or are able to select the model of hearing aids. Customers ranked embrace hearing as the best among all other companies due to their pricing and customer service.

    How To See An Expert?

    Hearing Loss can affect anyone at any age. A simple screening will help you to determine a hearing problem. Come to our HearingSol Clinic, We recommend the most suitable hearing aid for your hearing loss and budget. Our dedicated audiologists and speech pathologists take good care of each patient to provide them their needs based solutions.

    If you need help regarding buying hearing aids or any other hearing problem, discover or browse our Website. Or visit HearingSol in Delhi NCR. You can book an appointment or dial our toll-free number +91-9327901950 today.

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