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    Hearing Aids In Coimbatore

    The second largest city of Tamil Nadu and largest exporter of jewelry, wet grinders, and auto components, Coimbatore is having a population of approx 16 lacs people from which thousands of people are suffering from hearing impairment or hearing loss unnoticing.

    Hearing loss is a condition in which a person becomes nearly deaf or totally deaf. Hearing loss or hearing impairment can affect our daily life activities like home activities, office work, household work, social interactions and many more. This can cause a decrement in our productivity and quality of life.

    In this case, HearingSol helps you in improving your quality of life by increasing your hearing power. We are a leading organization that provides hearing machine of the best brands according to your requirement since 2007.

    Hearing Loss In Coimbatore

    We deal with thousands of people from Coimbatore every week who are experiencing hearing loss or impairment. Some of these people are having a problem of Tinnitus which is also treated by hearing aids.

    It is a sad thing that people ignore or don’t take the problem of hearing impairment on a serious level. By which they get their problem worst and can have additional problems like ear pain, earache etc. This way, they not only lose their hearing but also allows this disease to impact their quality of life in many ways.

    How Can HearingSol Help You?

    At HearingSol, you will not have any problem to find a hearing aid you required or want because we provide you a wide variety of modern technology deaf aids that also delivers best results for your hearing loss.

    Hearing Aids In Coimbatore

    You can choose from our various technology like hearing machine with Bluetooth or Smartphone-compatible hearing aids that connects to your smartphone and TV or audio system that increase or improve your quality of life.

    Following are some details of hearing machine that we provide to our customers:

    Types and Styles of Hearing Aids

    Below are some styles or types of hearing aids available:

    • Behind-the-ear (BTE) – is the oldest and most common hearing aid which has a thin tube and a device which fits perfectly behind the ears.
    • In-the-canal (ITC) – These have no tubes and perfectly fits into the ears because they are custom made according to the size of the ear.
    • In-the-ear (ITE) – is a type of ear machine which also has no tubes. They are also custom made according to ear size.
    • Invisible Hearing Aids (CIC & IIC)– fits completely into the ear canal and also difficult to see in there because of its size. They are custom made according to the ear canal size through 3d painting.
    • Receiver in Canal (RIC) – has an electric wire instead of plastic tubes, which makes acoustic response smoother and faster. It is considered as the latest version of hearing machine.
    • CROS Hearing Aids(Micro-CIC) – CROS means Contralateral Routing Of Signals. This hearing aid is beneficial for those who have hearing loss in one ear because it takes sounded from the impacted ear and transmits it into the normal ear.
    • Bluetooth Hearing Aids – allows you to connect wirelessly to your smartphone by which you can make call or stream music to deaf aids.

    Range of Hearing Aids

    Hearing machine are divided into three groups according to their features and price of hearing aids. These are:

    Basic Hearing Aids

    Basic hearing aids only provide basic relief from hearing impairment or hearing loss which is best for peoples who stays indoors. Cost of basic deaf aids starts from Rs 27,490 to Rs 36,990. Basis hearing machine key features are:

    • Various customizable hearing programs
    • Latest digital technology
    • Almost no feedback

    Mid-range Hearing Aids

    Price of these types of hearing aids starts from 52,990 rs to 1,29,990 rs. They include several features:

    • Easy directional hearing
    • Background noise elimination
    • Wireless connectivity with external audio devices
    • Speech recognition and enhancement

    Premium Hearing Aids

    Premium hearing aids can provide you a crystal clear sound quality even if you are in the worst hearing situations. They are full of features that every hearing loss sufferer desires. Price of these deaf aids starts from Rs 1,54,990 to Rs 2,74,990. Premium hearing machine key features are:

    • Wireless streaming
    • Automatic adjustment in different listening environments
    • A wide range of styles and colors
    • Multimedia applications like TV or Cellphones
    • Enhanced 360° spatial orientation

    List of available best brands of hearing aids

    Below are some best brands of digital hearing machines connected to HearingSol:

    • Widex
    • Phonak
    • Starkey
    • Siemens
    • Elkon
    • ReSound
    • Oticon
    • Unitron
    • Bernafon
    • Rexton
    • Audio Service
    • Hansaton
    • Audibel
    • Beltone
    • Liberty
    • Miracle-Ear
    • NuEar
    • Axon
    • Amplifon
    • Alps
    • Embrace Hearing
    • Audifon
    • Sonic
    • AM

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    If you are interested in buying hearing aids at a cheap price, have a look at our price list and grab the offers today.

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