Disease or medical conditions that affects the hearing loss

Medical conditions that can be cause Hearing Loss

Some of the people thinks that the hearing loss only occurs due to high volume of sound or due to the age increases. But they did not know that some of the health disorder may also affects the hearing. Some of the health problems can cause the hearing loss.

Some of the medical conditions are given below that affects your hearing:

Diabetes:- In many cases people who suffer from the diabetes, can have the problem of hearing loss. Diabetes can be the cause of hearing loss.

Thyroid:-Thyroid is another cause of hearing loss. An underactive thyroid or hypothyroidism is the common reason behind the hearing loss. People who suffer from the underactive thyroid also having the problem of hearing loss.

Infections:-Some of the infections affects your hearing which are given below:

  • Flu:-Flu is the another cause of hearing loss because throat and lungs being connected by a tube.
  • Lyme Disease:-Lyme disease can cause the hearing loss due to the bite of a kick. Side effects of Lyme disease are hearing loss and tinnitus.
  • Syphilis:- It can cause the hearing loss. If people waits for a long time, then it will be continue and makes you deaf.

Blood related problems:- Poor blood flow to the ear affects your hearing. It can be the cause of hearing loss. Hypercoaguability and polcythemia can be the cause of blood related hearing loss.

  • People which are suffering from high blood pressure, can have the hearing loss. High blood pressure affects your hearing.
  • People who suffer from Sickle Cell Disease can have Sensorineural hearing Loss.
  • People who suffer from AID’s can have the hearing loss problem.

Cancer:- Cancer in the head or ear can be the cause of hearing loss.

Chemotherapy and Radiation can cause the hearing loss. It is necessary for the Cancer patients to evaluate the hearing before,during and after these treatments.

Disease for hearing loss

Hearing disability in adults can either be genetic from your parents or acquired from illness. Above all are the medical condition that can be cause of you hearing illness. If you are getting any type of symptoms concern Hearingsol organization they have the best speech language pathology. They are high qualified specialist and help people who stutter or hearing issues.

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