How to improve Hearing Loss due to Nerve Damage?

Once your nerve got damaged or weakened, it difficult to recover. Hearing impairment caused by the damage to the nerve that takes the signals to your brain.

Hearing devices not restore the deafness and also not heal the progress of hearing impairment. It will only help people to communicate with others. People have to motivate the patient of hearing loss. Encourage the patient to always wearing hearing aids and also tell them its not the end of their hearing.

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What Are the Causes of Nerve Damage in the Ear?

Some of the causes of nerve damage are –

Trauma: Head trauma arises from the fracture of the brain or skull which damage the vestibulocochlear nerve.

Infection: Otitis Media called Middle ear infection causes ear infection which can damage the sensory nerve called hair cells.

Excessive Noise: Excessive noise can damage the ending of the nerve which causes permanent hearing loss or tinnitus.

Tumors: Tumors in the brain can damage the acoustic nerve which is called Acoustic neuroma.

Improve Hearing Loss due to Nerve Damage

  • Sudden sensorineural hearing loss(SSHL) is medicinally treated with corticosteroids. It is an otologic emergency. Cochlear hair cell swelling and inflammation can also be reduced by corticosteroids
  • Sensorineural hearing loss arises by the leakage of inner ear fluid which can be toxic or dangerous for the inner ear. Fluid can be build-up by the sudden changes in air pressure or head injury. Immediate surgery is the solution to this type of loss.
  • The bilateral progressive hearing loss is treated by medically with long-term corticosteroids and also with some drug therapy which is also called as autoimmune inner ear disease.
  • Due to a low-sodium diet, diuretics, and corticosteroids Fluctuating sensorineural deafness can be treated Fluctuating sensorineural hearing impairment can occur by Meniere’s disease.
  • Irreversible sensorineural hearing impairment most common type of deafness can be controlled by hearing aids. It treated by surgery with cochlear implants. if hearing aids not enough

Treatment Options

Hearing Aids

Choosing the hearing aid is very difficult because we have to choose the best fit for us. Before choosing the specific hearing devices its best to do some research about the hearing aid brands. Hearing aids do not heal the nerve damage it only amplifies the sound to help the ear in processing the information or sound.

Cochlear Implants

On the other hand, cochlear implants will be used for properly deaf persons who have lost their hearing because of nerve damage. They are unable to understand or differentiate between speech and the other sounds of the environment. It is the most common treatment for advanced hearing loss.

The Hearing Loss Pill

Hearing loss pills used for improvement in hearing loss due to nerve damage which allows hair cells to in the ear for better processing of sound and information coming from the environment.

Frequency modulation (FM) systems

Auditory neuropathy occurs due to damage of auditory nerve which is unable to send the signals from ear to brain.  A portable receiver and headset that intensifies sound without the requirement for wiring. It is used for people who had hearing loss due to auditory nerve damage.

Restoring the type of permanent hearing loss due to nerve damage can occur because of aging, noise exposure, toxic pharmaceuticals, and different causes.

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