What is the difference between Meniere’s disease and Autoimmune Inner Ear Disease?

There is various Difference between Meniere’s disease and Autoimmune Inner Ear Disease that damage ear and cause hearing loss or deafness.

Differences between Meniere’s disease and an autoimmune inner ear disease

Some specialists claim that there is hardly any difference between these two ear disorders. But some of them favor the differences between the two. According to various researchers and specialists, the following differences can be adopted :

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  • Meniere’s disease involves labyrinth and the pathogenesis but autoimmune inner ear disease involves anti-cochlear antibodies which are proposed as a cause of a hearing loss.
  • In Meniere’s disease, there can be fluctuations in symptoms with variable periods of recovery, whereas autoimmune disorder anticipates a progressive deterioration.
  • The patient may have a sense of fullness in the ear in Meniere’s disease, but not in autoimmune inner ear disease.
  • There is a bilateral rapid sensorineural hearing loss in the autoimmune inner ear disease, but it is not progressive in the Meniere’s disease.
  • The hearing loss in Meniere’s disease is unilateral but it is bilateral and progressive in autoimmune inner ear disease.
  • Meniere’s disease mainly affects the middle age group while autoimmune inner ear affects the people of all age group.
  • Pure tone audiogram test shows the high-frequency hearing loss in autoimmune inner ear disease and low-frequency loss in Meniere’s disease.

Meniere’s disease

A marine disease is a problem in the inner ear which affects individuals balance and hearing. It causes dizziness, ringing in the ear, hearing loss, fullness or congestion in the ear. And normally affects only one ear. It occurs at any age and normally starts between 20 to 50.



The causes of Meniere’s disease is completely not clear or understood. Normally it caused due to an abnormal or excessive amount of fluid in the inner part of the ear that is inner ear infections. It is a complex disease and damages inner ear in several ways. There are various causes of Meniere’s disease.

  • Fluid draining from the ear due to blockage and anatomic abnormality or problems.
  • Because of an abnormal immune response.
  • Various allergies in an ear.
  • Viral infection.
  • Genetic predisposition
  • Head trauma
  • Migraines

Autoimmune Inner Ear Disease:

It is a symptom of progressive hearing loss and dizziness which is caused due to antibiotics or immune cells that affects the inner ear.


  • Temporary tinnitus(ringing hissing, roaring) for a few months.
  • Abnormal blood pressure due to antibiotics.
  • Dizziness or unsteadiness.


It normally occurs due to antibiotics and immune cells which cause damage to the inner ear. There are various methods or theories that show how autoimmune Inner ear disease arise such as bystander damage, cross-reaction, intolerance, genetic factors.
Our body immune system or immune cells always fighting to germs or virus that harm our body. Some time immune cells are work in our ear for virus and bacteria than they attack our ear and create autoimmune reactions.

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