Is it possible to reverse noise-induced hearing loss?

Continuous or one-time exposure to loud noise causes noise-induced hearing loss. It is also a type of sensorineural hearing loss. Prolonged exposure to noise damages the hair cells in the inner ear. Therefore, hair cells within in the cochlea losses their ability to pick and transmit sound to the brain. Most of the time once the hair cells have been damaged, they are unable to restore again. Therefore, reverse noise-induced hearing loss is not possible. According to a research by Stanford university of medicine hearing loss is reversible. The research lead to the development of surgical techniques and medication that could decrease the deafness and reverse it.

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Regeneration of hair cells – With some medication immediately after the blast, hearing damage is limited. This research will definitely overcome the degeneration of hair cells in the cochlea of the inner ear. Through this research probability of reversing the noise-induced hearing loss increases. Scientists are trying to achieve the goal and start the trial within ten years.



Is it possible to reverse noise-induced hearing loss?
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