When Might A Hearing Aid Battery Expand And Leak?

Batteries execute the proper functioning of hearing aids, thus it is the duty of the user to maintain its better working conditions. Proper care of the hearing aid. It is important to keep the hearing aid in a good working condition. Hearing Aid batteries are one of the most important accessories.

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The life of hearing aid battery is usually determined by the following factors: hearing aid type, type of battery, the environment in which you live and the number of hours in the day hearing aid is used. Thus this topic is mandatory to prevent the hearing aid batteries from expanding and leaking.

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When does hearing battery leak?

A hearing aid battery can leak if it is deep drained. This can happen if the discharged battery is left in the hearing aid. If the battery is discharging don`t throw it away. Batteries can harm the environment. These batteries are totally recyclable.

Batteries consist of mercury, silver, zinc and other heavy metals. They contain some harmful chemicals. When this chemical comes in contact with the body fluid it generates an electrical current and can damage severely.

When does hearing battery expand?

A hearing aid battery may expand if the discharged battery is left in the hearing aid and as a result is deep drained. It also starts leaking when humidity influences the battery chemistry and cause swelling mostly in extreme weather conditions which include the tropical environment. We need to remove the battery from the hearing aid when a battery is dead.

If the battery is stored in such a place where the humidity is very high, Humidity enters the air holes. The moisture absorbed by zinc is the result of expansion or leakage.

Similarly, If the temperature is high, the heat will dry the inside chemical. We need to remove the battery from the hearing aid when a battery is dead.

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Various reasons for expanding and leaking hearing aid batteries

  • Some environmental influences such as humidity and temperature.
  • The hearing loss person change their personal hearing habits such as a longer period of use per day, higher noise level and new features of the hearing aid use more energy and reduce battery life.
  • Some people use hearing aid longer than a usual or specified period.
  • The hearing aid is new, or the type or brand of the hearing aid has changed.
  • The new hearing aid has additional features that require more energy, for example, Streaming.
  • Improper handling also reduces the running time of the hearing aid battery.
  • If the battery is stored in a warm environment.
  • The battery loses capacity due to a short circuit when a device is mishandled.
  • The hearing aid is not switched off overnight or after a long period of use.

How can battery drain be reduced?

In order to prevent expanding and leaking hearing aid batteries, reducing battery drain is a better option :

  • Turn off or open the battery door when not wearing your hearing aid.
  • When you will not use your device for a long period of time to remove the battery.
  • Refrain from storing in extreme temperatures.
  • Have a tight lid container for the battery so that it cannot harm.
  • Don`t keep your batteries beside to metal objects such as coins.

How does a hearing aid battery deliver its best performance?

Please make sure that you protect the hearing aid battery air holes from moisture.

When the hearing aid not in use switches off the device, it will also provide a long life of the battery. If the battery becomes wet due to sweating or other, then dry it up!

How to store hearing aid batteries?

The storage temperature of an optimum room for storage of hearing aid batteries is between 10 and 25 degree Celsius. And also avoid the storage of hearing aids in the refrigerator.

Hearing Aid’s battery can cause short-circuit due to contact with metal objects such as keys or coins. Therefore it is recommended not to keep individual batteries in purse, wallet or handbag.


An important factor for longer battery life and greater power of hearing aid battery is the quality and design of the electrodes. But still, we have to be careful about the hearing aid battery as we should remove discharged battery from the hearing aid. This will prevent leaking and expanding battery and increase its working span.

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