Define and Name the latest digital hearing aids?

There have been a number of recent advancements in hearing aid technology. Hearing aids are now smaller than ever and include great features like Bluetooth streaming and rechargeable batteries.

Digital hearing aids using digital technology receive sound and then digitizes that sound. In digitalization, they break the sound waves into discreet small units before the amplification. The latest digital hearing aid is program is such a  way to adjust itself according to the present environment. Its program improvement helps in reducing background noises.

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Modern rechargeable hearing aid extremely popular in today’s lifestyle, for hearing aid user. All big brands hearing aid company has offered rechargeable hearing aids with more new innovations.

Latest digital hearing aids are the most flexible and adjustable according to user needs. For different listening environment digital hearing aid change to the optimal setting. They also have better speech and noise reduction. Digital hearing aids have better accuracy in hearing than other hearing aids. Some of the new hearing aid technology in 2019 are-

Signia Charge & Go

Signia Charge & Go

Signia launched an update to their rechargeable lineup of hearing aids with Signia Charge & Go this February. These are receiver-in-the-canal style hearing aids that have the latest Bluetooth technology and are also rechargeable using built-in Lithium-Ion power cells.

Charge & Go hearing aids’ connectivity has also been improved, as these new hearing aids. With this improvement, you can stream audio directly from Apple (iOS) devices with the MFi (made for iPhones hearing aid standard). However, If you want to stream directly from Android phones, you would need to use Signia’s Streamline mic accessory.

One more advancement is the audiological features in their Nx platform, including OVP (Own Voice Processing) and Ultra HD e2e. With all of these new improvements, the Signia Charge & Go hearing aids has become one of the top new hearing aids of 2018.



It is the world’s biggest suppliers of hearing aid technology. Its headquarters in Denmark. ReSound company is known for new sound processing system with wide dynamic range compression. that was also the first major hearing aid company to offer open-fit hearing devices. Which is still widely popular today.

Recently, They are the first two hearing aid companies, which made iPhone hearing instruments.

Belton and Interton brand hearing aids are subsidiary companies of GN ReSound Group.



Oticon company founded in 1904  by Hans Demant to help his wife and headquarter in Denmark. The Oticon is credited with making the world’s first digital hearing aid, the Digifocus.

DIGIFOCUS compact BTE hearing aid innovate by the Oticon. However, The DigiFocus came in three styles—BTE, ITE, and ITC. It was the second, fully digital hearing aid that came in the market – the world’s first commercially fully digital hearing aid.

The present philosophy of the Oticon is “people first”. Recently the company is known for the open hearing aid, which is the industry’s first dual wireless and hearing aid. You can connect it over the internet.

Unitron Moxi All

Unitron Moxi All

Unitron Moxi All also has rechargeability and direct audio streaming capabilities. The difference is that the Moxi all hearing devices also allow for direct streaming from Android devices. This is a great benefit for Android users who do not use iOS.

Widex Evoke

widex evoke

It was launched in May and first to tout machine learning. They provide a clearer and more natural sound than before. These hearing aids remember the hearing preferences of the wearer and apply them whenever they encounter a similar environment. Widex Evoke hearing aids are good learners as they continuously learn from users’ real-life listening environments.

Phonak Hearing Aid

Phonak Quest Q30

Phonak is able to fulfill all the needs by bringing the best solutions for hearing. It has been committed to developing, producing, and distributing life-changing solutions of hearing for more than 70 years.

Starkey Hearing Aid


The goal of the Starkey Hearing aid is to bring people together and make their lives richer by empowering them with the full potential of their lives. They have 1000 plus international patients. Starkey providing services to more than 100 markets worldwide.

Before buying hearing aids, consult the audiologist/dispenser who is knowledgeable and has authority on hearing aids. After consultation with the audiologist, you should be buying hearing aids.

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