How Hearing Aid Handling Skills Not Necessarily Related To Experience?

Experience matter everywhere but sometimes it does not. If you know how to take care of Hearing Aid or know how to handle this then you’re more likely to wear them. But if you don’t know handling skill of hearing aids then maybe you quit and lose all the ways that hearing devices can enrich your life.

What Study Says About Hearing Aid Handling Skills

According to a study, New Wearers have no difficulty in maintaining and handling the skill of hearing aids as compared to an experienced one.

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In the study, they took two experiments known as Hearing Aid Skills and Knowledge (HASK) test.

For the experiments, they recruit 236 new wearers and 126 experienced wearers. Hearing aid users evaluated how well those wearers were maintaining their devices, using a new assessment tool that measured two things:

  • The knowledge for the maintenance of hearing aid machine,
  • The ability to do various tasks.

These both factors are important for the users. As with vision or ability issues you need the knowledge to explain to caretakers for further activities. And on the other hand, a wearer who is able to take care of their own devices need the proper skills to do it themselves.

The study found that new hearing machine users are almost consistently had better knowledge about maintenance skills than the experienced wearers, mainly some of the tasks like:

  • Knowing to aerate the ear machine battery before using it
  • To clean the hearing aid tip,
  • How to change a wax trap?
  • Understanding and changing hearing aid programs.
  • So that’s why it not necessary only experience matter invariably but knowledge of doing things in the correct way is also important.

Basic Maintenance Tips For Your Hearing Aid Handling Skills –

Protect them: Take gadgets out while you’re showering, washing your face and hair, and utilizing hairspray or gel. Water, cleanser or toiletry items can harm the guides.

Clean every day: This gives the hearing aids a few hours to dry out before reuse. Clean them with the brush prescribed by the doctor.

Remove the batteries daily: Moisture development can harm listening devices. Take out the batteries and leave the battery compartment open so it dries out. Store the batteries at room temperature. Do not use any other thing to dry out your hearing aids.

Check the batteries: Make beyond any doubt the batteries are effectively situated and still have some life in them. Batteries that run out too rapidly may mean there’s an issue with the listening device.


If you are still having difficulty with your hearing aids or you want to ensure you are handling them properly, the best thing to do is consult with a hearing care professional in your nearby who can ensure you are getting the most from your hearing aid investment.

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