Wi Series

Starkey hearing aids are a synonym for quality, reliability and progressiveness. Customers can choose between a variety of series and devices with different characteristics and functionalities.The Starkey Wi series, in particular, will appeal to all hearing aid users who are looking for the perfect wireless experience and the most up to date features.

The PureWave Feedback Eliminator deals with whistling and buzzing that may impact on listening performance and the Voice iQ2 technology is specifically designed to improve the perception of sounds in noisy surroundings and ensure better speech understanding. The Voice iQ2 is additionally backed up by InVision Directionality, whose aim is to decrease the level of sounds that are irritating for the user and increase the level of those which are important.

The hearing aid case greatly benefits from the HydraShield 2 technology that protects it well against moisture, wax and dust particles. Other useful features include the Sweep Technology, which allows an easy one-touch adjustment of the memory or volume, and the self-learning function that enables the device to remember the volume preferences of the user and in this way decreases the number of necessary manual adjustments with time. The Ear-to-Ear Wireless Communication gives the user the ability to adjust both hearing aids simultaneously.

One of the greatest advantages of the Wi Series is the possibility to use the Starkey SurfLink accessories. With the help of the SurfLink Media device, the user can enjoy a wirelessly streamed sound from any audio device such as TVs or MP3 players directly to the hearing aid. The volume can be adjusted to the individual preferences of the user, without disturbing anyone else around. The SurfLink Mobile device will allow users to have hands free mobile phone conversations and enables the hearing aid to serve as a microphone and a receiver. This actually makes SurfLink Mobile a one of a kind assistive listening device. The SurfLink Remote allows the user to easily adjust the hearing aid settings.

The Series is available in 3 ranges – Starkey Wi i70, Wi i90, and Wi i110, which makes it suitable for a wide range of people with various lifestyles and listening needs.

Starkey Wi Series i70 hearing aids are suitable for users who want to have a better social life and achieve a better listening experience at home, during one to one conversations or outdoors. The devices offer 8 channels and 8 bands, up to 4 memories, a basic background noise control and a basic level of the possible wireless features.

Starkey Wi Series i90 may be of great help for the more active users, as they provide additional assistance to hearing in a noisier surrounding such as a retail environment, at a party or during a business meeting. The most valuable features include 12 channels and 12 bands, an advanced background noise control, a Feedback Eliminator and wireless options.

Starkey Wi Series i110 offers a premium level of all available features and options. The ultimate level of performance is guaranteed by the impressive number of channels and bands (16), which make the device suitable for listening even in the noisiest environments, e.g. at the theatre or at sporting events.

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