Which latest treatments can correct hearing loss?

You can treat hearing loss with various methods such as hearing aids, medical intervention and also surgery.

These medications and operations are beneficial for all the age groups. Although the result of treatment is different for every individual because their type of hearing loss, physical, psychological, and social characteristics are different. There is various type of surgeries or medications for hearing loss that we are going to discuss.

The number of medicines came into existence in order to treat inner or outer ear infections. These medicines include antibiotics capsules or tablet and anti-inflammatory or analgesic ear drops.

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Medications to treat hearing loss

  • Prednisolone ear drops: It is an anti-inflammatory ear drop. People use this ear drop to treat inflammation in the outer parts of the ear (otitis externa). Its chemical name is Prednisolone sodium phosphate. You can use two to three drops every two to three hours, to begin with, then reduce the frequencies with the improvement of ears.
  • Benzocaine: This medicine is useful to treat external ear infection without touching and placing inside the lower ear.
  • Ciprofloxacin: It helps to treat bacterial infection in the ear canal. As it is a drop for the ear infection.

Surgical operations to treat different hearing problems

Surgery for hearing Loss to treat external bone problems – Damage to the external or outer ear may be corrected through the surgery.

Surgery for acoustic neuroma (vestibular schwannoma) – The surgical procedures like suboccipital, Translabyrinthine, and middle fossa can treat acoustic neuroma. This surgery needs the neurosurgeon, clinical oncologist, neuro-otologists and specialist nurse.

Cochlear implant surgery – It is a surgically small, complex implanted neuroprosthetic electronic device that replaces the function of the damaged inner ear. It is helpful in sensorineural hearing loss.

Surgery for ear fluid – A Myringotomy is a procedure to create a hole in the eardrum to allow fluid that is present in the middle ear to drain out.

Bone-anchored hearing aid surgery (BAHA)

Surgery for vertigo or dizziness – A mastoidectomy is performed at a surgical center and it requires to remove the bone between the scalp and the inner ear. Doctors make an incision behind the external ear (auricle).

Surgery of the skull base – It involves invasive surgical techniques to treat cancerous growth present on the base of the skull and other portions.

Radiotherapy/radiosurgery – It is a gamma knife or surgical knife treatment.

Surgery for middle ear infections

Surgery for hearing Loss to treat otosclerosis

List of Surgeries to treat hearing loss

Here are the following types of surgeries that an audiologist may adopt to treat your hearing problems:

Cochlear Implant

Procedure: A cochlear implant is an electronic device and it consists of two sections internal and external. In this method, the internal part is installed or implanted during surgery and bypass damaged hair cell in our inner ear to send an instruction to hearing nerve or brain. After that external part is attached to the inner part or section using the coil and magnet.

Benefits: It helps those people who have severe and profound hearing loss to hear or fell everyday speech and telephone as well as many other sounds.

Risk: A sound produced with Cochlear Implant is not as a natural sound. And patients also take some time to adjust with a cochlear implant or require some training. It also causes some other problems or risk such as infection, dizziness, bleeding, ringing in the ear and also device malfunction.

Myringotomy Surgery to treat hearing loss

Procedure: It is done under general anesthetic. In this procedure, inclusion is done to eardrum using a small vacuum appliance. And vacuum appliance is used to remove the fluid. If a fluid is thicker than grommet may need and it is a plastic tube which allows air to pass through the eardrum to the middle ear for moving the fluid and drying it in a middle ear. If grommet use than some time it takes a year to dry up fluid to exit.

Benefits: It improves the hearing of a person as well as minimize pressure and pain in the ear.

Risk: Some time this procedure can cause various problems such as Worsening hearing, thickening of people eardrum, persistent secretion of discharge from the eardrum as well as eardrum perforation.


Procedure: This surgery is also commonly done under general anesthetic. It deals in repairing the eardrum or it may also use to repair ossicles in a middle ear when needed to remove an infection in the mastoid bone which is at the back of the ear.

Benefits: This procedure improves the hearing of an individual but takes many weeks to know whether treatment is successful or not.

Risk: Some time it fails to restore hearing or may cause a middle ear infection. We recommend if anyone fell swelling and fluid discharge in excess amount then immediately contact an audiologists or healthcare professional.

Stapes Surgery/ Stapedectomy

Procedure: This treatment is done under local anesthetic for those people who are suffering from otosclerosis or improper growth of bones in an ear. This procedure deals with stapes bone. Which is one of the three small bones that create ossicles in a middle ear and replaced with an artificial part which is made up of stainless steel

Benefits: It improves the hearing of an individual.

Risk: In some individual, it worsening hearing of a people and cause tinnitus and ear infection.

Translabyrinthine Surgery

Procedure: Useful in removing tumors such as acoustic neuroma. In this, doctors make a cut behind the ear at mastoid to treat tinnitus without affecting any brain tissue. Muscles attached with the mastoid produce light pain after that.

Benefits: It improves the hearing of people.

Risk: If the tumor is larger, then it is dangerous to remove due to their size. And some time make people hearing loss more problematic.


Hearing aids can improve your communication with the world and the ability to hear better. Willingly, people with hearing loss will have more options to restore lost hearings. In today, surgeries for hearing loss can only correct some specific losses while people with most common types still benefit from wearing a simple hearing aid. If your hearing loss can be treated by wearing it then please don’t delay. Consult your professional today only to find the right hearing aid solution for you and your lifestyle and budget. The sooner you hear the best, the happier and healthier will you be.

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