How is the hearing test done in the Army SSB medicals?

Students who got an opportunity to go for the medical round after clearance of the 1st round have to go through various medical checkups. These checkups ensure if a selected candidate is mentally and physically fit for the army or not.

The hearing test is one of the most necessary tests in which every selective candidate have to go through.

There are various protocols for conducting a hearing test round.

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How the hearing test has to be done in the Army SSB medicals

To begin with, the specialist will check your external ear to guarantee there are no wounds or blockages. At that point, the eardrum weight test has to be done by utilizing an extraordinary gadget. Then the candidate has to go through the audiometry test.

What is Audiometry Test

In the audiometry test, you need to sit inside a sound verification stay with earphones on. You need to hold a button in your hand, and each time you hear a ‘beep’ sound, you need to press the button. A bone oscillator device is placed behind each ear. Presently this is the precarious part. The sound is the hard thing you can imagine hearing. It is playing in quick progressions, with increasing and decreasing frequency.

The sound also moves from one ear to the next in an irregular way to guarantee that both your ears can hear the sound of the considerable number of frequencies. You won’t be told when the sound begins playing, so you may pass up a major opportunity for the underlying ‘beeps’, which is the end result for the vast majority of us.

To maintain a strategic distance from this, just close your eyes and spotlight on your ears and the sound when you’re wearing the earphones. Focus on the task, and shut out everything else. The test isn’t intense, yet it expects you to be totally engaged. And after, that specialist takes out the report for the record.

Criteria for Hearing in SSB

Hearing of the candidate should be able to listen to a forced whisper with each ear at a distance of 610 cms in a soundproof room. And also have no evidence of past disease of the ear.

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