What Is Brainstem Auditory Evoked Response (BAER Test)?

BAER is an abbreviation of brainstem auditory evoked response. This measure our brain process means when any sound we hear how our brain is reacting. It records brain waves when any sound is playing for us.What Is Brainstem Auditory Evoked Response (BAER Test)?

This test is also called by other names:

Auditory Brainstem Response(ABR), Screening Auditory Brainstem Response(SABR), Automated Auditory Brainstem Response(AABR), Auditory Evoked Potential(AEP), Brainstem Auditory Evoked Potential(BAEP).

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We can find the problem related to hearing loss and nervous system disorder with the help of this test. For canines hearing loss this test is also performed with the help of the result of test audiologist suggest to the patient for improving the hearing loss or advice for the more training.

This technique can tell you which of your ear is affected and the location and severity of the disorder.

Brain-stem Auditory Evoked Response Audiometry

BAER test is a very quick and easy test, in this test, there is no risk and complication. And You don’t have a need to prepare in the advance for the test.

This test normally takes one to one and a half-hour. Your audiologist ask about medical history like:-

  • Birth history
  • Development history(walking, talking)
  • Schooling
  • Family medical history
  • Name and dosage of any prescription or nonprescription medications.

How Is This Test Performed?

After telling about your medical history, you will simply lie on the reclining chair or on the bed and keep still while doctor places 4 small electrodes (sticky patches with wire attached) to the head or two electrodes on the scalp and one on either earlobe.

This electrode is connected to the machine which measures and record the brain activity. The audiologist will measure the head and mark with the scalp with the red crayons and then rub each spot with the Q-tip dipped and special cleaning gel.

Then after this apply the electrode to the head using special paste and this electrode is applied for 5 minutes after this small foam earpiece placed in both ear. You should hear a series of click and tones played through the earphone and you do not need to respond for click and tones because electrode which is fit to your head record your brain activities. It will show if you are hearing the sound properly or not.

Test Result:-

When the printout of this result come than it informs about hearing loss. the result shows your brain activity during every single tone which you heard during the test.

In result, if waves are straight than it means you have hearing loss. Abnormal test results can also indicate that you have sustained damage to your brain or nervous system. This could be caused by:

If your test results are abnormal than additional test will possibly be required to determine the cause. Once the cause has been found there will be easy to find a suitable treatment for you.

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