How does an audiologist conduct a hearing test?

Like any of the medical condition, the sooner you address and informed someone about your problem in hearing, it will be easier to treat and overcome the problem.

Firstly you need to tell everything about your hearing condition and problem with your audiologist. After that, your audiologist prepare for your hearing test based on your hearing conditions audiologist select the test.

A hearing test frequently includes various distinctive examinations which, when taken together, can decide if a man is experiencing hearing loss and what degree of hearing loss.

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The hearing audiologist will typically begin by putting forth a few inquiries identifying with your listening ability. For example, how you encounter your listening ability.

Signs you have bad hearing

You should fix an appointment with your audiologist if

  • Having trouble in getting a part of any conversation and find it difficult to catch what your mates are talking about.
  • You are listening to music louder than the normal and people are complaining that.
  • You are having trouble listening to someone in a noisy environment,
  • Started saying what again and again.

Beginning examination

The hearing consideration expert will begin to inspect your ears with an uncommon instrument called an otoscope. With this examination, the hearing audiologist can see whether there are any issues in the ear canal or with the eardrum.

After the physical examination, audiologists test your listening ability. This happens in a quiet room without background sound or in an extraordinary soundproof room.

Pure tone test

The primary test is a pure tone test. This tests your capacity to hear various distinctive pure tones using a couple of soundproof earphones.

Bone conduction test

The hearing audiologist will do a bone conduction test to calculate capacity to the hearing of pure tones, by setting a little bone conductor behind the ear. The bone conduction test will uncover if there is an issue in the center of ear depression.

Speech test

An audiologist will test your capacity to understand speech. The speech test researches whether there could be issues with the sound-related nerve which sends signals from the ear to the mind. In addition to this, it also tests understanding speech and sounds in the cerebrum itself.


The outcome of a test comes in an audiogram. As a result, it will show the level of your hearing ability. And find out what type of portable hearing aids you can use for better hearing.

Otoacoustic emission

Our ear mainly consists of 3 parts the outer, middle and the inner part. The OAE test ensures whether the inner part of the ear working correctly by sending otoacoustic emission into the ears. The hair cells in the inner ear respond to the sound by vibration. These vibrations produce the echo back into the middle ear. If there is no blockage the sound will get back into the ear.

The auditory brainstem response (ABR)

It is a screen test in which doctors check how a hearing nerve and brain respond to sound. In ABR, the electrodes are placed on the skull which monitors how the brain responds to sound.

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