Why Isn’t There A Prenatal Test To Screen For Autism?

Prenatal Test To Screen For Autism has not been discovered by the Medical Sciences. Although, Some prenatal screen test was performed, due to the test, the abortion rate went high. So, society did not accept this test.

The society accepted the baby with autism. Tell me one thing that, if prenatal screen test for autism existed for your child then would you have it performed? Obviously, you say “no”. Because Everybody wants their child to live this life.

Why Isn't There A Prenatal Test To Screen For Autism?

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Many people don’t understand autism today as well. Now the Autism is considered to be a complex neurological and developmental disorder with both the brain and the body abnormalities conditions.

The autism was described briefly first time 71 years ago. Today we know autism disorder as one of an autism spectrum disorder. This disorder remains the least understood. Autism can develop with genetics, the future generation has the condition is as high of 25%. But to what extent autism is defined by genes remains a mystery.

Although, during the last 10-15 years, several patterns have been recognized. Which could provide valuable methods to diagnose incidence of the Autism during the Prenatal Screening in the Future.

Although, even today a Prenatal Screening Test For The Autism is not clinically available. However, With a lot of development in clinical research. Several other prenatal screening tests are either available or under development process. Here, we will try to capture a few tests or under development tests in this FAQ.

Blood Serum Biomarkers

Here, the approach is to compare blood samples from the Autism patients and healthy individuals to search for what is known as a protein fingerprint. A set of protein levels that is consistently and markedly different in people with the Autism.

This has been done relatively successfully in the Asperger’s syndrome, forming the basis of a blood test. That can diagnose the disorder with 80% accuracy. There are hopes that feat can soon be replicated for the Autism Disorder. Although, please note that this method is not available clinically today.

Prenatal Screening Tests for Autism

People are not aware of autism even today. Autism is considered to be a very complex neurodevelopmental disorder including both brain and body abnormalities and conditions. During the last 10-15 years, some experts found several patterns and symptoms, which could help to diagnose the incidence of autism during prenatal screening in the coming future.

Today the prenatal screening tests are not available in many clinics. However, with the development of clinical research. there are many other prenatal screening tests are either available or under development.

Cell-Free DNA Test

The Cell-Free fetal DNA test is another type of Prenatal Screening Test for expecting mothers with a high risk of a birth defect in a fetus. The Cell-Free DNA is small fragments of DNA circulating freely in the blood and the body fluids. These are utilized as a valuable biomarker to determine birth defects.

The Fetal DNA is the first noticed after 22-25 days of fertilization. It’s concentrations increase as the time period of pregnancy increases. This Diagnostic test for pregnancy using fetal DNA is possible in the seventh week of the pregnancy.

The Cell-free fetal DNA is a non-invasive test. That is used to detect Trisomy 18 and The Down Syndrome. That test is also performed on mothers with high risk.

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