Use of Smart Gloves For Hearing Impaired People

In recent years, there has been a rapid increase in the number of hearing-impaired and speech-disabled victims due to birth defects, oral diseases, and accidents. When a speech-impaired person speaks to a normal person, the normal person finds it difficult to understand and asks the deaf-dumb person to show gestures for his/her needs. Deaf persons have their own language to communicate with us; the only thing is that we need to understand their language is Smart gloves for hearing impaired people.

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Discovery of smart gloves

You probably won’t understand sign language unless you have hearing loss or friend or relative who’s suffering from hearing loss, which is frustrating for those people who can’t communicate. Due to this reason, the students of California, San Diego University developed a prototype of what they call The language of gloves having Bluetooth facility, a sensor-packed glove that reads the sign language gesture and translates into the text.

The primary gadget is not to separate this specific language boundary. The idea enables talk gloves took The 2012 Microsoft Imagine Cup. Which make an interpretation of signals into speech. And a London group built up a comparable framework a couple of years after the fact called the Smart Glove. It is a tablet-like arrangement that uses infrared movement following to change over signals to speech and text.


The gloves can be useful for telephone calls or face–to-confront discussions, join sensors on the fingers with a controller. That breaks down hand movements noticeable all around, looks at them to a library of communication through signing. And after that creates what might as well called the sign through a cell phone.

They use flex sensors, spinners, touch sensors, and accelerometers. And can change in accordance with any type of gesture-based communication. The objective of the gloves is to permit the assessed 70 million individuals. Who uses gesture-based communication to speak with individuals who don’t.

Uses of smart gloves

  • The flex sensors are useful in detecting the finger motions used in sign language.
  • It will serve as a medium by which deaf people can verbally communicate and connect people around them.
  • It can be useful in mobile computing, speech recognition, and translation advance.
  • One of the most recognizable uses of a smart glove to interact with a graphics interface.
  • Smart gloves will provide hope to the deaf by making them able to participate in every activity of the general population.

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