Which method do I choose it to change the hearing aid volume?

The hearing aids have been designed to meet or various situations in daily life. The volume control option is present in the hearing aids of different brands. But we have to know the procedure to use the volume option. Following are some of the methods to change the hearing aid volume, you can choose one of them :

Automatic Hearing Aid volume control

Your hearing aids may have automatic or built-in volume control. It signifies that the volume control of your hearing aid is adjusted according to your sound environment. You have nothing to worry about the hearing aid volume. As the level of amplification will be dependant on your hearing loss.

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Hearing aids come in different levels of technology.  Some technologies are better to make automatic volume adjustments than others. This is a personal choice, and there may be options like remote control, regardless of your decision for manual volume control. Your audiologist will be able to guide you through this decision process so that you can get help and information that is most appropriate for your needs.

Manual Hearing Aid volume control

These hearing aids have the manual buttons, switch or levers to change or control the volume. You can adjust hearing aid volume through these manual options. Widex Hearing Aid provides the feeling of clicking the buttons to the user when they adjust the volume manually.

Rotate the volume control wheel towards your face (when exhausting the hearing aid) to raise the volume. Rotate the wheel backward from your face to decrease volume.

Tips for using the manual volume control

  • Push the lever, or upper part of the control, upwards to gradually raise the volume.
  • Push the lever, or lower part of the volume control, downwards to gradually lower the volume.
  • Each time you operate the volume control, you will hear a beep – unless you have chosen to deactivate tones.
  • When you raise the volume, you will hear a higher beep-tone for each step the volume is raised.
  • When you lower the volume, you will hear a lower beep-tone for each step the volume is lowered.
  • A steady tone will sound when the maximum or minimum volume is reached.

In the case of inner ear hearing aid, if you change the volume of the right hearing aid, then the volume in the left hearing aid will change automatically.

Using Remote Control

  • You can press the key (+) to raise the volume.
  • You can press the key (-) to reduce the volume.

Because custom hearing aids like the Completely-In-Canal (CIC) and Invisible-In-Canal (IIC) rest deeper in the ear canal than other hearing aids, their receiver is closer to the eardrum. The proximity helps deliver superior sound quality with a lower overall volume.

Adapt the Hearing Aid Volumes

It may take a couple of days to get used to hearing aid volumes. For a few days sounds produced by the hearing aids seems a bit good. It is difficult to distinguish between multiple sounds. Use your hearing aid daily so that you can get used to it. To get used to it

  • First, start slowly.
  • Keep using with few peoples.
  • Gradually increase the time.
  • Take breaks while using the hearing aids.
  • Concerned doctor if you are having any pain in the ear.

5 tips to ease the transition:

  • Start slow: Wear your hearing device for one or two hours at a time.
  • Keep it quiet: In the beginning, use hearing aids in some situations with some people and a little noise.
  • Go gradual: Start slowly using hearing aids in long-term and noisy environments.
  • Relax: Allow yourself a couple of  break during the day
  • Avoid pain: If your ear is having pain, contact your hearing specialist. He or she could help you find the reason.

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