What assistive technology option is available in hearing aids?

The assistive technology devices that can help you hear in loud or busy places. HATS are used to improve the hearing ability for people in a variety of situations such as classrooms, theaters, places of worship, and airports.

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In a simple way that is a device that helps a deaf person listening to sounds, voice, speech, or language to communicate in the real world. It helps hearing loss person to understand communicate clearly and easily express their emotions. In this digital era, there is various assistive technology option is available in hearing aids. That help user to communicate meaningfully and participate in their lives.

Some HATS(Hearing Assistive Technology) let you see or read messages. You can use HATS with or without hearing aids or cochlear implants.

There are times when it is hard for any of us to hear. If you have hearing loss, it can be even harder. Some examples of when it might be hard to hear include:

  • When the sound comes from a distance.
  • There is noise in the room.
  • When the sound bounces around the room.

There are various types of assistive devices:

Assistive listening devices (ALDs):  It helps to amplify the sounds that you want to listen. In some special condition where a lot of background sounds are available. It used with a hearing aid or cochlear implant to improve sound quality.

Augmentative and alternative communication (AAC): These devices help hearing loss people express their emotions and feelings. It can arrange simple picture board to the computer program. These devices can range from a simple picture board to a computer program that synthesizes speech from text.

Some devices connected to a doorbell, telephone, or alarm. That emits a loud sound or blinking light that give a responsive environment to hearing loss person.

Digital Wireless Technology for Hearing Instruments:

Bluetooth is a standard wireless technology for exchanging data such as sound or pictures over short distances. It can connect several fixed and mobile devices.

Bluetooth uses ultra-high frequency radio waves. It is used to connect cell phones, televisions, computers, tablets and, recently, hearing aids and cochlear implants. But it does not suite for long-range transmission in a large venue like an auditorium or theater.

Some assistive technology option is available in hearing aids:

Induction loop: Induction loop is also known hearing loop or Audio Frequency Induction Loop Systems(AFILS). It is used in noisy environments such as a lecture theatre or church. It has the feature of a wire loop cable and placed around the room to create a magnetic field. Where an amplifier can produce an audio frequency signal and transmitted to the receiver. Loops are the most user-friendly of assistive listening options. People with a hearing impairment can use either a hearing aid with a telecoil (T-switch) facility or wear a loop listening headset to receive the signal. The induction loop cancels the microphone of the hearing aid and transmits the signal straight to the receiver. It reduces the interference of background noises.

Television and FM Radio: An portable headsets are used to listen to the sound of television or radio. The Headsets are hearing aid compatible that allow sound through the headset to the hearing aid, reducing the interference of background noise and improving the sound clarity. It allows adjusting volume through the headset without increasing the sound of the television or radio. It is useful for more than one hearing loss person. Moreover, the feature of a subtitle is also present

Telephones and mobile phones: Its features designed to assist users with a hearing impairment are available. Features may include Amplified and adjustable ring tone, A handset amplifier, Adjustable tone, and pitch, Hearing Aid Compatibility, Hands-free speak, Headset jack, Flashing lights, Vibration alert, Text messaging.

Other HATS Solutions

There are many other types of HATS, such as:

  • Devices that make phones louder
  • Louder answering machines
  • Loud doorbells
  • Computers
  • Wake-up alarms. These can be a loud bell, a vibrating clock or visual flashing light

There are devices that let you see or feel when something happens. For example, when the doorbell rings, you may see a flashing light. Or, your alarm clock may vibrate to wake you. You can use a visual system with your hearing aid or alone.

You can purchase the latest hearing aids at a fair price through HearingSol, If you need more information or you have a query about Assistive Technology Option Available In Hearing Aid, just give us a call on +91-9327901950. We are always here to help you.

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