My BTE or RITE hearing aid has a volume control; which method do I turn it to change the volume?

Your hearing aids may have inbuilt volume buttons. The hearing aids have been designed to meet or various situations in daily life. The volume control option is present in the hearing aids of different brands. Therefore, you need manual volume settings options.

The volume setting in a BTE (Behind the ear) and RITE(Reciever in the ear) is adjusted according to your sound. If you have a volume control then

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  • Push button – It is designed for volume adjustment and switching between two programs. It can be pressed and activated on either the lower and upper part.
  • Rotary wheel or volume wheel  – If you want to increase the volume then roll the wheel towards the top of your head. If you want to decrease the volume then roll it towards your towards the shoulder.Rotatory wheel

BTE (Behind the ear) and RITE(Reciever in the ear) are small and easy to wear. BTE styles hearing aids are very simple and easily fit into the ear and behind the ear. RITE comes in two pieces which either fits behind the ear or top of the ear. BTE  and RITE hearing aids offer a variety of styles and also have different performance features.

Tips for using the manual volume control

  • Push the lever, or upper part of the control, upwards to gradually raise the volume.
  • Push the lever, or lower part of the volume control, downwards to gradually lower the volume.
  • Each time you operate the volume control, you will hear a beep – unless you have chosen to deactivate tones.
  • When you raise the volume, you will hear a higher beep-tone for each step the volume is raised.
  • When you lower the volume, you will hear a lower beep-tone for each step the volume is lowered.
  • A steady tone will sound when the maximum or minimum volume is reached.

In the case of inner ear hearing aid, if you change the volume of the right hearing aid, then the volume in the left hearing aid will change automatically.

Automatic Hearing Aid volume control

Your hearing aids may have automatic or built-in volume control. It signifies that the volume control of your hearing aid is adjusted according to your sound environment. You have nothing to worry about the hearing aid volume. As the level of amplification will be dependant on your hearing loss.

Volume Control using Remote

You can adjust the volume of your listening device using remote control. The volume can be controlled using RC-DEX and RC4 remote.

  • To raise the volume press the up volume key(+).
  • To reduce the volume press the down volume key(-).

Getting used to hearing aid volume levels:

You can take some time to get used to your hearing aids. When you are a new hearing aid user then it might difficult for yourself to adjust to the sound levels and volume levels of the hearing aids. And the sound produced by the hearing aid may seem to you a bit overwhelming. And it will be difficult for you to differentiate between different sounds and recognize them. If you are using your hearing aids daily then you will be getting used to it with time sooner or later.

Here are 5 tips to ease the transition:

  • Slow start: Try to wear your hearing aids only for one or two hours a day.
  • Keep it quiet: In the beginning, use the hearing aid at a place where there are few people and less noise.
  • Go gradual: Go gradually wearing the hearing aids in the noisy environments for longer periods of time.
  • Relax: Also take a break in between
  • Avoid pain: Don’t hurt your ears if you have done so then immediately contact to an audiologist.

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