What is the best speech therapy form for children with Autism Spectrum disorder who don’t talk at all?

An  Autism spectrum disorder is a disability in which a child has a problem with communication. If a child is diagnosed with autism. Than firstly they need speech therapy for treatment. Speech therapy plays an important role in the treatment of autism.

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If a child is diagnosed with autism. Than firstly they need speech therapy for treatment. Speech therapy plays an important role in the treatment of autism. It is because communication difficulties are common in children who have autism. After a diagnosis of autism, speech therapist works for autism-affected children to improve their lifestyle and quality of life. There are several best speech therapy forms for children with Autism Spectrum disorder who don’t talk at all.

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Only a few autistic children with delayed speech again gain the ability and power to communicate properly with spoken language. Some of them become quite fluent. Others, however, failed and never gain more than a few words, if that. In theory, it is written, the more intelligent a child will be is the more likely it is that he or she will learn to talk or communicate with others.

Speech therapy form for children with Autism:

Speech therapy helps children to develop these abilities to improve their lifestyle.

Development of the ability to express their needs:

This method is used to develop verbal and also non-verbal communication. A child with autism needs to know how to exchange their knowledge and thots with someone. It is not only important to a family but also important in their social life.

Understand what is being said to them:

It helps children to understand both verbal and nonverbal communications. That other person used in their daily life. It helps an autistic child to recognize or understand things as a body language and facial expressions. And speech therapy also helps an autistic child to know how to initiate communication.

Communicate to develop friendships and interact with friends:

Some time autistic child face problem in spontaneity and unpredictability of casual communication. And the child also has a specific interest in specific things and problem in talking about other things. Speech therapy helps an autistic kid in making a strategy for mixing with other kids and making friends.

Language intervention activities:

These activities help in building skills in a variety of ways, including modeling and giving kids feedback. The SLP  may use pictures and books or play-based therapy. She may also use language drills to improve skills.

Articulation therapy: In the articulation therapy the SLP models the sounds in which the child has problems. This might include teaching how to move the tongue to create specific sounds.

Feeding and swallowing therapy: The SLP may give children exercises to strengthen the muscles of the mouth. This includes facial massage and various tongue, lip, and jaw exercises. SLP can also use different food textures to promote awareness during eating and swallowing.

Learn to communicate in a way that other people understand:

Some autism affected child have idiosyncratic learning pattern as well as have unusual language processing. Due to this autistic children have a problem in developing spoken languages. An autistic child learns languages in parts and they learn without breaking what they hear on specific sounds or words. Mostly they repeat long part of their favorite story or without understanding and use words or parts of the words independently. In this speech therapy help children to find a way to overcome difficulties founded at the time of talking.

Imitate your child as much as you can. Mimicking your child’s sounds and play behaviors will encourage more vocalizing, learning, and interaction. It also encourages your child to copy you and take his turns.

Encourage them to play and try for social interaction. Children learn by playing different games, and that also includes learning a language. Interactive play provides enjoyable opportunities for you and your child to learn and communicate with each other. Try a variety of games in which your child has more interest and enjoy them.

Try to simplify your language. Doing so will help your child follow what you’re trying to say. It also helps to make it easier for her to imitate your speech. If your child is suffering from nonverbal, try to speak mostly in single words.

Identify your child’s interests. Rather than interrupting your child’s focus, Identify and follow along with words. By using the one-up rule, narrate what your child is doing at that moment. If he’s playing with a shape sorter, you might say the word “in” when he puts a shape in its slot. You might say “shape” when he holds up the shape and “dump shapes” when he dumps them out to start over.

Try to consider assistive devices and visual supports to your child. Assistive technologies and visual supports can do more effort than take the place of speech. They can foster their development.

Treatment for Autism

The treatment applies to your child depend on his needs there is various type of treatments. There are a variety of treatments for autism. They can include different kinds of therapies to improve speech and behavior, and sometimes medications can help to manage any medical conditions related to autism. These include:

Behavior and communication treatment: The first step is to help the child to learn positive behavior and reduce negative one. This approach will include a wide range of skills. Discrete trial training, It uses simple lessons and positive reinforcement. Verbal behavior intervention focuses on developing language skills.

Developmental, Individual Differences, Relationship-Based Approach (DIR).  It helps to support emotional and intellectual growth of the child by helping him learn skills around communication and emotions both.

The Treatment and Education of Autistic and Related Communication-handicapped Children (TEACCH). This approach involves visual cues such as picture cards to help your child in learning everyday skills like getting dressed. the Information is broken down into small steps so he can learn it more easily.

The Picture Exchange Communication System (PECS). This one is another visual-based treatment for autism, but it uses symbols instead of picture cards. Your child will learn and able to ask questions and communicate through special symbols.

Different Speech Therapy Activities For Autism.

Animal Sounds

Help your children in imitating animal sounds, it will be the best way to develop speech in them.

As children are more affectionate towards the animals so imitating animals build emotional connection in them. Stuffed animals can be used for this exercise.


Routine is very beneficial for children having ASD. Hence, try to make conversational routines. These will lead to encouraging language. Simple conversational routines like counting, or activities starting with statements such as ready steady, go, when children are on top of a slide, etc. are good ways to develop such routines. After setting these routines, slowly encourage your child to say the ultimate and/or penultimate words.

Play Games

Speech therapy is not limited only to verbal communication. Non-verbal communication also comes as part of the therapy. For children with ASD, communicating with their peers non-verbally can prove to be difficult.

Play games with the child. This promotes non-verbal communication. Play gestural games with them. Rewarding also helps the child to remember the meaning of a particular gesture.

Make Them Inquisitive

Encourage your child to ask the questions. Asking questions will increase curiosity in them. This will be an advantage for him/her later on in life. This exercise is very important during this period as it helps in social situations, and connecting with peers.


Put your child into unpredictable situations. Your child will give the best of the situations and it will develop the different skills like listening attentively,  respond effectively, etc. practicing under these situations will be beneficial for your child later on in life.

There are various other activities that can be done to improve ASD in the child. I am only mentioning a few of them. You just need to help to practice your child with these activities.

Benefits of Speech Therapy for Autism

Autism is a developmental disability that usually shows up before the age of 3. It is a part of a neurological disorder that may involve a lack of communication, impaired social interaction, and cognitive skills these are known as an autism spectrum disorder. It may involve a wide range of traits. These include:

  • Extreme resistance to changes in daily routines
  • Repetitive activities
  • Inability to interact with the environment
  • Unusual responses to things such as touch

People suffering from an autism disorder have a major problem with both nonverbal and speech communication. They are also unable to interact socially. Speech therapy is a major part of treatment with autism.

Articulate words and sentences well:

Autistic children have a problem in the articulation of words and using sentences. Most of the autistic children have difficulty in time concept and abstract language, and also in vocabulary. However, it depends on the context of meaning. They also get a problem with Non- literal languages. Which include idioms, hints and also indirect instructions. In these problems speech therapist help an autistic child to overcome these problems.

If you need more information or you have a question regarding Speech Therapy or Autism Spectrum Disorder, you can discuss it with our HearingSol healthcare professionals, just give us a call on +91-9327901950. We are always here to help you.

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