What causes Autism during Pregnancy?

People with Autism Spectrum Disorder(ASD). tend to have problems with social interaction and communication and is the name for a range of similar conditions, including Asperger syndrome.

Researchers have not yet found a particular cause of ASD.

ASD can be caused due to some genetic issues or environmental problems or may be due to the combination of both that affects 1 out of 68 children.

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It has estimated that about 1 in every 100 people in the UK has ASD. More boys have diagnosed with the condition than girls.

In pregnant women, it can either cause before birth or during the second or third trimester of pregnancy. Researchers have found that there are some differences in the brain structure of autism affected children as compared to those who do not have Autism. so, be aware of the conditions which cause Autism during pregnancy.

What causes Autism during pregnancy?

Genetic Disorder

One of the most common questions is- “Is Autism genetic”. The answer is ‘yes’. Autism can be due to some issues in the genes. The case study was conducted on autism in which genes of several people have diagnosed with the disorder and was compared with other members of the family. Scientists confirmed that 15 genes are Autism-related and say that there may be 200-400 which are responsible for autism development. We can’t do much about the change in genes but can reduce the effects of environmental problems.

Exposure to environmental pollution

One of the most common and consistent causes of autism risk is pregnancy exposure to environmental pollution. Researchers have found that the risk of autism is double in the children born to a woman who has exposed to pollution as compared to those who are not exposed to pollution.

Mother suffering from thyroid

Studies have shown some connection between thyroid deficiency in pregnant women and autism diagnosis in their children. Experts say that thyroid alone cannot identify a confirm cause of autism. It can be helpful in future in the diagnostic tests during the gestation period.

Lack of Vitamin D

Recently a massive study takes place in Australia to analyze the blood work of a group of thousands of pregnant women has analyzed. The result shows that the risk of autism in offspring is high if a mother lacks Vitamin D. Researches shows that the low levels of vitamin D during pregnancy can disturb fetal brain development of a child. Vitamin D boosts calcium level in the blood and promotes healthy bone and muscles growth.


A recent study says that maternal stress has a link to some Autism cases. Stress is more common during pregnancies where a child is likely to suffer autism development later. However, some women have healthy pregnancies even in stress and other risk factors.

Use of alcohol or cocaine

Autism risk factors also include the use of alcohol or cocaine by a pregnant lady, which can cause harm to the baby. It can be harmful to the developing baby and can also cause a lifelong impact on the child’s health and development of autism. So, try to prohibit the use of these substances during pregnancy.

Unprescribed Medications

Medicines used during pregnancy can have a major impact on a child’s health. So, avoid using any unprescribed medicine during pregnancy.

So, you need to care about these situations during pregnancy, as your little carelessness can destroy the life of your own children.

Incremental in body weight during pregnancy

The American Congress of Obstetricians and Gynecologists (ACOG) recommends women gain no more than 35 pounds during pregnancy. Incremental in weight can link to a slightly higher, yet significant risk for autism.

How to Prevent Autism in Pregnancy

  • Increasing iron intake helps to prevent autism
  • Pregnant women should try to reduce their exposure to Air Pollution
  • Women should watch their weight gain during pregnancy to prevent problems like diabetes and high blood pressure
  • Take a healthy diet that includes organic diet which will eliminate or greatly reduce the level of sugar and other processed foods.
  • Always take a natural, easily absorbed and, good comprehensive multivitamin.
  • Avoid dental work while pregnant, especially the removal or insertion of amalgam fillings if not necessary.
  • Avoid antibiotics and other OTC and prescription medication. Do not think of taking any type of drug even during the medical situation. Also, the antidepressants are very dangerous to take during pregnancy (13)
  • Do the exercise as it is the best way to prevent a child from autism. This program improves circulation and stimulates peristalsis (intestinal motility slows as a result of pregnancy hormones. So for good bowel movements, daily exercise is very important). In addition eat fiber-containing foods like the ground, bran, nuts, whole grains, bran, nuts, whole grains, psyllium husks, bran, nuts, whole grains, seeds, etc.
  • Eat a minimum of 80 gms of protein daily. Try to have high-quality organic lean sources of protein such as turkey, chicken, nuts, whey protein powder for smoothies, meat, and eggs, and divide into 4-5 2 oz. servings.
  • Always try to take a protein-rich snack on hand for those low blood-sugar dips.
  • If you are going for the Rhogam then make sure by seeing the inserting package that vaccines do not contain thimerosal.
  • If the mother is ill or sick then take proper rest. Try to take hot water with lemon when required. Also, take extra Vitamin C.

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