What are listening devices in movie theaters?

Are you aware that you can enjoy better hearing at the movie theater respect of your hearing aid? Yes! That’s right. Today’s aging problem, hearing loss is becoming a major factor in whether or not someone wants to see a movie in a movie theatre.

There are various listening devices in movie theaters are available to improve the hearing of a hearing loss person such as closed caption of films, Assistive listening devices.

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Does your movie theatre welcome visitors with hearing loss? This medical issue is a large problem for millions of Americans. With today’s growing population, hearing loss is becoming an important factor in whether or not someone wants to see a movie in a movie theatre. As the production industry understands that large amounts of money are earned by making movies available to people with hearing issues. Theater across the country is thinking of guaranteeing that all their customers have a pleasant experience.

Devices in a movie theater to help the deaf person:

Rear-window captioning:

The rear-window captioning is a method which helps a deaf person to receive the captioning and follow the movie without confusing other audience. The movie theater provides help to hearing loss person with a flat panel. That can rest in a cup holder that reflects captioned letters or subtitle on a separate smaller projector. A person with hearing loss can read these caption or subtitle of the film which is played in a movie theater.

Subtitle glasses:

It is a simple and efficient way of providing captioning or subtitle to movie viewers without confusing other attendees. When watching a 3D film in movie theaters. They provide subtitle glasses which produce three-dimensional subtitles which are not visible to other viewers. You can also wear these glasses over prescription glasses.

Assistive listening devices (ALD):

It helps hearing loss person to enjoy the movie in a theater. The assistive listening technology provides help to hard of hearing patrons to efficiently follow the movie. In these days all major movie theaters carry headphones which are necessary for using assistive listening devices. Which have audio of the film through either FM transmitters or infrared broadcast emitters. It’s three different systems available:

  1. FM System
  2. Infrared light system
  3. Induction loop system

Mobile phone applications:

The smartphone can easily accommodate our auditory when we are watching movies. The various smartphone provides services to hearing loss person read the caption of the movie and help in finding movie theaters in your area. It provides the auditory-friendly equipment or services and also helps in streaming captioned of the movie.

Receiving auditory benefits at the movie theatres:

If a theater informs you regarding assistive listening devices are not available. Inform them that they are indeed in violation of the Americans with Disabilities Act. You can also use your smartphone to sync captioning or audio through a headset. Make sure to cross check with the theater employees that it is alright to use your phone for hearing while watching a movie. Auditory assistance should also present to the highest standard with today’s movie theaters. So don’t wait to seek help with any questions regarding your cinema experience.


If your hearing loss has been keeping you away from the movie theatre, it may be time to risk out. You can also consult with your hearing healthcare professional to see if they can recommend the movie theatre with a great access option for you. With small research and new technology, a night at the movie theatre can be an enjoyable event with anyone. ENJOY!

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