What Is The Connection Between Oral Health And Hearing Loss?

A healthy mouth and clean teeth provide us with an attractive smile. But, do you know it gives us a healthy hearing too? Well, A good look along with good health is very useful for healthy living. Remove harmful bacteria in your mouth and avoid spreading bad bacteria to tiny vessels in your ears and other areas of your body.

So it is very necessary to understand the connection between ear and mouth. Most of the hearing loss problems connected with our oral health.

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The connection between oral health and hearing loss

If you don’t clean your mouth after eating something. Some part of foodstuff stuck in between the teeth and that creates a cavity. Due to the cavity, the bacteria generate and it will lead to infection.

The blood circulation of the ear is connected to the brain and mouth. The infected bacteria attached with the bloodstream can cause inflammation (swelling) in blood vessels and lead to an ear infection. Therefore, you can say that there is a connection between “Oral health and hearing loss“.

Good hearing health needs a proper and continuous supply of blood to the inner part of the ear (cochlea). According to Harvard Medical School (HMS) researchers, poor oral health could lead to poor circulation of blood to the auditory system.

Irregular supply of blood to ear leads to hearing problems. Because of the insufficient amount of infected blood creates clots. Those clots create resistance to pass a sound signal to the brain that obstruction leads to hearing difficulty.

Hair cells play a very important role in hearing because it translates electrical impulses which are coming in a form of sound and transmits them to the brain. Hair cells can be damaged by the insufficient blood supply to blood vessels in the inner ear.

How to remove the oral problem and protect from the hearing loss

Teeth cleaning

It’s important that we should clean our teeth every 6 months under the supervision of doctors. And should go to the clinic for oral checkups every year.

Brush your teeth regularly 

It’s a good habit to brush your teeth at least twice a day for 2 min daily. It provides you with better oral health.

Change your brush 

You should change your toothbrush after 3 to 4 month. Because older toothbrush is less effective in removing plaque from teeth and gums.

Don’t share your toothbrush

Doctor’s recommend that everyone should use their own toothbrush, and do not share it with anyone. Because sharing can pass cold and flu viruses from each other.

Don’t use a pin for cleaning 

To remove foodstuff, stuck in between the teeth. We should not use the pin, because, it can injure your gums easily. 

Our health and body parts are interconnected. Mouth and ear is the best example of this. As an infected mouth can lead to hearing impairment. Similarly, a healthy mouth can give us healthy ears, and protect us from hearing loss.


Hearing loss from bad dental health is extremely preventable. By making a practice of brushing the correct way daily, you can avoid bacterial build-ups that can move to your bloodstream. The best action to take is to react by consulting professional help.

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