Difference Between A Conductive Hearing Loss And A “Conductive Component”?

So, here I will describe the difference between a Conductive hearing loss and a conductive component.

Hearing loss is categorized on the basis of the amount of hearing disability that can vary at different frequencies. The range of hearing loss from normal to mild and mild to serve. For determination of the hearing ability of a person. An audiologist takes a hearing test that includes listening to tone and repetitive word and sentence.

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Hearing Impairment is generally 26db and poorer. And divided into mainly four parts:-

Conductive Hearing Loss:-

When Sound has difficulty in reaching in the inner ear or Cochlea at full volume.  It happens because of damage to the outer and middle ear. Whether a blockage in the ear canal or disorder in the middle ear structure.

Sometimes a Conductive hearing loss is the temporary type of hearing loss but it depends on the cause of a problem.

Conductive component:-

It is a type of mixed hearing loss of sensorineural hearing loss(SNHL) and conductive hearing loss.

The portion of the Conductive hearing loss in Mixed hearing loss is called Conductive  Component and part of SNHL called Senounierual Component.

Treatment for the conductive component may help reduce the severity of the hearing loss but the underlying sensorineural hearing loss will remain.

Causes of conductive hearing loss:-

So there are many reasons behind it which participate in this, some of them I will going to explain.

1. Ear Wax – Due to excess ear wax in ear causes hearing loss. It is the main reason for the conductive hearing loss. It creates a barrier that stops sounds from reaching the eardrum, having a significant effect on hearing ability.

2. Ear Infection – Otitis media/ glue ear is an infection in your middle ear that causes conductive hearing loss.

3. Hole In-Ear Drum – Instant hearing loss.

4. Chronical Smoking Or Drinking – Auditory Cortex gets damaged by excessive drinking and affecting the brain.

Middle ear problem

The main reason for conductive hearing loss is fluid accumulation. It is found especially in children. Fluid accumulation cause infection that blocks eustachian tube it also happens due to allergies or tumors.

  • Coagulation of earwax in outer ear cause blockage of the external ear canal.
  • Infection in the ear canal.
  • Otitis media or Middle ear infection
  • Fluid in the ear.
  • Tumors – Some time tumor block our outer or  middle ear
  • Abnormal growth or overgrowth of bones in the middle ear such as Otosclerosis.
  • Hole in your eardrum or ruptured eardrum
  • Birth defects or congenital injuries may lead to conductive hearing loss
  • Injury to the outer ear
  • Stiffening of the eardrum or middle ear bones

 External ear problem

Direct contact with the external environment and ear wax are mixed with dust and clotting on an external ear that block ear canal. It identified in medical examination and removed by cotton.

  • Earwax
  • Otitis externa
  • Exostoses
  • Atresia
  • Tumor of the ear canal

Thus there is a small difference between the two conductive hearing loss and the conductive component. Their causes and symptoms are similar. Conductive component is a component of conductive hearing loss.

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