How important are channels in hearing aids?

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Channels in hearing aids are the filters which cover the different frequency range. These frequencies are processed and replicated by the hearing devices in a similar way. Channels in the hearing device divide the frequency range into separate channels. Therefore, it helps the hearing machine in finding the difference between the noise from the speech.

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How important are channels in hearing aids?

Digital hearing aid channels amplify a frequency range of about 125Hz to 8000Hz. Broadband or single band has a bandwidth between 100Hz and 8000 Hz. Therefore, the hearing machine offers several channels. And via these channels, anyone can easily adjust its loud frequency without making any types of compromises.

Multi-Channel Hearing Aid

A multi-channel hearing aid is that which separate the incoming sounds from the noise and also in different frequency regions. In Lehman way, we can say that the channel breaks up the frequency into each and every channel. Multiple channels allow clarity in the sound.



Multiple channels allow altering your hearing aids according to your sound preferences. It makes it personalized hearing aid because you can adjust your hearing aids.


More channels give more option that helps in to identify the sounds more quickly.


Multiple channels allow the hearing aid allows distinguish between different sounds. Unwanted noises are disabled by channels.


Unpleasant sound:

With multiple channels and the new users are not aware of the device so much because it is not easy to adjust the device. So, while adjusting the device there is a sound of z sound.


It takes milliseconds to distinguish between the noise. The sound is processed so fast in one channel but with the multiple channels, it allows the fraction of delay in processing the sound.

Importance of channels in hearing aids

  • Multi-path active feedback cancellation – Feedback cancellation system is very effective in reducing the difficulty of feedback.
  • HD Locator – For different frequencies the directional microphone of the hearing device changes to different polar patterns.
  • Complex auditory scene analysis – It is a model for auditory perception. Through this model, your auditory system organizes sound in a meaningful way.
  • Narrowband Automatic Output Control(AOC) – AOC checks the power in every channel in case it increases the level that can cause output sound distortion. Therefore, AOC reduces the gain in certain channels in hearing aids.
  • Target gain match – The compression setting and the frequency response can be matched for increased configuration of hearing impairment. It confirms better speech audibility through a hearing aid.

However, the use of channels in hearing aids has to be very optimal. Most of the hearing devices use 15 channels hearing devices such as Widex hearing aid. Therefore, the number of channels in the hearing machine is a very necessary factor while purchasing a hearing device.

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