What are the features of digital hearing aids?

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Before the accomplishment of Digital Hearing Aid technology, the approval of Hearing Aids was low. The major reasons being the quality of speech, big size, and limited features.

The digital age has transformed these basic parts into very sophisticated components. Earlier most of the hearing aids were analog.

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But virtually digital hearing aids acquired the whole market because of its efficiency and it can perform a number of sound processing simultaneously. Digital hearing aids work by picking up the signal. Further, these signals convert from analog to digital before processing. Then convert back from digital to analog before the receiver delivers enhanced signal into the ear canal.

Modern hearing aids are another name of digital hearing aids which work on digital signals.

Features of digital hearing aids


The various channel represents the number of discrete sections. which used for processing different parts of the incoming sound signal. If there are more channels in the hearing aid the flexibility will be greater in programming. As the hearing aid prescription is customizing across the different frequencies, as well as pitches. This customization of the hearing aid is known as its frequency response.

Directional microphone systems

Directional microphone systems are designed in order to give a boost to sounds coming from the front of the wearer and moreover reduces sounds coming from different directions. These systems enhance speech understanding from background noise.

Digital noise reduction

Digital noise reduction systems analyze if it consists of some unwanted noise. If such noise is found during detection then it lowers the level of noise. This feature of digital hearing aid makes the world around you noise-free. Digital noise reduction is the most preferred by hearing aid wearers.

Impulse noise reduction

Impulse noise reduction works for the same purpose as digital noise reduction .i.e. for the comfort of the noise. This system analyzes or detects any transient loud noises. Such transient noises like the rattling of keys etc are softened immediately.

Feedback management systems

Feedback management systems are combat for inevitable feedback .i.e. the whistling sound occurs when there is any problem. This feedback management system reduces this problem when occurs in the hearing aid. Such a feature is inbuilt in advanced hearing aids.

FM compatibility

FM stands for frequency modulation. Compatibility with FM is such a feature via which you can connect your hearing aid with FM. This feature of digital hearing aid is very important if you are choosing the hearing aid for a child. Because of this feature, the child can easily hear the sound of the teacher.


The digital hearing aids are programmed according to the hearing loss pattern of the user. The audiologist can also change the setting of the situation. A digital hearing aid must contain at least three hearing programs. If there are more hearing programs then it’s an advantage to the user.

Alert or Warnings

A digital hearing aid has the ability to produce the alerts or warnings in the form of a beep or audio voice. The digital hearing aid also has the feature of selecting the language in which you want to get the alert. It means that it is included with the multilanguage feature.

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