Name the Signs to Early Identify Speech and Language Disorder.

The child develops the speech and language skills at own rate. Some of the children walk and talk early as their development requirement. But in some cases, the children take a long time to walk and talk. Normally, the ages range of children to learn skills between 12 to 18 months. But the child who takes a longer time to learn the skills may have a problem. So, it becomes a necessity to identify the signs of language and speech disorder.

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Speech is the verbal expression of language and includes articulation (the words are formed and way of sound ). A child with a speech delay might use words and phrases to declare ideas but be difficult to understand. Speech Therapists will work with your child to improve speech and language skills.


Language is the entire system of giving and receiving information in a meaningful way. It’s understanding and being understood through communication — nonverbal, verbal, and written. The child in language can pronounce words properly, but only two words can be able to keep it together.

Language Disorder

The language is made of a group of the words that we used to share ideas and show express what we want. Language is a mixture of speaking, writing, reading, and understanding.

When a child is suffered from the language disorder that the child has one or more these types of sign.

The List of early signs of the language disorder for identification:

  • Birth to 3 months – Not Smiling or playing with others
  • 4 to 7 months – Not Babbling
  • 7 to 12 months – Not using gestures like as waving or pointing, making only a few sounds
  • 7 months to 2 years – Not Understanding what others say
  • 12 to 18 months – Saying only a few words
  • 18 months to 2 years – Not putting two words together
  • Up to 2 years – Saying fewer than 50 words
  • 2 to 3 years – They having trouble playing and talking with others
  • 30 months to 3 years – They having trouble in early reading and writing

Speech Disorder

The speech is the type of sound of the words that we used to say to others. It is normal for young children to say some sounds in the wrong way is called speech disorder. There are some sounds which do not develop until the child is 5 to 6 years old.

The List of early signs of the speech disorder

  • 1 to 2 years – Not saying a few letters like p, b, m, h, and W a right way
  • 2 to 3 years – Not saying a few letters like k, g, f, t, d, and n in the right way. Being hard to understand

You can help your child with

  • Observing your child plays with other children.
  • Talking, reading, and playing with your child.
  • Listening and responding to what your child says.
  • Using a lot of different words with your child.
  • Saying sounds in the right way when you are talking, because your child needs good speech models.
  • Not correcting the speech sounds, when your child says the sound in the wrong way.


Sometimes it happens when we pause or repeat the same word while speaking to anybody. But if this happens a lot to somebody then the person suffering from stuttering. Young children might stutter, but this normal and will go away with time. Signs to stuttering in  2½–3 years children

  • Facing difficulties in saying words or any sound.
  • Repetition of the first alphabet of words such as “h-h-h-h-hen” instead of  “hen”.
  • Take a pause while communicating.
  • Stretch the first alphabet like “b-b-b-b-ball” instead of “ball”.

Help your child

  • Do not interrupt or stop your child while communicating.
  • Give your child time to talk.
  • A child who stutters while speaking may get upset or close their eyes, disconnect eye connection.

Voice Disorders

We use our voice to make out different sounds. Our voice pitch alters when we make out different sounds. When we yell or talk a lot in the high voice we feel an alteration in our voice a lot. Signs of voice disorder

  • Croaky throat, scratchy.
  • Hoarse throat while speaking.
  • Pain in the throat while speaking with the cracky throat.

Help your child

  • Concerned a doctor if your child`s voice does not become normal after 1 or 2 days.
  • Gargle the throat by hot water(mix salt).
  • Convince your child not scream again.

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