How long does Hearing Loss last after Ear Infection?

Middle ear infections mostly occurred in childhood that causes a short time hearing loss. This infection is also known as Otitis media which can occur behind your eardrum. When fluid or liquid draining from the middle ear then this type of disease or infection can arise. It can cause a cold, sore throat or a respiratory problem.

 Hearing Loss last after Ear Infection

How many of you know that an ear infection also causes the hearing loss?

Due to the infection in the middle ear, liquid draining from the ear and if the infection is not identified the congestion can make your eardrum crack.

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The hearing loss last after ear infection

Usually, many diseases take one or two days to recover. If it takes more than one or two days then its a time to consult a specialist. If diseases not treated very well or left untreated it may lead to major health diseases. Fluid formation in the middle ear called otitis media with effusion. After the infection in the middle ear, fluid may remain in the ear after clearance of infection and cause some major hearing Impairment if it persists for weeks or months.

Children with a middle ear infection can suffer from some degree of hearing loss. Normal deafness with fluid in ear occurs when hearing Impairment degree is 24 decibels. 45 decibels hearing loss occur when your ear is infected with thicker fluid buildup.

If your child can’t understand your speech or speak loudly that he or she may be affected by hearing Impairment.

As your children cannot express verbally try to notice these things in your child such as fever, pulling the ears or scratching the ears, late response to sounds, flowing of fluid.

For adults and other older children`s try to notice these symptoms. Such as continuing earache,  vomiting or simple nausea, dizziness, difficulty in understanding the conversations, pressure in ears.

Hearing loss caused by an ear infection is basically for a short period of time and reduces after the proper treatment. If you have an ear infection then your specialist suggests you some medicine or antibiotics which will reverse back your hearing Impairment.

But if your ear infection persists more weeks or months then, your specialist uses a tube into your eardrum to remove the liquid. If you have a disease of continuous infection it could be dangerous for your hearing and also converted into deafness.

If you have any problem hearing then you have to take some action and go for the hearing test. Specialist analyzed your degree of hearing impairment and what type of hearing loss occurs in your ear and suggest the best treatment options to improve your quality of life.

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