What Is A Tinnitus Masker?

In general terms, we can conclude that people use tinnitus masker as they are suffering from tinnitus. Let’s discuss this in detail.


The external and internal sounds from masker can be preferred by the people suffering from tinnitus. A tinnitus masker is a gadget in light of straightforward repetitive sound which is utilized to include common or fake sound into a tinnitus sufferer condition so as to mask or cover up the ringing.

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A tinnitus masker is an electronic hearing aid device that generates and emits broadband noise at a low level to mark the presence of tinnitus.

Features of Tinnitus Maskers

Tinnitus Maskers from Hearing Direct

At Hearing Direct, you will discover a choice of tinnitus maskers to help relieve the condition. Hearing Direct offers distinctive kinds of tinnitus maskers that can be of an awesome advantage for sufferers.

Repetitive sound

We supply various background noise to battle the indications of tinnitus.

  • Audimed MM10
  • MM2 Audimed
  • Audimed 22MA BTE

Accordingly, these small gadgets can be worn in one of the rear channels as well as behind the ear and produce repetitive sound with the greatest level of up to 60dB. The item trio’s outline should give comparative levels to standard portable amplifiers. Based on the spec, they will require the applicable hearing device batteries.

Sound Generators

Another option for tinnitus helps is sound generators. Instead of wearing in or on the ear, they should place objects around the home in rooms of preference.

Scope or need of Tinnitus Maskers

  • For tinnitus sufferers, maskers are important alternatives to help everyday living if the basic condition can’t be treated. There is no genuine cure for tinnitus yet tinnitus maskers can help the condition and lower its force.
  • Tinnitus masker creates a low-level repetitive sound as well as regular sounds keeping in mind the goal to decrease the perception of tinnitus and “mask” the condition. Variations exist as repetitive sound, treatment balls.
  • In the event that you might experience the ill effects of tinnitus, it is best to consult your GP or a hearing specialist.

Thus tinnitus sufferers can get relief from tinnitus maskers. It doesn’t remove the sufferings but it can mitigate the sufferings of the people at the desired extent.

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