How noise pollution affects human health?

This is true noise pollution affects human health in various ways. Noise is any unwanted or unpleasant sound that affects people’s quality of life.

noise pollution

A normal sound is enjoyable but a loud sound is annoying. Just because of loud noise for a long time leads to the damaging of the sensitive structure of the inner ear, causing ear damage which results in Noise Induced-Hearing Loss.

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Many aspects of our lives are affected by noise pollution consisting of our sleep, hearing loss, concentration, communication, and recreation. according to the World Health Organization every third person in European country harming health due to traffic noise.

The undesirable sound is referred to as noise which makes you uncomfortable. In recent years, noise pollution has been a hot topic of discussion among researchers. The noise that is continuous or lasts for a short period can equally be detrimental to our health.

Some music enthusiasts say that intermittent noise is not hazardous, but this isn’t true, even intermittent noise can negatively impact human hearing in the future. Common sources of noise include vehicular traffic, factories involved in the manufacturing process, and home appliances like vacuum cleaners and music systems.

Controlling Noise Pollution

Noise pollution needs to be controlled like water and air pollution. To bring down noise levels, we should first identify the sources of noise. Considering the ill effects of noise, some preventive steps need to be taken to reduce noise levels at the source. These include:

People who are living in the heart of the city or near the airport, often have to bear the brunt of high noise levels daily. Those staying near the airport find aircraft noise disturbing their peace of mind continuously. In order to reduce the aircraft noise, one way is to design engines that make less noise. Another way to reduce noise entering your house is to install a sound barrier on your entrance secondary way is the glazing system on your windows. This method has been very effective to protect homes from high-level decibel noise.

An effective and efficient way to manage noise would be to wear ear protection devices, for example, earmuffs while working in noisy conditions. Animals should be moved to some other place, away from the noise source, thereby decreasing their noise exposure time. Using noise protection devices to tackle noise pollution.

Noise pollution effect on humans

Sleep disturbance

When noise level increases up to 45 DB it affects the people healthy sleeping life. Sleep disturbance is a serious issue for a healthy and wellbeing person. It should be taken into consideration to live a normal life. Sleep Disturbance is serious enough, it may affect normal, physical, social, emotional functioning. Due to the sleep disturbance, many health-related problems affect human life such as Loss of focus, weak immune system, hypertension, and many other problems also arises from a sleep disorder.

Cardiovascular Disturbances

According to the world health organization, there is a small link between noise pollution and high blood pressure. according to a report noise levels above 50 DB(a) at night could increase the risk of myocardial infarction. traffic on road and highway also cause of increasing high blood pressure. Cardiovascular diseases (CVD) are the major cause of mortality globally, as well as in India.


Dementia describes a decline in mental ability serious enough to interfere with your daily life. Memory loss is a very common example of dementia. Alzheimer’s is the most common type of dementia. People who live within 50 meters or having a noisy environment can increase the risk of India, more than 4 million people and worldwide approx 44 million  people are living with dementia

Child Development

Noise pollution can be a serious threat to a child’s physical and psychological development. This reflects child behavior. Impaired cognition and learning weakness is the most common and disturbing effect of noise pollution in children. Noise pollution affects child behavior. Studies show that at their crucial learning time continuous exposure of noise in their ears. It becomes an obstacle in the ability of understanding, communicating and problem-solving skill. According to the World Health Organisation, noise beyond a point can interfere with speech and language.


Stress is another cause of noise pollution. The sound pollution stimulates the body’s stress reaction, one of its crucial health effects is chronic stress and the increasingly high levels of stress hormones. As a result, noise pollution causes several health problems as well like heart disease, high blood pressure, and stroke. Noisy neighbors make human beings live depressing and this affects their fitness to a splendid quantity.

Hearing Problems

Exposure to noise can damage the most important organ i.e. ear. Hearing loss can be temporary or permanent because of noise pollution. When the sound level increases more than 70 dB than it becomes noise. When the ears are exposed to very loud noise .i.e. more than 100 dB than it becomes unrepairable.
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