Can loud music hurt a baby’s ear?

Yes, loud music is very dangerous to babies ears because the ears of these tiny tots are very sensitive and it can ultimately lead to hearing loss. The tiny tots hearing is more sensitive and more sensitive to high pitch also.

If an infant born with the problem of hearing difficulty it will be detected sooner. Because the test will be done by the ENT specialist after a child is born.

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The test won`t take much time.  The test does not hurt your child. The name of the test is automated otoacoustic emission(AOAE) test. A soft earpiece will be placed in an infant`s ear by the doctor. Clicking sounds are played via earpiece and responses are watched.

If there are no reflexes from your baby in this test that does not mean the baby has a hearing problem. It may be a temporary blockage.

The second test will be AABR which is abbreviated as automated auditory brainstem response test. In this test, the doctor will place 3 sensors on the baby`s head and neck. Clicking sounds are played and responses are noticed.

If there are no reflexes from your baby, the baby will be referred to a hearing specialist.

Sound greater than 85 decibels is known to damage ears. It can also damage the sensitive hair cells which are present in the middle ear.

loud music hurt babies ear

Loud noise can also damage the auditory system. As a result, it causes noise-induced hearing loss and sometimes tinnitus.

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Sources of noise

Household sources

Gadgets which are used in a home-like food mixer, grinder, vacuum cleaner, washing machine and dryer, cooler, air conditioners, they can noisy as well as hazardous to health. Others can be loudspeakers of sound systems and TVs, iPods and earphones.

Social events

Places like discos and gigs, parties and other social events create a lot of noise. Market areas, where people sell with the help of loudspeakers, many of them shout out offers and try to get customers.


The airplanes flying over houses, over the ground and underground trains, vehicles on road. These are constantly making a lot of noise and people face especially small kids to cope up with them.

Hearing problems cause for a baby

The most common cause which occurs in a baby is an ear infection which results out in the temporary hearing loss.

  • Ear infection helps in making the fluid in the middle ear can cause the hearing problem.
  • Due to the loud noise hearing of tiny tots can be damaged permanently.
  • Noisy areas such as the industrial area crowded place in markets can lead to hearing loss.

How To Intervene?


  • Planning and designing outdoors and indoors “soundscapes”.
  • Improving road surfaces and developing green spaces and green barriers.
  • Developing noise barriers, building sound insulation will also help.
  • Planning internal spaces according to activities. E.g. schools, sports centers, others that involve noise.
  • It strategically uses space & location.
  • Reducing internal noise. E.g. fans, ventilators.
  • Use sound-absorbent materials.
  • Setting sound limits for concerts.
  • Increasing public and professional education.
  • This maybe helps in recognizing noise pollution and reduction.

Organizationally and Educationally

  • Educating children, adults, professionals.
  • Teaching methods/interventions may also help.
  • Disseminating information.
  • Informing the media and decision-makers and health professionals.
  • Creating silent areas for resting. It can be called “silence islands”.
  • Distributing earplugs at work. Set limits for the earphones also.
  • Identifying and turning off the noise at the source will also help.


  • Identifying noise sources and recognizing noise as a problem.
  • Raising awareness can also help.
  • Setting-up noise control campaigns in hospitals and schools.
  • Applying the “Precautionary Principle”.
  • Promoting sound landscape design.
  • Developing noise mapping, action plans, community involvement.
  • Standardizing noise measurements also.

Noise-induced hearing loss treated in a child

Once the hearing is damaged, then it is a permanent problem. May be involved in treatment:

  • Hearing aids. It is used to help your child hear better.
  • Cochlear implants. They are devices that work damaged areas of the inner ear. The implants are only approved for some children. For example, a child with little or no benefit from hearing aids after 8 months of use.
  • Hearing protection. To protect your child from further hearing loss and keep the child away from loud noise. Your child should also apply earplugs or muffs when loud noise can not be avoided.


Here are some ways that you and your children can reduce the problem of listening:

  • Get immediate medical treatment for your child as soon as you notice any symptoms of an ear infection.
  • Never stick anything in your child’s ear – like a cotton swab – and teach the kids not to do this.
  • A regular bath should be sufficient to keep the earwax at a normal level.
  • Children with colds or sinus infections should avoid airplane travel if possible.
  • Whoever scuba diving, it should be properly certified and know how to equalize pressure in the ears.

If you need more information or you have a question regarding loud music hurt a baby’s ear, you can discuss it with our HearingSol healthcare professionals, just give us a call on +91-9327901950. We are always here to help you.

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