How do I help a child who doesn’t qualify for speech therapy?

It can be the most frustrating things that a parent can see, knowing that his or her kid needs assistance and don’t know how to provide speech therapy. In case your kid is having a  speech disorder. However, the school has said your child doesn’t qualify for speech therapy. And a question appears in front of you How do I help a child who doesn’t qualify for speech therapy.

 help a child who doesn't qualify for speech therapy

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As every kid is different from the other, so does the speech therapy. There are different kinds of speech therapy available such as articulation, stammering, phonation, misarticulation and cluttering therapy. There are also a few alternatives you can use to help your kids. Different choices inside the school, private SLPs, speech therapy exercises at home.

How do I help a child who doesn’t qualify for speech therapy:

Private SLPs

When school-based language therapy doesn’t work then it may be best to look for private Speech-Language Pathologist. While these alternatives may take more money, their services primarily focus on your kid and provide more time personally with your kids.

Parents also ask the therapist for giving the home assignments. And in school with the goal that your endeavors to enable your kid’s communication so that it gets enhanced. Based on the type of speech disorder of your child, he may benefit from the specific speech therapy sessions expected to enhance speech and language ability.

Devices to Improve Speech at Home

While speech therapy can have awesome advantages for young children. There are also extremely viable and affordable material and tools for speech therapy at home. Therefore, parents can easily use them at their home and help their toddler in his speech therapy.

Speech Buddies:

This device helps kids to correct their tongue positions and also enhance their communication ability. Created by a group of specialists from MIT and Columbia Universities, these devices can help your child to improve specific normal word difficulties like /r/,/s/,/l/,/ch/, and/sh/.


When it comes to speech therapy, age is not a concern. There are different kinds of applications available for every age group. These applications are very accessible, parents can easily use with them with their child to enhance their discourse and relational abilities.

Find Outside Help:

Anyone with a degree in language pathology and speech can help your child. It may be helpful to connect with a parent who has gone through the procedure. It will b helpful to connect with your school’s district’s special education liaison or parent advocate.


Parent’s know what’s best for their kids so don’t give up! A qualified speech-language pathologist can help you. SLPs may provide home programs to help weak areas. You can click here for more information on our Speech-Language Pathology Exercise.

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