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    There are several causes of Articulation in children like weak muscles, less control over tongue or respiratory system or mere speech immaturity. But in some cases, specifically in adults, articulation happens due to a related cause or condition. Other causes of articulation include; hearing loss, brain injury, learning disabilities (dyslexia), intellectual disability etc. It is obviously not a cake walk to achieve fluency and effective communication, it requires an immense amount of patience as well dedication. And the result of all of these together is fruitful. The beginning of articulation can be identified when the child starts mispronouncing sounds while speaking any particular word.

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    The articulation disorder has motor production basis, which leads to trouble with certain phonemes, called misarticulation. The most occurring misarticulations related to sound are omissions, substitutions, additions, as well as distortions. The therapy of getting rid of these misarticulation involves practicing upon planning a coordination between articulators like lips, jaw, tongue, cheeks, and palate. Regular practice is the most trusted way of treatment for this disorder and assures clear speech. The other name for clear speech is “intelligibility”. Children who have misarticulation disorder may pronounce:

    • Teacher as teater
    • Rabbit as wabbit
    • Dog as dod

    Why Should Misarticulation Therapy Be Taken Seriously?

    Recognizing this disorder at the right time is very important. It helps you to keep your child away from constant bullying, teasing, labeling, frustration, and exclusion. Bad experiences like these further cause trouble and the child start losing their self-confidence.

    They start putting the blame on themselves and suffer severe morale breakdown like feeling incompetent, stupid, and also becoming socially awkward etc. It doesn’t end there, all of this will eventually affect the child’s academic behavior and performance. It may even lead to disruptive behavior.

    How To Diagnose The Misarticulation?

    ● The speech therapist or the speech-language therapist will conduct an articulation test. This will contain a list of pictures or words which are designed by means of scientific principles and methods to test all speech sounds.
    ● Diagnosis of the problem.
    ● Along with the above test, an audio/video recording will be there at the same time.
    ● Analysis of both the tests.

    Treatments Available For Misarticulation

    Kid and adult whose having misarticulation issue, he requires an appropriate speech therapy and how to use for speech organs for pronouncing the correct word.

    Youngsters may mispronounce word sounds until the age of eight years. Guardians can encourage pronounce the speech sounds by giving many chances to the kid to hear and say the sound accurately. Because hearing loss affects the ability of sound pronunciation, make sure your kid’s hearing ability is good.

    • Using speech which is clear and simple for your youngster.
    • Repeat the word what your kid says, and also use the right word sounds. Never used mistaken word sound.
    • Do not use baby talk which pronounces word sound incorrectly.
    • Make a photo book of attractive pictures containing a misarticulated sound. Have fun in examining the book and
    • discussing the photos.
    • Sing many songs and discuss nursery rhymes that contain the objective sounds.
    • Select four or five basic family unit words containing the objective sound. And use them many of the time in a day.
    • Show to your kid generally accepted methods to make the word sound, particularly that it is a visible word sound like l, s, ch, j or th. Using this method sparingly to keep away from disappointment.
    • In any chance that your kid has different misarticulations, focus on maybe a couple sounds for fourteen days at a time.

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