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    Stuttering is an inability to push a syllable or letter when an individual speaks following an involuntary pause where the person is not able to produce sound. In simple words, the person is unable to maintain a smooth forward flow of speech in his/her day to day speech. This problem has treatment with the approach to Stuttering Therapy which we are going to discuss.

    Speech Therapy For Stuttering Or Stammering

    Stuttering or Stammering is the most common condition that causes difficulty in speaking fluently. It is a speech disorder in which the flow of the speech is interrupted by repetitions or prolongations of words, syllables, phrases or sounds. A person having the problem of stuttering may only struggle with certain words or sounds. They may experience:

    • blocks, in which there is a long pause before being able to say a word
    • prolongations, in which certain sounds in a word are an extended
    • repetition of a word or part of a word

    If you need any assistance or have a question about Speech Therapy for Stuttering or Stammering, you can consult our HearingSol experts with your problem, feel free to call us on +91-9327901950. We are always here to help you.

    A speech therapist can greatly improve stuttering in the long term through various speech therapies.

    Following are some therapies to avoid or reduce stuttering:

    Speech Therapy For Stuttering Or Stammering

    1. Fluency Shaping for Stammering

    The goal of this new therapy was to replace stuttering completely with a new way of talking that allowed the person to talk without stuttering. It started with the production of a very slow unnatural sounding prolonging of sounds and syllables – but during this time the client did not stutter. Next, the rate and other factors were shaped gradually in steps to sound like normal, natural sounding speech.

    2. Modification Therapy for Stammering

    Researchers wanted to teach clients to “stutter more easily”. They taught techniques to reduce tension by training muscle relaxation during the moments of stuttering. Some of these procedures are “pull outs” (reducing tension during the stuttering moment) and “cancellations” (completing the stuttering moment and then going back over it with less tension). All of these were somewhat effective in reducing the severity of the stuttering moment, but the stuttering remained.

    3. Accepting your Stammer

    The best therapy for any disorder is to accept your weakness or disorder. It generates self-individuality and self-esteem. As a result, it provides a strong base to work with the therapies.

    4. Anti-Stammering Device

    • Delayed-Auditory Feedback – With speech therapy, DAF can induce a slower speaking rate with stretched vowels to make even severe stutterers nearly 100% fluent.
    • Pitch-Shifting Frequency – Altered auditory feedback (FAF) immediately reduces stuttering about 70% at normal speaking rates and induces speech motor changes in stutterers.

    5. Anti-Stammering Medication

    • Alprazolam (Xanax), antianxiety agent
    • Citalopram (Celexa)
    • A selective serotonin reuptake inhibitor
    • Clomipramine (Anafranil), another strongly serotonergic drug

    6. Reading Exercises

    Just as with the slow speech exercise, reading exercises can reduce stuttering by slowing your vowels, concentrating on your breathing and trying to relax. Read a paragraph out of your favorite book without placing any pressure or stress on yourself to get it right. Just relax and read, trying to enjoy the process instead of focusing on not stuttering. If you stutter, keep reading and don’t blame yourself. Practice reading out loud for half an hour every day.

    Alternative Ways to Treat Stuttering

    If someone is stuttering because of their uncontrolled breathing problem. Ask them to take a deep breath and provide a favorable and relaxed environment. There are some ways to treat stuttering such as-

    • Talk in Front of the Mirror – Stand in the front of a mirror and pronounce all the alphabets loudly and clearly is the best cure of stammering or stuttering. Repeat this process every day for about 20-30 minutes.
    • Analyze the Breathing Pattern – In order to stop stuttering, take a deep breath before you start speaking. It will help you in pacifying and releasing nervousness. Try to speak slowly because the more you try to speak fast, the more you will stutter.
    • Read Books – Make a habit of reading book loud and fast every day. Not only the book, but you can also read the magazine, newspaper or a textbook. This process will help you in concentrating and improving those words that causing you to stutter. Repeat this process every day for 2-3 month and after this, you will definitely see your growth.
    • Speak in Rhythm – You often see that people who stutter will sing perfectly because, with rhythm, words will come out easily and clearly. You don’t have to be a proper singer, just try to speak in rhythm. Practice this process for 2-3 months to see a change in your speaking.
    • Positive Visualization – A positive visualization will be most effective for those people who stutter. Visualize something that motivates you or gives you happiness will help you in reducing stress and stuttering too.

    Desired Outcome of Stuttering Speech Therapy

    The main goal of speech therapy is improving communication. Speech Therapy will include the following goals:

    • Improvement in the coordination of speech muscles by strengthening and coordination exercises, sound repetition as well as imitation.
    • Improve communication between the brain and the body through visual and auditory aids for example mirrors and tape recorders.
    • Improving fluency through breathing exercises.
    • Enhance the learning of language by language stimulation and using the language through positive reinforcement.
    • Helping a child learn by improving communication another way to communicate which might consist of gestures, signing or augmentative communication devices.

    Your child works with the therapist may last for the few months or maybe it can take a few years. Your child progress totally depends upon you and your child. The therapist will provide you some strategies and activities to perform. These activities will help you to improve the speech disability of your child.

    Remember one thing, the therapist is not going to cure your child, he/she can only give you the activities to perform to improve your or your child’s skill. You have to do all by yourself.

    So, make sure that you consult the good therapist who is experienced. The therapist should be experienced to understand the conditions of your child.

    The Benefits of Stuttering Speech Therapy

    • Improve the ability to grasp and specific thoughts, concepts, and feelings
    • Intelligible speech, therefore, your kid is known by others
    • Increased ability to problem-solve in Associate in Nursing freelance surroundings
    • Improved swallowing operate and safety
    • Achievement of faculty readiness skills
    • Development of pre-literacy skills
    • Improved vocal quality
    • Fluent speech
    • Development of sensible social skills
    • Better quality of life
    • Greater shallowness
    • Increased independence
    • The ability to precise one’s self is predominate. Therapy could facilitate your kid to attain a larger ability to use and perceive language, to speak with others and to precise himself or herself to the best extent doable.
    • Delaying therapy for your kid runs the danger of missing that all-important window of your time between birth and 3 years aged once the brain is maturing and learning happens rapidly.

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