Which material and tools are used for speech therapy?

Material and tools used for speech therapy teach kids how to make fix sound like R, SH, S, L, CH. These tools train children in proper tongue placement and help in the proper evaluation, diagnosis of individuals both young and old. Oral stimulation speech therapy includes oral stimulations, stimulation of the mouth, visual stimulation to improve speech therapy.

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Material and tools used for speech therapy help children of all ages. They are also useful for adults. There are several types of tools available for speech therapy. It also helps in increasing the communication ability of the patients.

Different types of equipment and tools used for speech therapy

The list below outlines the frequently used speech therapy tools, equipment for speech-language pathologists.

Tongue depressors – Tongue depressors are used in medical practice and speech therapy. In speech therapy, they help in smooth tongue placement and speech improvement. They also help children able to use their teeth.

Tongue depressors

Nuk massagers – It is an oral motor tool. They improve oral and develop tongue groove. Speech therapist uses Nuk massagers for oral motor coordination, improve oral awareness and overall tongue function.

Nuk massager

Chewy tubes – They are solid chewable tubes that help in speech therapy. They are available in different shapes like P and Q.

Chewy tube

Speech therapy Dual Mirror – Dual mirror has two sides. One side has a larger mirror used for looking at the whole face and the other side has a smaller mirror that helps in concentrating on the mouth area.

Speech therapy dual mirror

Laryngeal Thermal tactile stimulation swallowing therapy mirror – It is a stainless steel instrument with removal octagonal handle. They provide thermal tactile stimulation while swallowing. These also reduce swallowing deconditioning, reduce microaspiration risk and help in secretion management when not feeding orally.

Laryngeal Thermal tactile stimulation swallowing therapy mirror

Speech teaches portable mirror – It is a  Shatterproof non-glass mirror comes with a vinyl-coated cover which when opens form an angled stand.  The mirror allows a person to see himself and the therapist at the same time.

Speech teach portable mirror

Oral images and Swallowing images  – Oral images strength the mouth area and specific muscles in adults. These images include additional exercises for kids that help in speech therapy. Swallowing images exercises helps to increase sublingual tongue strength, Lip closure, and intraoral manipulation.

Audio recorder– Child speech sessions are recorded for better speech therapy because there are many types of audio recorders such as Solid-state recorders, Digital audio tape recorders(DAT), Solid-state recorders, Laptop audio interfaces.

Video recorder– Practice of speech therapy is greater in video voice therapy. Video examples are beneficial in speech therapy. For future reference therapy sessions are recorded.

Reinforcers – They help children to keep motivated in speech therapy sessions. They include Reward Box, Therapy tickets, Reward punch cards.

10 best materials used for speech therapy

Story Champs Intervention

Story Champs are very flexible and very good growth is seen in the children by utilizing it. In the mixed language groups, able to target story grammar, vocabulary as well as articulation, and more with the help of this tool. A Spanish Bilingual version is also available now.


iPad and apps can be used frequently as therapy tools. iPad is easy to carry with yourself while going for quick artic sessions, screenings, etc. rather than a pile of artic cards or paper screeners. There are a large number of great apps which makes you unleash your creativity as a clinician as well as applying your speech/language skills in a different way.


Books are constantly used in therapy. They tend to be amazing for mixed groups, themes, etc. Generally, most of the people found their books at a thrift store as they are easy to find there. However, I have made a list of few bloggers after so much of research: Crazy Speech World; Speechy Musings Book Lists by Speech Sound and Books for Teaching Story Grammar in Speech Therapy; The Speech Space; etc.


There are some products that are flexible enough for utilizing goals and groups. These are some of the products which can be pulled on occasion for targeting 4-5 different types of goals for a session: “WH” Chipper Chat; Pirate Talk, What Do You Say…What Do You Do… At School?

Board Games

A lot of games are not played by us but whenever we play games a lot of goals are achieved! Now, some adaptations will be needed for making it work in therapy. This is the sole reason for doing the therapy which can be done by the material. Few favorites are Hedbanz, Blurt, 5 Second Rule Jr, Riddle Moo This, and others.

Teachers Pay Teachers

This will a lie if a person says that no material is utilized from TpT. Because everything from TpT is not created equally. If you look for any information about the use of the product from the seller or others. some of the go-to resources consist of Editable SLP Assessment Templates; Cycles for Phonology Toolkit; Grab N’ Go “WH” Questions; Nyms-O; Nonfiction Texts Targeting Articulation and Language

School Campus

There is no single reason for which you keep yourself inside the therapy room for all the times. Inside the school and other campus have great opportunities for language as well as articulation. Some attribute is searched (find something red, find something square), sound walks (find your articulation sound), and much more.

Some places which are generally favorable for visiting are bulletin boards, the playground, and my administrators (we like to ask them questions or tell them stories using our good articulation for example).


A large number of students have not visited outside the city still they are growing up in because they have to travel to the nearby state. Bigger and better maps can be used in the speech room. These maps can be used for planning a road trip and attractions along their way can also be studied. Things which are seen around the map can also be the part of the discussion (river, highway, city, park, etc.). children find maps to be very interesting.

Sensory Materials

I like integrating sensory bins as well as materials for my “everyday” speech materials. Therefore, most of the people like using kinetic sand, fake snow, water beads, etc. for creating the sensory component of our sessions.

Box of Highly-Preferred toys/items

Working with students using PECS or other AAC devices/systems, who have highly-preferred items on your fingertips can be very helpful in unlocking their language skills. I usually keep a large variety of wind-up toys, light-up toys, poppers, sensory items, etc. nearby.

If you need more information or you have a question regarding Speech Therapy, you can discuss it with our HearingSol healthcare professionals, just give us a call on +91-9327901950. We are always here to help you.

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